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Ariel Rider Electric City Bike
Step Through Electric Commuter Bike
Ariel Rider C-Class
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Ariel Rider City Commuter E-bike
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C-Class Electric Commuter Bike
C-Class Electric Commuter Bike
E-bike for Commuting

C-Class Electric Commuter Bike

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  • Very powerful 500W mid-drive motor: Lets you cruise at high speed effortlessly

  • Hydraulic disc brakes: Reliable brake performance on the fastest electric bikes

  • Adjustable stem: For the best fit, comfort, and control.

  • LED front-rear lights: Utmost illumination and safety in low light conditions.

  • Suspension seat post and front fork: For that additional comfort you've been looking for.

  • Front rack to carry all your daily needs (optional).

C-Class Electric Commuter Bike

C stands for the city.
The ultimate urban commuter solution.

Looking as good as it rides, our C-Class Electric Commuter Bike is you reason to use it for daily commuting.

Even if you have got a bag, newspapers or a cup of coffee in hand, you can still cruise around town on our cheap electric bicycle stylishly.

Beautifully combining speed with ease, safety, and affordability, the C-Class ebike is one of the best ebikes for daily office commute and weekend grocery runs. 

35-65+ miles

Per Charge (estimate)


500W Dapu Motor

48V 12Ah

Lithium-ion Battery

  • Recommended rider heights: 5'7", 6'4"
  • CST 26" x 2.3" tires with reflective sidewalls

  • Integrated headlight and tail

  • Half twist throttle and intelligent 6 level pedal assist

  • 8-Speed Shimano Nexus Internal Gear Hubs

  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Full LCD display including speedometer, and odometer
  • Front suspension fork with 80 mm of travel
  • Total payload capacity: 350 lb
  • Integrated rear rack capacity: 60 lb
  • Bike Weight: 62 lb

C-Class Key Features

4 years after it's launch, it was time for something more than just a face-lift. So we decided to redesign the whole C-Class from scratch. But only this time, we developed the new C-Class from the feedback of our riders on this quesion:
"What would make an ebike a great commuter?"

500W Dapu Mid-Drive Motor

This incredible motor has proven the test of time in our M-Class previously. With low noise levels and smooth acceleration -even when climbing uphill- it's the best mid-drive motor money can buy.

48V 12Ah Lithium-Ion Battery with Samsung 35E Cells

Our 48V 12Ah (576Wh) batteries give you an estimated 35-65+ miles per charge while maintaining a sleek profile all thanks to the energy efficient mid-drive motor.


NEXUS 8 Speed Internal Geared Hubs

Giving you an exceptionally wider range of gearing, meaning you can shift into lowest gear to climb uphill or shift into the highest gear and still maintain pedal authority at top speed. More info on Nexus 8-speed internal geared hubs.

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake is designed to provide best brake performance for fastest electric bikes. You can always trust brake performance regardless of your speed, weight and even go downhill.

Suntour Suspension Fork

For that extra comfort you've been asking for in a city commuter!

LED Front and Rear Lights

Safety is a major concern for us. That’s why all W-Class Electric bikes are equipped with LED rear and front lights.


Reflective Side Walls

We want to make sure our riders are visible at all times from all angles.
That’s why our tires all have reflective sides.

Suspension Seat Post

Not every city has roads to host formula 1. With the help of adjustable suspension seat post, we’ve added another layer of comfort to your commute.
At the end of the day, it’s details like this which will make your commute a breeze.

Easy-Adjustable Stem

The versatile and effective Promax Adjustable Handlebar Stem offers just the right fit. The handlebar stem is adjustable from 90 to 160 degrees You don’t need any tool to adjust the right position for your self.
For couples who want to share their electric commuter bikes, this feature will let them save a lot of time each time they change.

Built for Your Family

The all new C-Class is built from ground-up for your needs in mind. And that includes a rear rack that's capable to carry your kids.

Low Mid-Bar

One of the issues we've heard from our clients was not being able to get on/off the other bikes as the mid-bars are usually higher.
On C-Class we've lowered that part as much as possible, allowing and easy get on/off the bike.

Please note that the frame lock in the photos isn't included in the bike.

