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X-Class 52V Ebike
E.K. (Fort Collins, US)
Cool fast bike

Awesome little bike. Super fast don’t let it fool you. The bars fell apart one day and I crashed super hard. Hurt my hand really bad. Buy some gloves! Other than that super sturdy bike off-road capable and a joy to ride. Would recommend to a friend

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor Ebike
J.G. (Kansas City, US)
A great machine and true to its name!

I've had my Grizzly for almost a year and I still get a thrill every time I ride.
This bike is solid and can take on the roughest terrain while simultaneously providing a very comfortable ride through town. I've ridden my bike through forest trails and I also use it for my daily commute to work. I have yet to be disappointed with the bike. The dual motors keep me moving ahead of traffic even on the biggest hills. I really enjoy riding with both motors engaged, especially when I'm passing other vehicles on the road. Ive even been out riding with my friend who rides his motorcycle with me around town. The dual motors are able to help me keep up with his motorcycle as long as we don't go more than 40mph. My personal top speed while riding on a flat surface is 43.6 mph. That is amazingly fast for a pedal bike. The batteries charge quickly for their size and provide ample power to the dual motors. I have received numerous compliments from people about the bikes aesthetics.
I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend purchasing this bike for commuting, riding trails, or just for having a great time. Thank you you Ariel Rider for such an amazing product!

Cargo Plus Rear Rack
J.G. (Kansas City, US)
A Must Have!

If you own a Grizzly, this rack is a must. I rode my bike for 6 months without the large cargo rack and always had to carry things in my backpack or balance grocery bags on the handle bars. With this rack attached I am confident carrying anything, and I don't worry about having my backpack with me. This rack can carry everything and makes riding more enjoyable. I've used it to carry a lot of different things to include strapping a full 5 gallon gas can to it. I was able to ride home with the gas can strapped on, and the balance was so incredible that I couldn't even tell there was anything strapped to the bike. I highly recommend purchasing this item and adding it to your bike. It is well built and even adds to the overall look of the bike. My Grizzly looks even tougher than it did before!

Kepler 52V Electric Fat Tire Ebike
Ryan f.E.E. (Schofield, US)
Top Performance Fat Tire Ebike

If you like a thrill it's a solidly priced fat tire ebike. Check out our full review: https://ebikeescape.com/ariel-rider-kepler-review/

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Fast nFun

So glad I paid $3000 for this E bike it’s fast and fun dependable and it carry’s my fat **** every where I go. Thanks

X-Class 52V Step-Thru Ebike
Lisa N. (New York, US)
X Class 52 Step Through

Excellent bike ! I live in the mountains and it can go up anything! It’s actually more difficult to go downhill.
My bike is good looking , smooth and I can go anywhere! The power is plentiful. I haven’t even taken it to max speed yet averaging between 22 - 32 mph !
These are mountain side roads oftentimes dirt or gravel and never level or flat . I was worried about the steep inclines but the Ariel Rider goes uphill without any stress or slowing . I do pedal though but just because it’s fun and gives the bike a little more power.
My only suggestion for the next generation bike is easier brake
Positioning or gearing for mountain downhill. By the time you hold the brakes going down a big hill , your hands will hurt . And U.S. mountain folk like E-bikes too !

X-Class 52V Ebike
Jon L. (Sacramento, US)

The bike is awesome! I did take to the local bike shop because the derailer was out of wack? But to totally dial in the bike was 50$. I also replaced the pull cable to a thicker gauge out of the box it was frayed. Other than that the bike is pretty freaking awesome. Super smooth. Super fast. After a couple rides I would check the bolts nuts ect just like you would on any new moving part. All in all it’s a pretty sweet ride.

