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Why People are Switching to E-bikes for Commuting


It is no secret that walking, biking, and cycling became more popular than ever last year because of the pandemic. One of the reasons is that governments throughout the world encouraged people to either go on foot or take their e-bikes wherever possible rather than using risky and crowded public transport. You will be pleased to know that some governments even invested in high-quality cycling infrastructure in order to help people do so.

This is why if you are considering an electric bike as a transportation solution, you are definitely in good company. You may know that in many US metro hubs, such as New York City and San Francisco, more individuals are now commuting on two-wheels, which is an encouraging sign.

Did you know that cities are driving this culture change? For example, many cities are investing in major initiatives, such as bike-share programs, more pedestrian-friendly streets, and bike lanes. The aim of these initiatives is to increase and improve transportation options, increase road safety while improving the environment.

And e-bikes are at the forefront of this 2-wheeled revolution and cultural change. Note that in December, Deloitte released its detailed and comprehensive important technology predictions for 2020, which predicted a bull market for cycling - particularly electric bikes.

There are many reasons people are switching to electric bikes for commuting. E-bikes have some significant advantages over standard bikes. Keep in mind that even if you exercise regularly and are physically fit, there are several reasons why you must consider an e-bike for commuting.

For example, electric bikes are a simple and convenient way to save money. It is also one of the easiest and best ways to social distance and helps you stay fit and active. You may know that one of the major draws is that riding an electric bike releases endorphins. This is why it can be an excellent way to boost your energy levels at the start of the day and simply unwind at the end.

Also, an e-bike is an emerging mobility alternative that will radically transform and change how smart city-goers get around.

Regardless of your motivation for buying a bicycle, you can greatly improve your commute by using an e-bike. And research clearly indicates that electric bikes are surging in sales as well as popularity. Are you thinking about buying an e-bike for commuting?

Note that you will likely ride it up to 10 times per week (to your office and back). This is why it is a good idea to get a high-quality e-bike that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle.

An Increasing need for Urban Commute-friendly Vehicles

Urban areas in the US are getting denser, and traffic in many major US cities, such as New York City, is among the worst in the world. It is encouraging to see that many city planners have duly taken note of this and are making it simpler to bike.  

According to an interest group, in the last two decades, cultural and infrastructural changes have helped make biking much better and more convenient in parts of some major US cities. A survey ranks Washington, DC, Portland, and San Diego as the best bike cities.

You may know that the vast majority of Americans now live in urban areas. And as per the US Census Bureau, this number will continue to climb. Also, it is worth noting that as many municipalities plan for future expansion, the one-car-per-person model will not be sustainable.

As you can imagine, this is creating a huge market for efficient and commuter-friendly vehicles, which do not require valuable fossil fuel, quads of steel, or sweat power. And e-bikes definitely fit the bill.

Why Switch to an E-Bike for Commuting

Whether you are new to electric biking or already have one, note that one of the best benefits of owning an e-bike is how it helps with your daily commute to work. Here are the top reasons you should switch out your old car for an electric bike on your commute.

Electric Bikes have More Power

Most electric bikes have more power than standard bikes. For example, due to the demanding kind of riding that most electric mountain bikes are made for, manufactures often outfit them with high-power motors.

This can make your commute better and more enjoyable. This is why in this post-pandemic world, more individuals are switching to e-bikes for daily commuting.

Also, the extra power is excellent when you have to overtake a car or other vehicle or get yourself out of a problematic or sticky situation.


Global warming and climate change are pressing issues for our planet, and we all have to play our part to overcome these challenges. Many people are already quite aware that reducing emissions from cars and other vehicles is an important step in our fight against climate change.

The best thing about e-bikes is that they emit fewer fumes per kilometer compared to cars and motorcycles. So, you can help improve the environment by using an electric bike rather than a diesel or petrol car.  

Note that every commuter that opts for an electric bike is not just avoiding the worst traffic but also doing our environment a great favor. Many e-bikes use energy at an average rate of about 100 to 150 watts, which is considerably lower than a car. Note that this can help enhance air quality.

Also, it is worth noting that transportation is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases. According to a research study from the Worldwatch Institute, shifting from a car to a bike for short trips that total 2,000 miles per year (about five miles per day) can lower an average American’s carbon footprint by up to 5%.

In addition to that, an e-biker can move along almost silently, causing little to no noise pollution. This is how e-bikes help quieten the inner-city areas.

