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If you are looking to buy one of those two e-bikes; Juiced Ripcurrent S and Ariel Rider Kepler, in this article we will compare specs of both e-bikes. In this way we try to help you make a better decision.

Both e-bikes are 26 inch fat tire e-bikes which offer great value. Also both e-bikes come with 1000 watt motors and 52 Volt system. There are parts Ariel Rider Kepler shines and there are parts Juiced bike has some strong points.

At the moment Ariel Rider Kepler is $700 cheaper than Juiced Ripcurrent S.

Ariel Rider Kepler RipCurrent S


1000 Watt

1000 Watt


1040 Wh

995 Wh

System Voltage

52 Volt

52 Volt

Battery Cell



Top Speed

36 mph

28 mph


33 Amp

25 Amp

Turn Light




12 Mosfet

9 Mosfet





Tektro HD-E350

Logan HD-E500


Colored LCD Display

Black & White LCD




Ariel Rider Kepler currently is priced $600 cheaper compared to Mokwheel Basalt. Also Ariel Rider offers

  1. - More Powerful Motor
  2. - 50% bigger controller
  3. - Large Rear Rack
  4. - Turn Signal
  5. - Better Charger
  6. - Larger Crank
  7. - 12 Mosfet Controller
  8. - Better Quality
  9. - Better Freewheel Ratio
  10. - Rear Suspension
  11. - Higher End Color Displag Display
  13. On the other hand Juiced Ripcurrent S has 9 speed drivetrain which is produced by LTWOO brand.


More Powerful Motor : It means you have better acceleration and more important 35% better hill climbing power.

Large Battery Pack : Ariel Rider offers a larger battery pack which means you will have a longer "real time" range.

Bettery Battery System : Ariel Rider kepler has both 52 Volt system which is superior and also uses 21700 cells which are newer generation cells compared to 21700 cells. It can store higher energy at lower weight and these battery cells have up to 15% longer life cycle.

Rear Suspension : Full Suspension e-bikes are more expensive but also way more comfortable as they have both front and rear suspension. Ariel Rider is a full suspension e-bike which let you have a comfortable ride. C3Strom is a rigid frame so you will definitely feel all the bumps on your ride.

Bigger Controller : Ariel Rider Kepler2 have a bigger controller which supplies all the juice which motor needs. Have better acceleration, higher top speed, better hill climbing.

Turn Signal : It is important for cars and other riders to know where will you turn for your safety. Ariel Rider offer turn signals standard on the e-bike

Freewheel : Ariel Rider has a better gearing ration 11-34 which is the best in this class. You can pedal your e-bike even at high speeds and you will have higher top speed on pedal assist.

Crank : Ariel Rider offers 52T crank which has 8 more teeth. It means you can reach up to 20% higher speed just because of crank

Large Rear Rack : Ariel Rider Kepler offers 50% larger rear rack so you have better loading and cargo capacity. If you are planning to commute on your e-bike you will understand how important it is to have a large cargo capacity.

Colored Display : Ariel Rider Kepler has a colored display which has more features and easier to read in sunny or dark environment which is also very important for your safety.