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X-Class 52V
Stephanie Eadie
I love it!

I ordered the 52 X in September of 2021, but unfortunately due to the problems with shipping right now I just got it before Christmas.
I live in upstate New York and I thought I would never be able to test it out till spring, but the weather has been mild so I’ve taken it out several times now.
It’s so amazing that I couldn’t be any happier with it! It’s beautiful, well built and I get a lot of head turns and complements from strangers.
I have my motorcycle license and I was looking for something similar but in an e-bike. We have so many amazing trails that you can’t take a motorcycle on but you can an e-bike. So for me this is a long fulfilled desire to do a little off-road.
The bike is fast and rugged and is very satisfying to ride and I have no regrets.
Also Costomer service is the best!

X-Class 52V
Atzel Reyes

Bike is amazing, so much fun to ride, would recommend to looking for a ebike

X-Class 52V
Robert Zoppi
Great bike!

Great bike!
So far, I’ve had absolutely zero problems with my new X 52. The quality control seems to be pretty great, the power is awesome, the look “in person“ is far better than the pictures. The pictures looked good but you can really see and feel the quality in person. I’m going to keep this bike for a long time.

X-Class 52V
Silas Frantz

Figure it probably needs to have some weight to it BUT would be amazing if it were at least a third lighter with the same kind of power. Headlight is also a bit weak. Super fun overall

X-Class 52V
Steven Valiensi
Well worth the wait

Waited a long time for this bike. 147 days to be exact, but in the end it was all worth it. I have ridden it a few times solo and a couple of times with my wife on the back and it performs better than I expected. To see more about this you can check out my YouTube review.
It’s an amazing, well built, good looking and overall great value in scrambler style ebikes. Don’t hesitate!

Awesome bike

Had the opportunity to ride my new Grizzly with the help of some warmer the usual winter weather and I have to say it is awesome. The build feels tough, the looks are amazing, and the speed is great. Only things I would have to say is that when I unboxed the Grizzly it had three issues. The slip that holds the wire from the front brakes was damaged, the front wheel reflector was damaged, and the front tire splash guard cannot be adjusted higher and it runs the tire when you hit any bump. I think I have to bend the bracket so I can set the height a little higher so it doesn’t run. The front light is in the way and I can not adjust it without removing the light. Other then those little issues the bike has been amazing.

Worth the wait...

Like all of you, I waited, sometimes not so patiently, for 4 months to get my beautiful black X 52V. I was pleased when UPS said they were delivering on a Saturday and I was home. The driver commented "looks like somebody is getting a TV for Christmas". Nice touch on the box graphics. My bike was in 100% perfect condition. Assembly went smoothly. Nice to get extra hardware and was happy to see twist throttle is back. The thing screams (25 up hill all day) and I am 6'2 and 225 lbs. I did swap out bars for some Box Ones. Everything including stock gooseneck bolted up. Much more comfortable arm position. Next trick will be figuring out how to raise seat at least 2 inches. Plenty of time as it won't stop raining in California. As it sits, it is an electric moped with pedals to rest your feet on if you are 6 feet or more. For me, that is exactly what I wanted.


love it, still getting used to the power all my buddies like it too glad to finally have it!

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor
Bob Vanderwoude
New grizzly

Got my bike after waiting forever ! Was very happy with it assembly went well .but only road it around the block do to bad weather in Utah. Has lots of power and road very good .going crazy waiting for better weather

I absolutely love it!

I wish I could post a picture of my x class 52v bike. I got it in all black. It’s so awesome. It’s like riding a moped. I’ve been in love with the bike since the day it arrived on my doorstep. I ordered it in September and got the bike in December. So a bit of a wait but, be patient! It’s definitely worth it. It’s my first e bike so I wouldn’t even know what to compare it to but it’s so far so good. I have no complaints.

X-Class 52V
Best Ebike in the market

Received in great condition and well packaged, and assembled with ease. Very powerful and fast too. Best bang for the buck hands down.

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor
Gabriel Guevara
Best in the West

It took little over three months for delivery. But we’ll worth the wait. I live in Imperial Beach, California literally across from Rad e-bike store. I rode your competition before purchasing “Grizzly”. I did my homework researching Super 73, Rad, and others.What sold me was full suspension, Dual motors and Batteries. Spending little extra and getting all amenities I was looking for was worth the wait. Thanks

Dallas Spohn
First ebike.

Ive had the bike for 2 weeks now and almost hit 100 miles on it. I am in my 50's and wanted a bike that would allow me to keep up with the pack. I like the bike because I can fluidly choose my workout level and not fall behind. I can tell that each ride gets easier and easier as I learn how to conserve battery and apply maximum effort at the same time. I feel better and am about ready for my first bike packing journey.