Standard & Capable

Be it your kid or your groceries, the standard rear rack on Ariel Rider C-class can carry it all!


  • Electronics
  • Bike Components
    48V 12Ah with Lithium NCA 18650 Samsung 35E Cells, Rated for 800 Charge Cycles

    48V 2 Amp Charger, Operates On Both 110V and 230V AC Power Outlets

    48V, 500W, integrated into motor,


    Backlit LCD with Charge Indicator, Speedometer, Odometer, Trip Odometer, Pedal Assist Level, and More

    48V 500W Dapu mid-drive motor, 95Nm torque.
    Front: Spanninga Option
    Rear: Spanninga Integrated Taillight
    Intelligent 6 Level Pedal Assist with both torque sensor and cadence sensor

    Half Twist Throttle

    Water Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness

    Tektro hydraulic disc brakes

    Aluminum Alloy Comfort Grip Levers

    Tektro 160mm Front and 180 mm Rear

    KMC Z7

    46T, 170mm Single-Sided Aluminum Bashguard

    Shimano Nexus 8-Speed Internal geared hubs

    Included, Black Plastic Front and Rear, Full Coverage

  • FORK
    Suntour Spring Fork 80mm Travel, 100mm Hub Width.

    6061 Aluminum

    1st gear = 0.527,
    2nd gear = 0.644,
    3rd gear = 0.748,
    4th gear = 0.851,
    5th gear = 1.00 (direct drive),
    6th gear = 1.223,
    7th gear = 1.419,
    8th gear = 1.

    Velo Comfort Faux Leather Grips

    Custom Formed Aluminum
    Heavy Duty Aluminum with Wide Plastic Foot
    Wellgo B087 CrMo Axle, Forged Aluminum Platform with Reflectors, Standard 9/16" x 20 TPI Threading
    Front: Optional

    Rear: Integrated, 60 lbs Carrying Capacity, 16mm Tubing Diameter
    Velo Plush with Lifting Handle
    Promax Suspension Seat Post

    SP-886, ∮28.6 × 2.6T × 350L
    Quick Release
    Shimano Nexus-8 Speed shifter, twist throttle on right side.
    13 Gauge, Stainless Steel
  • STEM
    Promax easy-adjustable stem
    CST 26" x 2.1", Black Color with reflective side walls.



Go The Extra Mile

Most city commuters need an electric bike for commuting less than 5 miles. But since the battery and electric motor technologies are our wheelhouse, we’ve equipped this small electric bike with a 12Ah battery pack, which you can easily remove from the frame and charge it at home upstairs. This small battery will give you a range of 45 to 65 miles per charge allowing you to go without charging it for days and days.

Since our promise is to provide the best quality with great design, we didn’t want to cut corners on the most important part of your electric bike. This battery pack has the capacity and range for you when you need it. And it only weighs about 7 lbs!


45-65+ miles per charge (estimated)


4-6 Hours


Class 2 Ebike

Astonishing Torque

The mid-drive motor has a smooth riding character which won’t let you feel like you are riding an electric bike.
DAPU mid-drive motor provides one of the highest torque in the market. To check comparison you can check test done by an independent testing company here.
C-Class is equipped with the 48V 500W mid-drive motor with 95 Nm torque.

Key Points:

  • The mid-drive motor increases the torque applied to your rear wheel. This translates to remarkably more power, especially when riding uphill. Compared to hub motors, it's a breeze.

  • Mid-drive motors are very energy-efficient compared to hub motors, so you’ll enjoy far longer-range with a smaller battery.

  • A mid-drive motor is in the middle of the bike, where the crank is located. This way, weight is uniformly distributed and the center of gravity doesn’t change.

  • Unlike other mid-drive options in the market, M-Class is also equipped with a throttle for those longer rides where you don’t want to pedal anymore.

Dapu mid-drive motor 500W 48V

Cargo Capacity

With standard rear rack and options, C-Class is designed to meet your needs to use a bicycle as a transportation vehicle.
You can carry grocery bags, gym bags and your kid at the same time.



LED Headlight & Rear Lights

Be seen and be able to see in any road conditions. Our Spanninga LED headlights & rearlights are integrated to the electric bike’s main battery supply.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake is designed to provide best brake performance for fastest electric bikes. You can always trust brake performance regardless of your speed, weight and even go downhill.

