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D-Class Dual-Motored Scrambler Ebike
Customer (Laguna Niguel, US)

The D must be for Dynamite!!!
The Ariel Rider D-Class bike is amazing. So excited and happy with my purchase.

Gift Card
Nick N. (Wilmington, US)
Worked Flawlessly

Great option if your credit card has a limit less that total amount.

X-Class 52V
kimberly m. (Avon, US)

X-Class 52V

Cargo Basket
W.M. (Estes Park, US)
You must purchase a rear rack of you buy cargo rack!!!not disclosed

So I got my cargo basket a couple weeks ago and got the 52 volt x-class step through today and realized you have to have a rack on the back to Mount the cargo basket. I chose the cargo basket and not the rack because I didn't know that so now I have to go out and buy the rack too

Hi! Thank you for your purchase.
Actually the compatibility list is published above on the product page, perhaps you've missed it.

X-Class 52V
Shaun R. (Pacoima, US)
Great bicycle

Love it 👍🏻

X-Class 52V
Mark G. (Eau Claire, US)

X-Class 52V

First E-bike!

I did a lot of e-bike research prior to making my final decision in purchasing an Ariel Rider Kepler. So far, the Kepler has been amazing and exactly what I was looking for! I think it took me about an hour to put the bike together out of the box. The boxes it came in definitely took a beating, but everything inside was undamaged. I haven't noticed any glaring issues but I'll post an update in a month when I really put the Kepler through the ringer. Took the bike out for it's maiden voyage after assembly and it was incredible. I felt like a little kid again getting their first bike. It was a thrill zipping past congested traffic in the bike lane, taking trails I didn't know were around my neighborhood... I was having so much fun just biking around that I didn't realize I had already put in 20 miles!!! After getting home I checked my battery and saw that it had about 50% left on it and this was after pedal assist hill climbs, full throttle on straight aways and leisurely cycling when I was taking in the sights. YMMV of course but I'm happy with my purchase. Though I'm feeling the soreness of overdoing it with the cycling I'm already looking forward to the next ride. The seat could use an upgrade but aside from that everything works great and looks great. Ride on!

D-Class Dual-Motored Scrambler Ebike
Charles R. (Orange, US)

Love it so much I can’t wait till there back In stock so I can buy my wife a matching one.

X-Class 52V
Lance K.
Better than I expected

Well I have not ridden an ebike before, so my first ride was very exciting couldn't believe the acceleration it has 0-20 in 1.5 seconds whoa!! This thing is sweet! Keep up with traffic with no problem, need a windshield to kill the drag from wind. I got it up to 51mph downhill of course but it will cruise at 45 but to much drag to get there consitantly. I'm happy with mine I have saved over 200 dollars from not driving my truck around town I put 350 miles in a month just in town at 15mpg, that's 3 tanks of gas people,in one month!!! It's worth it.

The bike is great, the availability of accessories is lacking

For point of reference , I have previously owned a Juiced Scorpion and I currently own a Juiced Ripcurrent S. I sold the scorpion to purchase the Ariel rider as an “around town” bike and it more then took its place. Going from a single motor 750 watt bike to a dual motor 750 watt bike is a huge difference. Even with just one motor it is faster then the scorpion.. the bike is much lighter (although still heavy) the the scorpion and there is much more torque “out the gate”. I typically cruise around town on one motor and switch on dual when going up hills or out in the country… the effect of turning on the second motor is hilariously fun and makes me smile almost every time. There are some things I wished it had which leads to my 4 star score. I wish it had a rear rack standard (I purchased it elsewhere because it wasn’t available) I ordered a trunk box (because the tank bag wasn’t available) and I’d love to have a spare battery (which isn’t available).. if you get the trend there it is that there are absolutely no real accessories available and the ones that are are not in stock. Overall however the bike is solid, fun, and worth every penny.

Kepler 52V Electric Fat Tire Bike
William M. (Capac, US)
Kepler 52V Electric Fat Tire Bike

I am writing as the recipient of the bike, not the purchaser.
I been nothing but impressed with the Kepler, first it came a day early on delivery which was great, packaging was exceptional (double boxed) the bike was flawless and the instructions (video) to assemble was spot on.
Now for the performance....the bike never even grunted on hills, over passes, the bike trails flat or hilly, on and off road. The motor has so much on demand performance it was just awesome.
Looks....I get compliments, looks, stares all the time. The bike has a tough appeal to it.
Battery....You get a lot out of it, pedal assist or just motor, plenty of miles.
I am not trying to be to wordy here, so I will close with a thought, If you buy this bike you will not be disappointed none what so ever.

Very fun bike to ride (D-Class)

Very fun bike to ride! After near 200 miles here’s my feedback.


1) Built very tough and can take a beating. Have ridden in coal/shale banks and through rocky, muddy terrain.

2) Normally do 25-30 mile rides and battery last throughout ride.

3) it’s a pretty comfortable bike, being disabled I have a high sensitivity to pain and I can manage 25-30 miles.


1) I don’t think the gears are necessary as I always keep it in the lowest setting. Maybe some lower power assist levels would be good.

2) Rear light is not very bright and somewhat dim looking don’t think it helps for safety.

3) I have never reached 30 miles per hour on this bike my max is 28 mph using both motors at around 80%+ battery. Which starts to drop off the lower the battery is to around 26 mph. I don’t think it’s possible to get this bike over 30 mph unless you’re going down hill and gunning it.

4) Weight, if they could cut another 10-20 pounds some how to this design but still keep the ruggedness that would be really cool.

D-Class Dual-Motored Scrambler Ebike
Nathaniel G. (Richmond, US)

Super fun!