X-Class 52V
David Clegg
As expected

It is great. All the good stuff you've read and researched is true. There are a few cons though. It's not especially great if you plan on pedaling a lot, but I guess that's not necessarily what this bike is for. Also, I had to wait over 4 months after placing the order which was no fun. Otherwise, in my opinion, this is the best bang for your buck out there.

X-Class 52V
Aaron Esteban
Best ebike on the market

Great bike 5 stars easy! The xclass 52v is the fastest and most reliable ebike by far. And besides the bike being perfect the customer service is second to none. I emailed them once and got a reply and helped in less than 30 min. That can’t be said about other companies! Great bike! Great company!

fair review

Up front the X Class 52V is a beast and it looks as hot as you think when you get it.

It picks up speed really well and handles smoothly once you are going fast on pedals or motor.

The bike is really heavy so for logging up and down stairs is not the ideal choice.

It is very hard to find insurance (if you care) because the bike is too powerful for most bike and renters policies (velosurance suggested i insure it as a moped).

The instructions can be much more detailed and better, the videos too frankly, there is a lot of functionality on this beast and Ariel seems to assume everyone knows the little things, this is my first ebike and my second bike since I was 9 years old, I really wish they had better instructions… couldn’t even tell i did something wrong until my 5th ride the front wheel came off in the middle of manhattan at 12 mph… my knee still hurts

No great place to attach panniers or any kind of bags just to have the regular bike stuff and some water… most third party accessories do not fit this bike because it really is sort of like a motorcycle and Bicycle had a baby…

The back of the bike is really heavy so going up hill (even a shallow one) without assist is a much harder than it should be.

The pedal assist modes are number of modes (5 or 9) divided into maximum speed so if you pick your max speed as 51 mph and you have 5 pedal assist modes, when you start pedaling the bike will take you to 10 mph very fast… again something that could have been explained better in the booklet.

Having listed all my warnings, I have to say this thing is a total machine and I love it… its a lot of fun. Ariel, please rewrite the instructions so people who are no gear heads could actually find them helpful… especially the assembly and functionality...

Amazing fun motorbike

It is a lifesaver for someone like me who lost their driver's license and it is a ton of fun. Best bike for the money.

Arial Rider Grizzly E-bike

Love the bike small parts were broken during shipment but they are willing to replace them. I am not comfortable with the seat but will be replacing it with one that will work. I am 70 so just any seat will not do. Overall very impressed.

Powerful EBike

I absolutely love it, the best bang for your buck, nothing comes close.

ariel 52v grizzly

It's a BEAST! Lotta fun. If I have a criticism is that the power comes on too strong when both motors are engaged and you are just trying to slowly navigate. I will try that in future w one motor, which probably will work fine. Assembly was piece of cake but cable clip for front was broken on arrival. No biggie as I used a zip tie instead. Snowing here so not much chance to ride for now.

Best Value

The X52v is an amazing bike, and when you factor in the price, its hands down the best value you can find in an ebike. The look is amazing if youre into the cafe racer style, the performance is phenomenal, Im a heavy rider, I put a lot of gear on the bike as well, and it never lacks power on hills, you will not be disappointed with this bike. Customer service reputation was the final deciding factor for me, and the Ariel team proved to be exceptional when I needed answers.

X-Class 52V
Yvonne Tindal

X-Class 52V

X-Class 52V
kayte patterson
It is amazing!

Worth the wait! Everything I wanted and more than I had expected. This bike gave me freedom and independence. I can go where I want, when I want and it is so much fun to ride.

X-Class 52V
Dave Skrlin

Even after reading others comments on how their new bicycles surprised them on the torque, power and overall quality. I too was shocked how great my X-Class 52V performed. I also can’t say enough about Chloe and others for their quick responses to all my emails with questions and shipping concerns. Everyone I’ve had contacts with at Ariel Rider have been absolutely wonderful. I knew from the start about the shipping problems and that the wait would be long but it was definitely worth the wait. I can’t ride anywhere without someone stopping me to ask about my bicycle and I love showing it off.
Thank you Ariel Rider!!

X-Class 52V
Greg H.
X-Class 52v Beast!

This bike is amazing. It is fast, powerful, and handles similar to a very small dual sport motorcycle. I have other ebikes and this one literally blows them away in top speed and acceleration. The shipping delays really sucked and I had a few small issues with the rear derailleur after it was smashed during shipping. Overall though, I am super happy with this purchase, the value is way over what other ebike companies are offering in this price range. I waited 5 months from order date to arriving at my door but it was worth it.

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