Kepler 52V Electric Fat Tire Ebike
Greg J. (Minneapolis, US)

I've had the bike for about a month.
Easy to esemble, getting use to riding was a bit of a challenge, I have a 32 inch inseam yet the bike is huge. It is not lacking in power. Using peddle assist with 300 miles on the bike the battery still reads 100% at the end of all my ride. I replaced the the seat and added shock absorbing seat post, that made a big difference in the ride. The head light is more spot light than I would like, so night rides get a bit iffy.
Over all I think it's a great bike for the money.

X-Class 52V Step-Thru Ebike
Tony (Chicago, US)
Great Bike

Great bike. Ride it every day. Love the BMX handlebars and step-thru. Lots of power.

Kepler 52V Electric Fat Tire Ebike
Marcos M. (Los Angeles, US)
It's the best bike around

One of the best bikes I got so far 👍

X-Class 52V Step-Thru Ebike

Inner Tubes (2-pack)
Cynthia A.H. (Cleveland, US)
Great Investment

Bought innertubes for my husband's X-Class ebike. Set of two innertubes were right on time. My husband has used one of the innertubes, and the back tire seems to be holding up well. Bought another tire which really was not necessary to buy. Anway, the ebike is still holding up and doing better.

Biking after 40 years of no biking

This bag is built really tough. Probably overkill for what I really need. But I was wanting something to go off-road and to enjoy the forest. I specifically chose front and rear wheel drive thinking that that would be awesome! And it is awesome.
However I'm still getting used to the bike. Practicing my balance on turns and learning how to navigate a rough road. I expect the bike to last forever providing the electrical part of it performs. At the moment I'm very happy. Oh and after not riding for 40 years I'd recommend getting the riding shorts with the padding for protecting your bottom.

Ariel Rider Tank Bag
joel a. (Montreal, CA)

The Tank bag is great cool looking fits perfectly 🥇

X-Class 52V Ebike
Mary W. (Sterling, US)
Excellent bike

Bike came in excellent condition without a scratch on it. Overall feel of the bike is solid. Can’t say anything bad about it. I will buy another in the future

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor Ebike
Tammy C. (Wilbraham, US)
Got hills?

It's been a month now and I would Highly recommend a Grizzly if you have hills on your commute. It really does have the torque and the power for hills. I'm 200 +/- lbs with cargo and rider. Even kindof really steep hills it pulls me up only slowing 5-10mph sometimes even accelerating up the lower inclines! I got this bike for the hills on my commute and I am very satisfied with the power of the dual motors!
38mph is the max speed at my weight but it comes set at 20mph, I travel at 30mph which seems perfect and I can still engage the drivetrain at that speed as needed.
It's 16 miles one way to work, I arrive with 60% battery each way and it takes 2-4 hours to charge each time. I'm 5'8" and the seat is perfect although non adjustable. The brakes are strong enough to slow me at 40mph. The suspension is well designed Its like I'm riding a nimbus cloud. The tires are wearing slowly also there is a humming sound while riding that includes the motor sounds as well. The bike is VERY heavy and not easily lifted into vehicles and is top heavy with cargo. The fenders are 2 inches too short some water does get on the batteries . The headlight is bright enough, the LCD screen is great very well designed. Overall a well made bike, strong and tight.
I bought the bike through Affirm while at checkout .Ide say it was very easy to get approved and they have an app which I've made my FIRST and only payment so far AFTER 30 days of $350.00 for 12 payments 4,200ish after finance fees.
I did have to replace a part under Warranty which was significant and I am giving 5 🌟 to the tech support team Info@arielrider for prompt replies (<24hrs) to emails, being polite and profesional. I had to send a video of the part and a picture or two, answer a couple questions and whammo the part is shipped free to me from washington state via FedEx ground. (7-9days to new england)
I'm happy to say I'm very satisfied and Would recommend an Arielrider.com ebike to any and all I'm so happy with my purchase.

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor Ebike
Mark L. (Albany, US)

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor Ebike

Brown Saddle Set
Luke R. (Harrington Park, US)
Great seat.

