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Holiday Gift Guide

E-bike Gift Guide

Gift-giving is always a struggle, especially if you’re close to the recipient. But if you have an e-bike lover in your circle, this holiday gift guide is for you. It can also be used as an excuse to give yourself something special to make your bike even more fun and functional.

Chock full of must-have e-bike accessories, this gift guide will point you to everything you need for a memorable gift-giving experience.


The elegant brown color and sophisticated design will give your e-bike a stylish edge while providing maximum comfort for your ride. The rider and passenger saddles are ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on sensitive areas and provide a comfortable, supportive ride.

Includes handlebar grips. Fits Grizzly and X-class.

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Sale price$124.50

Dual Mirror Set - $25

Mirrors help you know what is happening behind you, and make riding your Ebike on the roads much safer. The universal mirrors are easy to install and will match the look of your bike.

  • Heavy Duty high-impact nylon fiber frame  
  • Adjustable viewing angles
  • Design for flat handlebar and drop handlebar
  • Application: Fits 14.8~23 mm inside diameter handlebar (fits 99% of bars)
  • Silver Lens: Anti-glare eliminates glare by 50%

Front Rack - Kepler - $79

The Front Rack mounts directly to the frame of all of our C-Class, M-Class, Rideal and Kepler models.

Since the front rack mounts directly to the head tube, the front rack is extremely stable and doesn't move when you turn the handlebars. Carrying Capacity: 30 lb

Front basket rack provides heavy duty carrying capacity.

Tannus Armour Inserts (pair) - $119.98

Tannus Armour protects your tube against 90% of common bike flats using 15mm of multi-cell foam. Say goodbye to pinch and puncture flats.

• The Perfect Flat Tire Solution For All Riders
• Optimized For E-Bikes
• Easy Installation

Tannus Armour provides 15mm of puncture protection on the top, as well as 2mm of sidewall protection. At the heart of Tannus is our patented Aither Technology. Aither is a multi-cell foam compound that forms the structure of the Armour.

Price is for a pair of inserts

Tannus Armour foam inserts prevent flats and punctures.

Multi-Function Mini Pocket Tool - $11.99

A must-have bike repair kits for cyclists, an ideal Christmas gift for bike lovers.

The 16 in 1 bike tool kits including Socket Hex Wrench 8/9/10/mm, Slotted Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Socket Extension Rod, Solid Wrench 8/10/15/mm, Hex Key Wrench 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm, Spoke Wrench. It is portable and durable, help you never to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Multi-tool bike repair kit, perfect gift for cyclists.

Handlebar Jack - $29.95

The Original Handlebar Jack® is a bicycle repair stand that gives you peace of mind when performing field repairs or routine maintenance on your bicycle while protecting your handlebars, ebike displays, ebike controls, and expensive bike accessories.

Handlebar jack lifts bike for easy maintenance and repairs.

Kepler - Front Basket - $69

The Front Basket for your ebike is the perfect solution for carrying heavy loads with ease. Made from 6061 Al alloy, this basket attaches to the frame and features a mounting point for a light (cable extension not included), so you can carry as much as you need without sacrificing visibility.

This front basket is exclusively designed for use with Ariel Rider Ebikes M-Class, C-Class, Kepler, and Rideal.