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8 years ago, my brother and I went on this journey to create Ariel Rider Ebikes with one thing in mind; creating high-quality ebikes with affordable prices to make electric bikes accessible for everyone! Today this core value couldn't be truer. We're proud of what we produce and ride it in our daily lives. Essentially, we don't sell anything that we wouldn't ride!

Our core values didn't change, but we've added new ones; like providing an unparalleled customer experience. Which is why most of our clients are surprised when we drive 4 hours to them to help them with an issue they're having, or when our boss answers your phone. We go the extra mile, and this just brings smiles to our faces.

For example just an email we've received last Sunday:

"Lovely meeting you today, I just got home from a fantastic and lengthy ride on the m-class. I wanted you to know that you and Ariel Riders customer service is far and above any that I've experienced before, truly industry leading. I really appreciate you taking time out of your weekend to make this happen.

Chris H."

This is Ariel Rider Ebikes difference.


We've received this question time and time again: "If I place a pre-order/back-order, am I going to be able to get it on time".

We don't open the pre-order or back-order option to get your money and keep you waiting. These options are provided on specific models because our clients requested that we open this option. On certain models/colors, we sell out in about 30 minutes after we make them available, like our exciting new D-Class Dual Motored Ebike. Riders who weren't able to place order requested that we open this option.


As Ariel Rider Ebikes, there's not a single promise that we haven't kept. If you order a product from us, you get what you ordered within the promised time!

We have really enjoyed our M-Class bikes and we appreciate the quick response and assistance. We take them on all our camping trips and we ride them around town to the different breweries and restaurants that are on the trail. Fayetteville, Arkansas has become very "bike friendly" over the years and they have crews that are dedicated to expanding the bike trails all through the city. Our E-Bike laws allow Class 1 & 2 e-bikes anywhere a regular bike can ride.


Thanks for producing a quality product!

— Carolyn S.


We believe that great products rarely need over the top advertisements. While we don't judge other brands' advertisements popping up on every website you visit, but we believe in the oldest form of advertising: WORD OF MOUTH! Our riders can't stop raving about our products, because we do produce great ebikes with affordable pricing.

We have many clients who have been riding their Ariel Rider ebikes for 7 years now, without any malfunctions up to date. And that says something about the attention to detail we give on building our ebikes. We don't just order them from a factory in Asia, claim that it's "designed in the US" because you're smarter than that. A good quality product rarely needs advertisement.

We have a team including one of our owners; Berk Onal, who is basically living at the factories to make sure the quality is up to our standards. We've had many painting factories stopped working with us because we're too rigorous with our QC process. Everything you see on our ebikes is a product of experience. For example, we don't use matte colors on our ebikes anymore, because once a matte paint gets scratched, you cannot touch up the paint. That's why we use shiny (with pearly inside for that extra shine) paint and provide a small bottle of touch up paint free on all our ebikes.  

You won't see our designs in other brands, as most of the things we design are actually designed in house. That being said, there are a few copies of our models in the market, but once you check the components and built quality; the imitations keep the originals alive!

Ariel Rider Ebikes Difference


This might sound a little off, but sadly there are many brands in the market who are advertising 500W motors or 750W motors, but sadly in real life conditions, their ebikes are not able to give the performance expected.

Since we've been in the industry for almost a decade now, we know all the suppliers on first name basis. And we can tell that these brands are actually just labeling their motors as 500W or 750W, and actually providing you 350W motors for cost cutting. Because there's no way for an average consumer to check the wattage of their motor.

This is an increasing trend in our industry and we're not okay with that.

At Ariel Rider ebikes, you get what you pay for. Including the expected performance, nothing less nothing more. Exactly what you're promised in the beginning.



While we don't run re-targeting campaigns on Facebook or other pages like other ebike brands do, we have the data to understand our customers better.

Our average customer visit our pages about 8 times in the span of 3-4 days. This data tells us that, they compare what we offer in our ebikes with other brands. In the end, they purchase an Ariel Rider!

Which is also why we don't feel like we need to track your info and pop up on every webpage you visit after you visit our website once.