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Great Product

Came installed on the bike. Versatile strap and rack. I installed a pannier set and cargo box which folds down into a 'flat bed'. Easily accommodates any options that you like.

I have no review at this time because I'm waiting to receive my x52 to attach the horn alarm to the bike thanks have a nice day

Super loud

It really loud. Very happy with the product

Remote Controlled Rechargeable Bike Horn and Alarm

I love the horn/alarm, I cannot wait to put it on my new 52v x-class next month.
Of all the ebikes I have researched the x-class is far above and beyond the best value and best designed bike. Thank you

Best of both worlds

I have 100 miles on the bike and I could not be happier with it.

What a beast!

The Ariel Rider D-Class is the most fun that the Ebike Escape team has had on an ebike. You can check out our full review here (or just buy it, you won't regret it!): https://ebikeescape.com/ariel-rider-d-class-review/

Really nice horn/alarm combination

Does exactly what it says. Horn is loud and great in traffic. Alarm goes off when my bike gets moved. Shipping was quick and painless.

bike ok being used bring more supplies home now after a bike ride to walgreens with car ride 5 minutes with bike 10 minutes


Good rack could be great

Good quality rack but only complaint is a Weld on the bottom, underneath were it mounts to the bike, is pointed down with a sharp point and will probably require a good amount of time to file it down before I can put it on. Then I’ll have to prime and paint the bare metal. Should have been noticed by the person that packed and shipped it.

So fun

Only have 30 miles in, but so far it's great! Really happy I went with X-Class after a LOT of comparative shopping and endless reviews.

This is the bike I've been looking for

I stepped into the ebike space last year somewhat hesitantly with the mindset of "Let's grab something, see if I like it and then decide if I want to spend more". Instantly loved the freedom to go anywhere and knew I wanted to make a bigger investment in something that would be perfect for me.

I did a ridiculous, borderline OCD level of research. My non-negotiables were:
- Scrambler style
- front and rear suspension
- ability to be customized
- dependable customer service
Ariel Rider ticks all of those boxes. You simply can't review one of their products without mentioning the level of customer service provided by Chloe. I genuinely do not understand how she responds so quickly to the number of emails she gets in a day. Arda you need to give her a substantial raise and some subordinates.

The quality of this bike is incomparable at it's price-point. It's batting WAY above it's weight when it comes to price, so do not be thrown by the affordable optics, the construction and fit and finish is perfect.

A few small things that don't take away from my overall review:
- The stock light and seat could definitely be better, but are easy to upgrade on your own.
- Ariel Rider needs better shipping logistics standards. Everything regarding shipping was really, really rough and I'd like to see them review their freight partnerships for a better customer experience.

Great Bike

Review This is my first ebike. So far, I've just been riding it around town and through a 55-acre park beside my house. I'm 6'2" and 220 pounds and it performs well. My max speed on level ground is 29 mph on a fully charged batter, so not the max speed that I've seen on YouTube, but I am a bigger load than the average rider.

Although I figured out the assembly, the biggest improvement Ariel can make is in those documents. Relatedly, my one disc brake is slightly rubbing and I have no idea how to fix it.


Buying this bike is a huge problem for me. Now I want the 52v or an electric motorcycle. :( This thing is an absolute BLAST to ride. I own an E mountain bike fat tire and a E RAD cargo bike. Both of those are great and are fun to ride but this thing is a bike/moped combo. If I want to pedal easy on assist 1 or 2 I can cruise about at 10-15 or if I need to get somewhere hit the throttle and boom I'm doing 31 in the blink of an eye. I weight 240 and it handles my weight with zero effort. Im 6' and being 5' 9" would probably be optimal for peddling but if you are looking for a 10 miles all pedal bike this isn't right for you anyway. This is a pedal around town on occasion and go out for a nice ride on your e-moped bike. If that's what you are looking for I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Happy riding.

Great Rack

Great rack for strapping different things on while cruising around making runs to the store Etc. Well built easy to install looks great on the grizzly.

Ariel Riders electric horn/ alarm

Ariel Riders electric horn/alarm was easy to install,and works excellent and very loud .

Works good

The horn/alarm works really good. Sounds like an old car horn. It can hold a charge for about 20 hours.


Excellent customer service and excellent product.


Great customer service fast shipping


Smooth and fast ride

Fast Fun and Cool

I purchase two of the X-Class 48V. They were received serval days from each other but have had the opportunity to test both out. The directions to assemble we a bit lacking and video online seemed to have different headlight bracket. The derailleur guard was bent and I had to remove and adjust. Being that I received it the evening with son helping also added to 90+ minute assembly time (the second one took me under 30 minutes to assemble solo). I finally charged the battery and took it out. I live in a hilly part of San Diego (Del Cerro) and was impressed with the ability to climb. I did experience battery cut off in the first 11 miles going up a steep hill, luckily I was almost to the top and rode home mostly downhill to get a recharge. (12 hours ugh) I repeated after 2nd charge (same mileage) and didn't experience the same issue and the bike battery seemed to better. (I weigh 210, 5'7" TUBBY). I did change out the rear shock to lower the seat as I as well as my son are are on the shorter side which made for a positive experience. I have been able to definitely go faster than I though 32+ on flat and I won't state downhill speed. I am buying my son a MTB full face helmet. I also had my wife on the back which might have pushed the weight limit and was a bit slower but worked well and she felt very comfortable. Several friends (10+) that have fat tire ebikes but no one has an X-class and all were very impressed. I have used at night and the headlight worked well. It could be brighter and if I rode much at night I would probably supplement as it is a bit ugly also. I have done some off-roading and noticed the electricity seemed to cut off a couple times after bouncing. I check connections and everything seems ok. If this continues I will contact AR. Overall I love this and so does my son.

New x class 48v

So far the bike is great, but the headlight ground wire was broken so I fixed it myself. The seat is a little low so I'm thinking about a spacer. Top speed around 31 mph. Just wish they had a front basket for my dog.

Amazing Bike

Absolutely love this bike, it is so well built and came with everything needed to ride. Rides super smooth and fast! Well worth the money

X class 48

Couldn't be happier with this bike! Well built and fun as hell!

X class above the rest

Very well built and packed, not so heavy not so light, accelerate quick with stunning looks, go anywhere ebike and the price is just right, thanks Ariel Rider for making a superb electric bicycle, i will enjoy it and my sons for years to come

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