E-Bikes can Fit Most Lifestyles

Popular to contrary belief, you do not necessarily need to have an e-bike to bypass traffic or avoid high parking fees. Rather, for an average commuter, an electric bike is a considerably more practical and convenient option than a conventional set of wheels.

Did you know that one main reason for the increase in popularity of electric bikes as a means of transportation is their accessibility? Because of the built-in motor, you do not need to be in great physical shape in order to travel far or even navigate hills.

You will be happy to know that e-bikes serve individuals of all fitness levels and ages. This is another important reason people are switching to e-bikes for commuting.

And that is not all; with an e-bike, you do not have to worry too much about showing up to work or a romantic night out glistening with sweat. Similarly, a trip to your local grocery store does not need to be an all-out workout.

So, it means that you can save money, time, and fuel by biking without committing yourself to a strenuous workout.

E-Bike Commuting is More Comfortable

One of the main reasons many people prefer electric bikes, especially mountain bikes, for commuting is that these bikes are considerably more comfy than many conventional bikes. The best part is that the easy speed, assisted cycling, and comfortable ride of an e-bike will get you to your office with purpose and flair.

With an e-bike, you will like being able to easily hop a curb or even roll right over any obstacle without really feeling the shock in your ankles, wrists, or rear. This is why there is just no substitute for a nice and comfy ride, especially on a high-quality full suspension electric bike.

Commute Farther with an E-Bike

It is worth noting that there are two main ways an e-bike will help you commute farther. Firstly, if you ride faster, you can travel further in a specific time period. Like many people, you might not care much about the number of miles you can ride per hour; instead, you would like to know that you will easily get to work in about 15 to 25 minutes.

So, in this sense, an e-bike can easily take you further. For example, if your daily schedule allows for a twenty-minute commute, you will have to be less than 4 miles from your place of work for a conventional, pedal-power bike to work. However, with an electric bike, you could travel nearly 7 miles in the same period of time.

Secondly, compared to traditional bikes, electric bikes are much easier to ride. Keep in mind that a pedal-assist system can proportionally add more power to each stroke. This will help you ride much further than you could on a traditional bike for nearly the same amount of effort.

Are you just starting to commute by bike? If yes, you will likely know that pedaling ten to twelve miles can be a big physical challenge. However, you will be happy to know that with an e-bike, your ride will be more manageable and plenty of fun, which explains why so many people are switching to e-bikes.

Mental and Psychological Well-Being

When you ride an e-bike, the fresh air, greenery, and nature you will experience will provide you with mental stimulation as well as refreshment and leave you alert and energized, at the end of your bike ride.

In today’s hectic world, where the various demands of work keep piling up, it usually feels that you’re being depleted quicker than you can recharge. However, when you start and end your workday with a convenient and easy ride, it provides you with a much-needed 30 minutes or so of relief.

Also, people who commute to work by an e-bike in urban areas tend to waste little time in stressful traffic jams, which improves mental well-being. Moreover, note that on steep inclines or challenging terrain, there’s no need for excess exertion – because of the support offered by the electric motor.

This is why most e-bikers can cope up with distances up to fifteen miles nearly effortlessly. So, commuting by e-bike means more relaxed and comfortable traveling.

Flexible and Fast

One of the best things about e-bike technology is that it provides you with the extra oomph that you need in order to cover several miles of distance with minimal effort. Did you know that you can also make the most of multi-purpose cycle lanes and convenient paths that are traffic-free?

This is ideal if you live in a city to reduce your commute time. So, take full advantage of the durability and lithe form of an electric bike and make your commute more fun!

Fun and Enjoyable

There is no doubt that riding an electric bike is fun and exhilarating! When you take out the more challenging and difficult aspects of biking, note that your commute will become more enjoyable and convenient. This will give you an excellent reason to get out of your bed in the morning.

Improve Your Fitness

A research study by scientists at the University of Basel in Switzerland revealed that riding an electric bike is equally good as standard bikes when it comes to improving fitness. While cycling with an electric bike is usually pedal-assisted, it is still an exercise and hence great for your health, physically and mentally.  

And if you’re more into fitness, you will be happy to know that there are many customizable e-bikes ideal for exercise. So, you should look at and compare these before buying. You know that exercising is excellent for your physical as well as mental well-being and can improve your mood. This is why swinging a leg over an electric bike will help keep both your body and mind happy.

Experts recommend that you get 2.5 hours (at least) of moderate exercise every week. Keep in mind that using an electric bike for your commute will likely see you hit that target quite comfortably.