Great alternative to the stock seat that comes on Xclass/grizzly. Not only does it look better, but it offers more support than the stock seat. The grips are a nice addition too.

Extension Saddle
Anthony B. (Frederick, US)
Ext. Saddle

Finally got the chance to order my extension saddle for my Grizzly V2. Waited for almost a year for them to become Available shipped others but the prices were insane. Besides the AR seat matches my bike as a whole. Since I'm a taller guy I get the stretch out a little more while riding now. These should be made standard with the Grizzly especially since passenger foot legs are. kinda silly with the short seat. Or at least make it a selectable option when ordering. Kinda like making a car with 4 doors then not giving you the back seat. Anyway love the seat love my bike.

Grizzly Gen 3 Battery Charger - 52V 4A ST3
Pete B. (Salt Lake City, US)
Excellent customer care!

I had my original battery stop working. I submitted a claim to Ariel and Arthur had a new battery in the mail within 24 hours. The customer care is unmatched!

Extension Saddle
Brian H. (Minneapolis, US)

Extension Saddle

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor Ebike
Robert E. (Wilmington, US)
Fantastic Bike

I have been an avid cyclist for 20 years, my current bike is a Trek Emonda Road Bike, I bought it new in 2020 and have put app 25,000 miles on it, I have really enjoyed the bike, but I just turned 77 yrs. old on 07/23 and the 150 miles per week I have been riding are now starting to take a serious toll on my 77 year old body. My Doctor informed me during my last visit he purchased 2 e-bikes for himself and his wife they enjoy riding around the beach together, on their road bikes she could not keep up with him, someone suggested he try e-bikes and he did, and they both love them, they can now ride together without a problem. He in turn told me the benefits of an e-bike and I decided to take the plunge, a friend of mine who lives in Virgina purchased a Grizzly and was explaining to me the advantages of dual motor and batteries, he lives in hilly country and I live in flat country. I looked around all the bike shops in town and could not find any dual setups, the nearest Ariel Rider Dealer was over a hundred miles away, I tried out 4 different single setup bikes from dealers here in town and actually learned how to ride an e-bike while trying them out. I was still hooked on a dual unit though from what my friend with a Grizzly told me, I really liked the extra distance the second motor and battery gave me and the fact that the Airel Rider folks will tell you how to turn off the speed limiter to increase your top end speed to 38 + (I reached 42 with mine with a tail wind) The Aerial Rider is by far the most enjoyable Bike purchase I have ever made, I don't know yet what my max milage is on a charge but today I did 64.9 miles and still had 42 percent battery left when I got home, The tech folks can tell you how to put the remaining battery life percent on your computer screen when they explain the removal of the speed limiter. you can also find many good videos on u-tube to tell you all you need to know about this great Bike. If I could not buy another, I would not take 10 times the cost of this wonderful bike. I ended up buying mine over the phone as I had problems attempting to purchase online, I was informed it take app 2 weeks to receive but it arrived in 10 days. If you are even thinking about buying an e-bike you will be wasting your time looking anyplace but at the Airel Rider Grizzly. It is comfortable, fast, extremely well built and beautiful. So far every time I have taken it for a ride, someone remarks on how pretty it is.
Purchase and enjoy.

Kepler 52V Electric Fat Tire Ebike
coleman t. (Paddock Lake, US)
Love it

My wife and I love our bikes. We ride almost every day. Thank you Kepler Ariel rider!

Cargo Plus Rear Rack
Jay G. (Moosup, US)
Bike Rack

Took forever for this bike rack, (and back seat), to be available and in stock. I am glad it finally did and I have installed both. They were easy to install and match the bike perfectly. I am happy with purchase(s) and highly recomend.

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor Ebike
Chris P. (Wilmette, US)
So much fun and good investment

I havent used my car since i've gotten the bike and I save so much time beating traffic. Very heavy and tough to peddle without the motors but who's gonna do that anyway?

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