X-Class 52V
Isac E. (Broomfield, US)
Beast of a bike.

I love my x class, the seat kinda sucks. A little uncomfortable but over the last 2 weeks my ass has gotten a little more used to it! The shock in the back isn’t amazing, it’s a little stiff even with adjustment, but the front forks are awesome. Otherwise this thing eats up hills, I swear I was going like 35mph uphill on this thing recently. Tires are meh, but they’re definitely not bad. I’ve had it for about a month or so now and since I live in a city I haven’t really driven my car anywhere in like 3 weeks. Pretty sick. I definitely recommend it. Especially with the sale going on right now! I just wish that batteries and accessories were more available. That’s a real downside.

Great for commuting and fun!

I love riding around with my girlfriend on the back. It even can pull a wagon with a dog easily up hills. I take it off-roading and only had a problem with flats but that’s solved easily with some slime.

D-Class Dual-Motored Scrambler Ebike
Nikolaos C. (Baton Rouge, US)
Ariel d-class dual motor

Very powerful dual motor mode, excellent pedal assist range. The only negative comment I have is that accessories are always sold out and there is no timeline on when they will be in stock

Zoom Zoom Zoom, exceeds expectations, redefines biking

During Covid, my gym closed and I dusted off an old bike. I really enjoyed discovering the bike trails around town that I neglected to explore with the old bike. Some of the hills were a challenge, and while I knew about eBikes, I made due with what I had. Five days ago, while I was in Seattle (go figure!) for work, my Kepler Ariel Rider was finally delivered! I had it put together the next day and now have logged 38 miles of pure fun across two rides. The Kepler is huge, like a stallion! Built solid, packed very well, and fairly easy to assemble. Using the 5 assist modes was pretty easy to learn, the 7 speed shifter is smooth and works great, and the brakes do what they are supposed to do. Battery is very powerful and holds a long charge, although I have not taken it to the limit yet, but from what I see, it can go the distance. The seat is even pretty comfortable, I was worried as I had a cushy spring seat on my old bike but Kepler has a pretty good seat. The throttle works well, almost got a blister cranking the throttle so much. Pedaling with power assist also works well, and keeps with the cardio part of biking. This is the 1st time I've ever ridden an eBike, and I think the Kepler is a homerun in all respects.

X-Class 52V
ryan a. (Dallas, US)
New X Class 52v

I was waiting until i had accumulated some miles on the bike before giving a review. Well now I'm closing in on 100 miles and it has been nothing short of fantastic. First things first the bike is fast and crushes hills with ease. I've hit 41 mph on this ebike with throttle only. Remember if you increase the speed limiter over 20 mph it is no longer a class 2 ebike so be aware of local laws. I'm not a small guy either. I'm 6' and 210 pounds. With that kind of speed you will need good brakes and the hydraulic disc brakes perform excellent. The upgrades on the new X Class 52v are exactly what all the YouTube reviewers wanted to see in the next model. The new suspension feels amazing and very stable at higher speeds. The rear spring and air shock do not feel super stiff and are very functional. The front shocks deliver a cushioned ride and absorb everything that i have thrown at it. Dialing the front and rear in was easy and fast. The new headlight is very bright. Riding at night is almost motorcycle like with the light it emits. The rear turn signals are nice but i still wish it had front signals to go with the rear. The battery life is really good too with the 20ah. Haven't tried a range test but i have not gotten range anxiety yet. I have had zero issues so far with the bike. Very solid and well built. If you are looking for a fast reasonably priced ebike with good range look no further than the X Class 52v. It will not disappoint you. Great job to the Ariel Rider team for putting together this amazing ebike. Keep up the good work yall.

X-Class 52V
Robert R. (Billerica, US)

Really enjoy the bike this is my third electric bike

X-Class 52V
Albert C. (Providence, US)
Really nice bike but...

I bought this bike about 3 months ago I put 600 miles on it it is everything as advertised is very fast very solid bike but I already went through my rear tire at 600 miles and my brakes seem a little chattery but other than that nice bike

Kepler arrived

Ordered 05/20/22..received earlier than expected.
Double boxed and well packed. no problem with assy. Came with owner manual with torque values but vague instructions. There are YouTube videos for extra help.
12 price tool kit, touch up paint and a bag of extra screws.
Quick release front axle and 20psi air in tires. Turn signals, brake light a bell and steel guard for derailleur.
. cables are neatly wrapped Fit an finish is very good. I have not put any miles on it yet but so far so good. I changed speed to 99.
I also have a Ride1up 700 ST to compare it to once I get some miles on it.
I need to find a bag for the rear rack. The one I have for the 700 won't work on it. The straps are too short for the wide rack.
Also got AR military discount which made it even a better deal.

X-Class 52V Step-Thru
Isaml (Seattle, US)


Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor
Stephen L. (Edgartown, US)

Grizzly - 52V Dual Motor

First impressions

This is my first ebike. I chose this bike for 2 reasons: power enough to carry a passenger & handle hills and with fat tires have ability to ride in sand & snow.As a new ebike owner, all I can offer is first impressions:
- I rode it yesterday in high winds and it was stable & performed well.
- Even with fat tires, the ride is a little rougher than anticipated (and I usually ride a road bike)
- Size & weight makes it a little challenging to transport.
- These bikes aren't cheap and I have yet to find a security solution that I would comfortable enough to use for errands
- No matter how gently I use the throttle, tires tend to spin out when starting

Will hopefully update review after logging more miles.

X-Class 52V
Eric O. (Metairie, US)
New x-class

I love this bike, I’ve never had more fun cruising around New Orleans in my life! I just wish they still had metal gears in the hub motor instead of nylon.

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