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Love my bike

Shipped well. The video for putting the fender on needs to be re-done. Also, putting the fender on was very difficult once we figured out how to put it on.
Great bike easy to ride and very lite weight. I have had a few EBike and this is the best one I have had. I live in The Villages where you ride up and down tunnels, bridges and golf cart paths. Very Smooth ride and fun.

D Class lives up to my expectations...

When searching for my first e-bike, I had fairly high expectations. Having a few seasons under my belt , 50 years old and having rode my fair share of bicycles, I know quality vs. fancy marketing schemes.

I can honestly say the D Class has met and slightly surpassed my high initial expectations and I hope for many miles of trouble free e-biking.

Still a know show!

I would love to review the bike the only problem is I'm still waiting on delivery. It's shows Ups has shipped it to Ft Worth Tx 4 days ago ,that's an hour from my house. I've tried contacting Ups and I get nothing,so here I sit waiting at home because signature is required. I know they must be swamped with the bad weather and all be just give me an update. Thanks for letting me rant.

got it fairly quickly after it was available but still haven't my bike yet.

One of the best e-bikes out there

The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because the Dclass does not come with rear suspension, other than that it’s a great bike!

A horse with no name....

The saddle looks really lonely sitting on my floor with no bike under it.
I tried sitting on it and my legs stick out way too far with no bike under it.
So.....I’m hoping when I get the rest of the bike it will all fit together better......
And I can ride around under battery power. I purchased the long seat to maybe ride with my wife......she is a bit skeptical.......

1 million stars

I used to take the bus to get to and from work. Now I take my d class dual motor scrambler ebike. I have been to the beach and back a couple of times. My last Adventure took me over 16 miles where I accidentally got a flat back tire. But my buddy patched it up. And I'm back on the road again. Wild hogs lifestyle. I love this bike it's great it's the next best thing to a motorcycle. 30 miles an hour is cool I wish I could go faster on it but hey. Choose a favorite more money on buying a couple more batteries hahahahaha so I can go further. Anyways Italy buying accessories to dress up my D class scrambler the next mod I think is a rear basket then maybe some saddlebags. Anyways love this bike it's super awesome everybody should have one.

C Class Replacement Battery.

Seamless process. Good communication.

Bike Horn/Alarm

The horn is definitely loud and alerts others

D-Class Battery (Second Gen)
21Ah should be the D-Class standard!

Got this as a secondary as I have range anxiety. It's now my primary and the 18Ah that came with my D-Class is the backup. I get extra range (I'd say close to 10 extra miles with dual motors running the whole time) with the 21Ah and more, lasting, starting power on a fresh charge than the 18Ah. Combined with my 18Ah (swapping battery as needed) on a test run, I got close to 50 miles before getting bored and went home, with my 18Ah still having at least 50% charge.

Wow!! Fun ebike.

This is my first ebike and I am not disappointed with my choice. So much fun! Superb customer service. Time to save money for the Grizzly. ☺️🤔

Surprised by Sensitivity

I got this so I could lock up my bike at the beach for a surf. I am 100% surprised at how sensitive the alarm is to even a slight movement - Gave me a ton of confidence. And I'm sure I'll need the horn feature to navigate summer's finest tourists. Thanks guys. 🤙🏼

Awesome eBike

First time purchasing an eBike, which I bought as a present for my wife. She absolutely loves it. My initial impressions are that; It's very well made (sturdy), has lots of power and definitely has a coolness factor. Not a deal breaker, but I do feel that the User Manual and assembly documents/videos could use some updating. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't hard to assemble/learn, I just would have preferred a complete, up to date manual (PDF) to reference rather than having to google features and find videos. I'll be purchasing an eBike for myself this summer and so far I haven't found a style I like with the features I want to match what Ariel Rider offers. So there's a pretty good chance I'll be buying another soon.

Everything I hoped for and more!!

I've wanted an e-bike for years and just couldn't find the one that fit all my criteria- That was until the D-Class came onto my radar. I've owned motorized mopeds, scooters, and dirt bikes, and was hoping to find something that was a bit of a blend of the 3. We live by the beach and love to bike all over town, through trails, and onto the sand. Ariel Riders D-Class seemed too good to be true- it was designed for all of those! But to purchase an e-bike site-unseen seemed a bit risky. However now that I've had a chance to ride it, I can honestly say it was the best decision I could've made! The quality is everything I hoped for, the assembly is easy enough, and the power...oh man, the power!! This thing's an instant smile producer, it was soooo worth the wait! And they shipped it exactly when they promised! Plus it's a great company to work with, I'm REALLY glad I found them before purchasing one of the other brands I was looking at. It's amazing the attention this bike gets too- it's THAT cool!! I'm sure I'll be buying one for my wife soon; I can see the jealousy in her eyes when that inner-child comes out!:) If you're wondering if it could really be as good as it looks...it is!

D-Class Dual-Motored Scrambler Ebike

D-Class Battery (Second Gen)
Great service Ariel Rider

I received my battery today and I will test it tomorrow. Thank you for your help getting a 21ah battery. "Miles of smiles".

Amazing 2WD

My wife and I are in our late 40's and we are cruising steep hills and dirt paths like we are kids again. Just loads of fun with little effort even if pedaling. The 2WD is amazing climbing uphill and even better in loose dirt. It has so much power in 2WD you have to be careful until you get it mastered. We are out exploring places we never would have without this bike.


Love my new rack...a few screws and BAM..Done!!

So far so good.

The bike is awesome so far just wish this new batch that I received had the same tires as the older ones the white kenda lettering is missing it's all black on mine

Worth The Wait!

Took considerably longer than original ETA but worth the wait to be sure. Assembly straight forward and easily completed with supplied tools. Only hiccup was rear tire was completely flat and caused a concern that tire was shipped with a slow leak however, after initial inflation of 25 lbs, tire has held steady...concern eliminated! The first trial run with duel motors validates the price and wait. I'd buy it again in a minute. If I had to list a negative...those stupid little rear foot pegs. My e-bike purpose is probably different than the norm in that I haul it on the rear of our motor home for transportation when not towing the tow car. My wife will also be on the bike (for short hops), and those mickey mouse rear foot supports have got to go! We have ridden double for 5 miles or so and the D-Class is amazingly comfortable although 5 miles is probably our limit. Love the little guy and the wait is definitely worth it in my opinion. Garry H

Over and above

Totally satisfied with my C-Class, and the responsive customer service. Received my shipment withing 2 days from order, and am up and running. The quality, and performance of the ebike surpassed my expectations. Riding everyday and enjoying it. Highly recommend it if you are in the market for a great ebike.

Awesome E bike

I’ve been riding this bike for several days now, the longest run was 45 miles and I still had at least 20% battery left. One thing I like about the bike is the fact that it has two motors and I get a lot better traction in the dirt. The bike is also light enough that I can lift it in the back of a truck or a bike rack attached to the back of my truck. I’ve already rode to speeds over 30 miles an hour, it handles great. So far I think it beats the competition hands down.

End of Range Anxiety!

I bought this as a back up battery because every now and then I like to do a long ride but get kind of nervous as the bars on the control screen start disappearing! This solves that and will let me ride with my friends and not get ‘range anxiety’!


The 2 motors are totally worth the wait. Makes me feel like a kid again. I would recommend.

D class

Worth the wait. This thing is a beast. It nicely walks the line between bike & moped & motorcycle in style. Looking forward to this being my commuter (hoping to get a rear rack and extra battery ASAP though these have been out of stock for months). Go ahead and treat yourself, you won’t regret it!!

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