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Robert Hardbarger
One is Not Enough

Did my research and chose an X-Class.
I live in Daytona Beach and have seen other bikes in shops and on the road. None compare to the design or performance you will get from Ariel Rider. Be ready to turn heads and answer questions. They’re so fun that you need two to let someone experience the ride with you!! I got 600miles and still going Strong!! I don’t even want to drive my car anymore lol! Thanks Ariel Rider!!

Jeff Hayward
Incredible bike for this price point

The X class is a beautifully cool ride, I have put on 200 miles in about 2 weeks and continue to look forward to riding it. I love just exploring around my town like a big kid. I compared this bike to many other "moped like" bikes and the x class truly offers great options at lower prices compared to competitors (dual suspension, hydraulic brakes, powerful motor). The price for what you get is the best I have seen and I like to do my research. I have had some minor issues, but the customer service has been exceptional and I continue to believe I will be helped with any problem that arises. It was a style choice, but a saddle that can't be adjusted is a bit of an issue for me at 6 feet tall, but this only affects me because I actually like to pedal while others may not. The headlight also points up into the sky and didn't help me see the ground ahead on dark rides. These are minor things compared to the great ride you get.

jay holland
Great Bikes!

We bought 2 bikes, both red because we love the way they look. Very fast, we love them. The only issue is that they are not for short people. We got the low bar version for my wife, and at 5'4" she has to stand on her tiptoes. She actually feel once while stopping. I'm 6' and the high bar version is almost too tall for me.

John Villablanca


Stephen B
I love my Rideal

I only have 20 miles on my bike so far. It was easy to assemble and looks great. It rides smooth and the pedal assist makes it easy for me to ride further and faster but still get lots of excercise. The only changes I made was getting an adjustable stem to raise up the handlebars and a gps bike computer. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Romy Randev
Love it!

Highly recommend this bike! Lots of fun to ride and excellent quality. No complaints!

Carter Lewis
Great bike

I have had the bike for about 20 days now and I absolutely love it I ride it every day. You can ride it at regular speed or turn on the power assist and off you go. I needed the handlebars to be a little higher so I bought and extender it work perfect. I’m 74 years old and absolutely enjoy riding this bike every day. Hills are not a problem.

Ron Parks
2 X-Class Bikes ... 2 Happy Riders

This is our 1st Electric Bikes at age 74 and 72. After much research I decided to go with Ariel Rider X-Class in red and blue. They are very well built and at this price, is the best on market for a bike of this quality and features. They look bigger and heavier than I pictured plus the bikes are so well packed the chance of shipping damage is minimal. The bikes came three-fourth assembled except for the front tire and handle bar. So in less than 60 minutes, we had both bikes up and ready to ride. Programming the electronics is a breeze. Contrary to the many posts about long delivery delays, I ordered our in-stock bikes on September 21st and received them on October 6th. The ride is so smooth, agile, powerful and it’s the most fun I've had since selling our ski boat. I would definitely recommend Ariel Rider for there quality, price and customer service.

Patrick Stubbs
Review Ariel Rider

Bikes arrived in about 2 weeks. Easy to put together, just have to turn stem 180 degrees, Install front wheel and pedals.
One of the two bikes had a bent derailleur guard and of course bent derailleur hanger.

I have the proper tool to correct the bent derailleur hanger, and fixed it with no problem. The derailleur needed some adjustments and that was easy.
Also noted that some spokes were loose, I also was able to tighten and true the wheels myself. One of the seatpost clamps was backwards. All of these were super easy fixes and was able to put 2 Bikes together in Under an hour.
Bicycle Paint job looks excellent and touch up paint was also supplied.
Batteries were mostly charged and was able to get on the road fast.
Power is good and backs off at about 20-21mph.
Shifter is smooth after minor adjustments.
I would recommend getting the mid step of you are 5 9 or under. The high step is too big for me and I’m 5’ 9”.
I would also recommend a shorter stem especially if you are under 6’

Bottom Line is : my wife and I love these bikes and I don’t want to get on my self propelled bikes anymore….
These are excellent Bikes and excellent Value. I don’t regret buying these for a minute.

Giles Fields
Modify Yours

Great bike, adding your own touch makes it special 👍. The only thing needed would be better tires .I'm 66 the 48 volt x class is solidly built ,fast yes fastest maybe not fast enough for me .Thanks for a wonderful product AR 48 X.class

austin hallford
great bike

great bike. i wish the seller offered parts for sale like extra battery. and i wish the touch up paint didn't arrive dry. but overall i am happy.

Long wait but worth it

This bike is so fun to ride around town. Great daily computer, I already put on over 200 miles in just a couple weeks. Love it

Jay Halvorson
Amazing bike!

The bike is truly amazing. My only complaint is the handlebars. They are positioned oddly and a long ride will surely hurt your hands because you are sort of leaning forward. Other than that, the bike is super fast and has no issues taking off. I love it!

Dee Jay Fernandez
Such an awesome bike!

I wish i have money to get the Grizzly imagine me already enjoying the 48v X-Class what more with that beast!. Chloee help me thru the process whenever i was too excited to get an update on where my xclass is shipping 😂 lol

Livneh, Dana
Great customer service

I informed the company that the Gear Shifter wasn’t working properly and they immediately sent a replacement.

very happy

Everything I expected. Well made, having great time riding.

Ariel Rider D Class

Great bike, love it. I had one little issue on the maiden voyage, the chain fell off of the front cog. I put it back on and it’s been fine. There must be an adjustment somewhere that controls this. The D Class pulled me up the steepest hill in town easily. I highly recommend this bike.

D Class

She is a monster, it's amazing

Fun bike

Everything is good. Time to receive the bike wasn’t very good but they did their best given container problems.

It’s amazing once I finally received it. It’s all good 👍🏽

Everything is going well

The bike is great right out the box.

Great performance, great value, great fun!

Goes like a scalded rabbit. I am 76 years old and it’s easy for me to get on and off the D bike. I love the performance and I think it’s a great value and a whole lot of fun.

X-Class 52V
Robert Malacane
X-class 52V review

Lots of fun. Very satisfied. Looking forward to some long trips.


The D Class is a very well engineered and capable beyond expectations e bike. I cannot over emphasize the quality and insight in the bikes build. Should I have the need I will return to Aerial for my next e bike.


Worth the wait. Big time.

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