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  • How to ride e-bike safely during corona virus

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  • Why you need hydraulic brakes on your e-bike ?

    Hydraulic brakes or mechanical disc brakes, which one is better for your e-bike. And why you shall choose one to another ? At our produc...

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  • Tips To Increase Range of your E-bike Battery

    You start to enjoy your e-bike and want to ride for a longer duration and maybe you recognize that your battery can’t keep up with it. And you wan...
  • 4 Reasons Why We Ride Electric Bikes?

    PUBLIC TRANSPORT HASSLE We all know how much not fun it is to use public transport, especially during rush hours.  You need to squeeze in...

    RV and Bicycles are a perfect fit where we can call them having a "Mutualism" relation. Each completes the weak points of others. Right now we are having even a better relationship which is electric bikes and RV. Electric bikes offer much more than a bicycle can offer especially for RV owners or people who rent RV from companies such as  MyDriveHoliday Camper Travel.

    Electric bikes developed so much in the last couple of years, they are no more expensive nor heavy like before so they become the perfect match for your next RV journey.

    1. Electric Bikes and Pollution

      Riding an electric bike has many benefits and most parts of the world is just catching up to this trend. We shouldn’t call it a trend; it’s more of a mission. We need a clean environment to increase our living standards, and for those who are coming after us.

    2. 4 Ways To Increase The Range Of Your E-Bike

      Next time you’re planning a long trip with your eBike and need utilize every bit of juice stored in your battery, here are a few things you might want to consider before leaving home:

      1. Keep it light: Just take what you actually need with you.
      2. Do not use the throttle: While it’s a lot of fun to full throttle down the beach, opt for pedal assist (level 1). You’ll be surprised how easy it is actually.
      3. Familiarize yourself with the route beforehand: If it’s a route that you’re taking for the first time, you might want to check the traffic conditions on that road. Not only for staying away from stop-go-stops but also for your own safety.
      4. Be ready: Double check that your battery is FULLY charged.
    3. Women And Bicycles

      Women and Bicycles may not have been a topic that has been thought in your history class. However, many underestimate the profound significance of the bicycle as a cultural agent of change.

    4. Is Your Car Keeping You Away From Your Fitness Goals?

      Cycling is the easiest way to warm up for any level gym goer, getting you a step closer to your fitness goals. That min 15 min commute is still around 15-20 minutes, you get to skip warm up and cool down sessions (and even your cardio session) and get on the fun stuff(!) as you’re already doing it on your commute and you’re not using any fossil fuel!

      Not all cities are created the same, and especially after an intense leg work out it’s not fun to cycle hard with all that lactic acid in your muscles causing muscle fatigue! Imagine walking or cycling uphill back to your home in San Francisco! No, thanks. Why not go electric? It will assist you in the hills, help you to get to your destination faster than a regular bike while having the same exercise and you won’t be using any fossil fuels.

    5. What is Cell Balancing?

      Cell balancing is a technique of creating reliable batteries that prolong the battery runtime as well as battery longevity.

    6. Torque Sensor vs. Cadence Sensor

      There is a big buzz about sensors of e-bikes and most of us aren’t familiar with. There are speed sensors, cadence sensors, torque sensors, etc.. You will see some companies have e-bikes with 12 sensors. Are 12 sensors better than a single sensor (torque sensor)? Let’s try to give a brief explanation and strong points of each option. In this way, you can make your e-bike purchasing decision in a smarter way.

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