Reflective Sidewalls

We want to make sure our riders are visible at all times from all angles.
That’s why our tires all have reflective sides.


Everything Under Control

The Ariel Rider Electric Bikes’ LCD display provides riders with all the information they need during a ride.
Allows customization of many different specs, including speed limit.
It’s securely mounted directly to the handlebars and the display angle can be adjusted to accommodate different sized riders.


Large speed display (can change between mph and kmh)

Battery Life

Never run out of battery unexpectedly

Pedal Assist Level (PAS)

Pick from 0 to 6, whichever PAS level suits your road conditions best.

Trip Odometer

Especially useful on those long rides.


Always fulfilling to see how many miles you ditched your car for an electric bike.


Our smart screens allow riders to change the speed/odometer settings, backlight intensity, speed limit, auto-off timer, etc.

Change Speed Limit

While we don't fully recommend lifting up the speed limiter on electric bikes, we also support adventures of any kind with some good safety measures taken.

This feature isn’t only for adrenaline junkies! You can also lower the speed limit to make sure your loved ones don't ride too fast.

Easy Diagnostics

We've programmed our ebikes in a way that, every possible electronic malfunction (including an unplugged cable) has a specific error code.

So in the unlikely event of your ebike malfunctioning, you'll know exactly which part of your ebike to look at to first.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great value for the price

This is a great bike for the price. Well designed, lots of details well thought. I like that the throttle is always enabled (if the pedal assist mode is set to 0) which allow use the bike as a moped in some occasions.

Can't beat it for the price, but a few minor gripes

Overall I would absolutely recommend purchasing this bike. However it is not perfect and I have a few minor gripes that might be major depending on your needs.
1. Battery life. No where near what I thought I would be getting. I am just barely making it home from my 11 mile commute. I am riding in the cold, so the mileage will probably double when it starts to warm up. This is with full pedal assist and I am pedaling the whole time. The battery also starts to lose power (especially on hills) after it is past the 50% mark.
2. Customer service. It has been responsive but very slow. It is also frustrating that there are no assembly instructions included or online for this specific model. There is also no explanation of the bizarre computer menu.
3. The handlebars. They look ok, but are not great functionally. The left one ripped off after hitting a bump and I almost fell into traffic.
4. Throttle. Very minor gripe, but compared to the pedal assist the throttle is useless (I don't use it at all) In future models I would rather have just the pedal assist. Acceleration and top-speed don't come close even if you are barely pedaling.

Awesome e-bike!

The pearl-colored C-class is beautiful and the components are very high-quality throughout. The bike was very well packaged and arrived in great condition. I’m very happy with the bike and the value I got with an Ariel Rider versus the many other e-bikes I researched.

Great bike

Got when my previous Trek bike was stolen. Significantly better than my previous e-Bike, quite happy with it.

it's a gift. We'll see.

the shipping from bike flights was great. everything showed up solid and still packed well assembly was super easy and obvious. It's a bike. So if you've worked on your own bikes you'll appreciate that it is simple. If you've never assembled a bike, well, there's no manual. I'd suggest find a friend who works with bikes, or take it to a shop. Have it done correctly. It's hard to damage anything, but a good bike shop will charge you some amount, but they should also go over the bike with you. So find a shop, and ask them to include a rundown of the bike.

The manual is on line. On the website. Not totally intuitive how to find your specific manual but it is there. So, download it to you computer, your phone, tablet. Even print it out. It's always good to have a hard copy to read, and make notes in it.

We'd ridden one very similar to this design on a vineyard tour in Europe. Front shock, shock absorbing seat post. The step through design. The computer is the same, the internal gear hub in the back is important and a great design. nothing like having to deal with a bent or faulty derailleur.

The class C is also bike path legal. We've also some large hills here on the Front Range of Colorado. This will make commuting so much less work. But still fun.

So, as this bike is a gift, I've only had some wee time to check things out. It's not been ridden yet, but it will be, hopefully soon. And it will be a recreational commuter, and hopefully used for errands. And, I have hopes that it will even work itself in for some pacing duty.