Top-Quality Batteries

While this is not a hard-and-fast rule, e-bikes usually have high-quality battery packs. This is because high-power motors and challenging rides over hillier and rough terrain tend to draw considerably more current from the battery.

Note that when your bike draws more current from its battery, you will need top-quality and reliable battery cells in order to keep the voltage from dropping too low and causing your battery to shut off.

Many e-bikes have larger-capacity batteries that will help you go further, even while you are on battery-draining and challenging hill-climbing rides. This makes an e-bike a great choice for many people.

Enjoy the Lovely Outdoors

Like many people, you may wish you had more time to spend outside. Did you know that millions of employees work in stuffy offices and buildings with bad air quality and fluorescent lights? If you spend eight or more hours every day in this kind of environment, you will want to be outside in the calming fresh air.

If you decide to commute using an e-bike, the time you spend outside in fresh air both before and after work can be priceless. This is because it will not just boost your mood but also provide some amazing health benefits, especially in the form of serenity, fresh air as well as Vitamin D from sunlight. All you have to do is commute one day, to and from work. You will definitely see how great you feel.

Electric Bikes are Robust

This is another important reason people are switching to electric bikes for commuting. You will be happy to know that almost everything about most e-bikes, especially full-suspension electric mountain bikes, is often of a better quality than standard bikes.

The best thing is that high-quality full-suspension e-bikes also come with durable and robust components, such as better chains, frames, pedals, bearings, cranks, and saddles. Manufacturers use high-quality parts and components to withstand the daily wear and tear of bike riding.

This makes e-bikes reliable for your daily commute. Note that the use of top-notch bike components for light-duty commuting means that your electric bike will last considerably longer and also perform better.

Slash Expenses

Here is another benefit to switching to an e-bike. If you use an electric bike rather than a motor vehicle or car, it will undoubtedly save you a lot of money in the long run. Diesel and petrol are expensive in most countries. Hence, an occasional price spike can negatively affect your budget.  

On the other hand, with an e-bike, you can purchase affordable batteries. And the best thing is that these batteries can last you up to fifty miles after a complete charge, depending on the assistance level you use.

So, if you want to save money on your commute, you should consider an e-bike as a transportation solution and improve your commuting experience.

Another important reason for the electric bike’s relevance for many urban dwellers in the US is its affordability. You will be happy to know that lithium-ion battery technology isn’t only getting better, but it is getter more affordable. This helps lower the overall cost of an e-bike.

E-Bikes can Eliminate the Fear of Headwinds and Hills

You may know that hills and headwinds are second to safety concerns as one of the most intimidating factors that keep individuals off bikes. Some people may seek out hills for enjoyment and training, but most people get scared just looking at them.  

Note that e-bikes help eliminate the fear of hills or not being able to reach the top. In other words, an electric bike can expand the range as well as routes people consider rideable, increasing the likelihood they will choose an electric bike for recreation and commuting.

Similar to hills, headwinds are another nightmare that affects many cyclists at one stage or another. You may know that encountering a headwind often means riding right into the wind.

Also, when you are in a headwind, you’ll usually find yourself pedaling hard yet feel like that you are not making a lot of progress. However, headwinds are usually a breeze for most e-bikers.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that e-biking to work is not just faster compared to, for example, standard shuttle commute, it is also a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience. You will not be stuck on a highway or lurch in stop-and-go traffic. Rather, you will benefit from the sunshine, fresh air, and some exercise.

Also, there’s now an increasing interest in the great potential of electric bikes for individuals who need more physical activity, such as people with cancer. This is why we can certainly see a future where doctors and healthcare professionals could prescribe e-biking to patients.

While it has been quite a difficult year for most people, there might be a small silver lining to this health pandemic. Note that with fewer people commuting and considerably less motorized travel overall, the coronavirus has driven a big change in our physical activities and behavior, raising awareness of air pollution and traffic congestion.

Riding an electric bike is much more enjoyable and fun than sitting in an overcrowded bus or congested traffic. For a lot of people who use e-bikes these days, the commute home is a great opportunity to unwind and relax at the end of a long workday.

There is no doubt that people who choose an electric bike as a means of transportation enjoy the cool wind in their hair and the warm sun on their faces. Also, keep in mind that they get more enjoyment and pleasure out of improvising routes as well as discovering new areas in their hometown.

And if you have a Class 3 electric bike, one that can reach a speed (top-assisted) of about 30 mph, you can easily handle a long commute without needing any special gear.