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For customers to fully enjoy their Ariel Rider Ebikes, it's essential to understand actions that may void the warranty and components not covered under warranty. The following guidelines outline these specific exclusions.

Actions that Void Warranty:

  1. Installation of After-Market Displays: Only original or approved displays should be used with the ebike.

  2. Attachment of Axle-Mounted Trailer Hitches: This modification can stress the frame and electrical system.

  3. Electrical System Upgrades: Any modification or tampering with the original electrical system.

  4. Usage of Aftermarket Saddles: Especially those causing heat buildup and potential damage to controllers, such as with the Grizzly model.

  5. Cable Damage: This includes any damages attributable to user error.

  6. Unauthorized Tire Replacement: All replacements must adhere to approved weight and type guidelines. Moto tires, in particular, have specific requirements.

  7. Battery and Controller Tampering: Opening or modifying either component in any way.

  8. Water Damage: This includes riding through deep water or prolonged exposure to heavy rain.

  9. Overloading: Carrying weight beyond the recommended limit for riders and cargo.

  10. Improper Storage Conditions: Storing the e-bike in extreme temperatures or without protective covering.

  11. Unauthorized Repairs: Utilizing non-approved parts or service providers.

  12. Improper Charging: Using chargers not recommended by Ariel Rider, or charging in extreme conditions.

  13. Electronic Manipulation: Tampering with the ebike's electronic settings or firmware.


Components & Issues Not Covered Under Warranty:

  1. Charge Port Cap for Batteries: Damage to this part is often due to external factors.

  2. Connection Issues: This includes bent pins in any component, such as the display, controller, motor, or headlight.

  3. Cross-Threaded Components: Specifically pedals and crank arms.

  4. User-Caused Damage to Fork Adjustment Knobs: Damage arising from incorrect adjustments or misuse.

  5. Assembly and Usage Errors: Failures stemming from incorrect assembly or misuse, such as damages due to bumps or impacts.

  6. Excessive Wear and Tear: Due to lack of proper maintenance or misuse.



Please note: Regular maintenance and understanding of proper usage will ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Ariel Rider Ebike. Always refer to the user manual and consult with our team if you have questions regarding warranty specifics. The limited warranty does not cover consumables: including but not limited to tires, tubes, brake pads, cables and housing, grips, chain, spokes, bell and accessories.