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Ariel Rider Ebikes has always been a passion project of me and my brother.

2014 has been a year of both triumphs and tribulations for us here at Ariel Rider Ebikes, especially for me and my brother. You see, we have been in the electric bike industry for a very long time, our team has a combined experience in the industry over 22 years. Last year when we launched our flagship brand Ariel Rider Ebikes, things went from 0 to AWESOME pretty quick. We got a lot of media coverage, amazing reviews from all around the world, tons of positive reviews in Japanese, Portuguese, German, any language that you could imagine. It was my daily joy to turn on my laptop in the mornings and check my google alerts to see where in the world we got a media coverage the night before. In a short few months, we’ve reached to a distribution in 26 countries!

Then a personal disaster happened. On May, 2014, my brother and I were just getting started the too early morning at the office when my phone rang. It was a call from back home saying our dad has passed away… Now I know that everyone values their family, however, our dad was and still is truly our role model. He was the one who said: “my only goal in life was to show you guys how small the world actually is”. He was the reason why we have lived/visited many countries, got amazing educations as engineers, and living abroad, having our own startup while constantly traveling around the world for our business. His contribution will never be forgotten neither will be underestimated both professionally & emotionally. I vividly remember, before we left our factory that day in order to head to the airport to attend my dad’s funeral, we were packing the orders for Singapore in tears and our hands were shaking so much so that we had to repack some of the boxes.

With one goal in mind; making our dad proud, we opted for the long route. We stopped all of our operations, changed our factory location to be able to keep a closer eye to our suppliers and changed many of our suppliers. Hired a great team of engineers and started from scratch. Unlike our previous approaches, while designing we didn’t start from the aesthetics of the ebikes this time. We made a list of things that a daily commuter needs, and another list of what hasn’t been done but it’s so obvious that every commuter needs to have it on their bikes.

17 months after our dad passed away, we’re very proud to announce that we’ve finished our new line of ebikes for 2016. Each model has it’s unique character, much like its designers, as each model has a different creator.

I, for once, am a huge fan of C-Class, because I’ve designed it. It embodies everything that you’ll need during your daily commute; a coffee holder to begin with (any other caffeine addicts out there?). A bamboo front rack which took me 3 months to source it from the right bamboo forest (a sustainable one), enormous rear-rack loading capacity (135kg), a second seat accessory to stop that awkward conversation with your significant other “oh, you take a taxi, I’ll bike back home”-seriously, this happened far more times that I’d like to admit-, and a child seat accessory. As you’ll see everything is created on one piece of the frame, a wave-shaped one, a sine-wave… That’s the spirit of the C-Class, no matter how many ups and downs you have during your day, C-Class is there to assist you. Oh, and before you ask; C stands for City.


Ariel Rider N-Class Vintage Electric BikeMy brother, Berk is a fan of N-Class. It’s the continuation of our previous vintage model which we have been tweaking for the last 4 years. But this time he did an amazing job with tweaking it, so much so that, it’s a completely new bike with lots of engineering on it. -I secretly wish I thought of some of these innovations on this ebike-. First of all, it’s pure muscle. When you look at it from the top, the curves of the side covers give you that muscle feeling, and then that feeling grows as you start pedaling and feeling the enormous torque of the motor. Second, it’s extremely robust, thanks to the innovative approach to fixing everything inside. I think, one of the best parts of this ebike is, the interchangeable side covers. They are made from extremely high-quality plastic, so they don’t break easy (I already had a few small accidents with them, trust me, they don’t break easily), and you can change them according to the color you want with just a few easy screws! It still has that very laid back beach cruiser character, while it’s reminiscent of the old cafe racers. Since we’ve spent the most time on this one as it’s our flagship model, we wanted to make everything perfect! After all, it carries our dad’s initial, that’s what N stands for. Because it’s a model that we know he would be extremely proud of.

And, there’s our popular kid; W-Class. He’s a creation of our team. They love the beach cruisers and can’t get enough of them. However, when we made that list I mentioned earlier, one thing they were all complaining about was the pricing side of electric cruiser bikes! So we let them get their creative juices flowing in order to create something affordable, convenient and great looking. With hydro-formed top tube, we’ve managed to get the great characteristics of a beach cruiser, – albeit a little costly I must add. W stands for West Coast by the way. As we know all our fans back in West Coast love this model, it’s a tribute to them.

Our team of engineers worked hard on those obvious solutions which were not available in the market. Such as a real rear stop light. I mean, it’s something that every ebike should have, but you simply don’t have it around! The ones are only rear lights or even worse, just reflectors. Most of the fatal bike collisions are rear-end collisions! Cars or other vehicles simply cannot see if you’re slowing down or not! With some ingenious cable housing inside the rear mudguards, we were able to hide the cables and put rear stop lights to our ebikes.

Another change was to increase the torque of the motors, create a simply mid blowing torque sensor system which literally listens to your riding habits and acts accordingly on the spot, cell balancing chargers, incredible BMS (battery management system coding) and so on.

Ariel Rider M-Class ebike

And finally, there’s our new baby M-Class. M stands for both minimum and maximum. It’s minimum because it’s such a compact electric bike. If you are living in a tiny apartment in a big city, this is the perfect bike for you as it doesn’t take up too much space and it’s simply super easy to carry around. Maximum because it comes with a jaw-dropping 90Nm mid-drive motor. Maximum because with both front and rear rack, you can simply carry anything, even your kid. Maximum because it comes fully loaded with everything, hydraulic disc brakes, mid drive motor, great battery, LED head & tail lights, inner hub gears and all. Minimum because it costs half of what similar ebikes cost in the market. And that is our team’s dedication to providing the best of what we can at very affordable prices. We’ve especially tested it in San Francisco with >210lbs guys. Trust us, the motor can still carry them uphill!


Long story short, we are very proud to introduce you the all new Ariel Rider Ebikes. We take pride in what we do and hope all of you find something that you love from our new line. I wanted to share that it’s not only a product that you’re seeing here. It’s a tribute, to a great man, it’s the hard work of a great talented team, it’s the vision of 2 brothers to cherish ebikes as convenient, sustainable yet stylish modes of daily transportation!

Arda & Berk Onal

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