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  • Tips for Riding Your E-bike in the Rain

    Using an e-bike is an excellent way to better maneuver through busy roads and heavy traffic with more speed and freedom. Note that if you are starting to ride your bike in the rain, usually it is harder to stroke the first pedal compared to riding your bike in motion.
  • Bicycle Wheel Care

    Replacing your bike tires frequently can offer you some peace of mind, taking away stressful moments. Maintaining your bike tires is one of the best and most affordable ways to make your bike tires last longer. Each feature of your electric bike was designed carefully to deliver the best riding performance and experience.
  • Tips for Making Ebike Rides More Comfortable

    Few things could be more fun and exciting than going on an e-bike adventure. This is because you will discover many new and exciting destinations, embrace the open road, and spend time with your fellow cyclists. If you are a bike rider, you probably know that outdoor and indoor cycling are both excellent workouts that can leave you feeling like a million bucks.
  • Tips for Maximizing Your Ebike's Battery Life

    No electric bike battery lasts forever. However, you will easily get more juice out of your battery by following our straightforward and simple tips. Keep in mind that replacing a battery pack on an electric bike is an expensive undertaking.
  • Things to Consider when Buying an E-Bike

    Things to Consider when Buying an E-Bike ...
  • Electric Bike Maintenance 101

    Ebike maintenance is a wide-ranging topic, so here I’ll try to explain the basics.


    Some tips from Ariel Rider Family for riding safely at nightime.
  • Ebike Battery Storage

    How to store your batteries in order to avoid any damages.
  • Mid-drive vs. Hub-drive: a clear comparison of e-bike motors

    Introduction To ride your e-bike at its most comfo...
  • How to ride e-bike safely during corona virus

    The outbreak of Covid-19 has already transformed our lives -from daily routines to vacation plans. All these concerns about social distanci...
  • Why you need hydraulic brakes on your e-bike ?

    Hydraulic brakes or mechanical disc brakes, which one is better for your e-bike. And why you shall choose one to another ? At our produc...

    You are thinking to buy an electric bike and you are overwhelmed with available information, especially about motors. Is mid drive moto...
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