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Why an E-bike Tops any Car?


Why an E-bike Tops any Car?

The disastrous impacts of global warming are affecting many parts of the world. This has made more people aware of the carbon footprints they leave on the earth. As a response, the demands for electronic transport are rising worldwide.

Every giant car manufacturing company is now launching a series of car models that are either hybrids or completely electric. The initiative is an effort of large-scale car companies to tackle the challenges of global warming.

Another option that comes across as a viable solution in the struggle against global warming is bicycles. In many countries, the use of bicycles as a primary source of transport thrives indefinitely. Countries such as China and others in Europe have realized that the change in transportation is essential for many purposes.

Not only will commuting through bikes help decrease the overall carbon emissions, but it also contributes to the health of the population. Biking also helps avoid many other problems, one of them being traffic. Single-person car trips are the leading cause of traffic in over-crowded metropolis cities.

Therefore, if more people shift to bicycles instead of a car, this would eventually make the traffic situation better. Despite the many benefits of bicycles, most people still prefer the car, and a lot of that has to do with the comfort aspect.

A car is formidably more comfortable and does not require the efforts and energy that you give when riding a bicycle. This is where E-bikes come into play.


E-bikes are the upgraded bikes revolutionizing the automotive industry and rising in popularity all around the world. They make commuting more enjoyable and easy. With the help of the E-bike, you can get the same experience and benefits that you would get from a regular cycle. However, it rids you from the physical exhaustion of a conventional bicycle.

E-bikes look like any other modern bicycle with a few design components, including battery, motor, throttle, and sensor. This is what differentiates an E-bike from a regular bike and allows it to move forward automatically.

With the new innovation and models of E-bike, you can ultimately capitalize on the advantages. E-bikes are arguably the better means of commuting than a car. They provide you with a commuting-time that you just cannot get while driving a car.

Below are some of the benefits of commuting via E-bike.

When you commute via e-bike, you become more in-tune with nature and all that it has to offer

More In-Tune with Surrounding

E-bikes provide the ultimate riding experience to the bikers while allowing them to explore the beautiful surroundings. When you commute via e-bike, you become more in-tune with nature and all that it has to offer –the essential elements of the wind brush through your hair and into your pores.

You get a better glimpse of your neighborhood and the people who live there. When you ride by an E-bike to work, you get to interact with the local community that resides in your vicinity and build a relationship with them.

A sense of community is what car drivers lack when driving across the town on an isolated metal vacuum that is a car. You ignore most of the community that lives in and around your area. Additionally, E-bikes also expose your skin to the essential daytime sunlight.

This is important because sunlight is pivotal for your health. Due to the lack of sunlight exposure, most modern-day workers are deficient in vitamin D. Their daily routines comprise driving under the shade of a vehicle and spending most part of the day in a cubicle.

Sufficient vitamin D levels are crucial for the human body. It is responsible for the longevity and strength of your immune system. It also helps your bones to absorb calcium so that they can be strong. Hence, the implications of lacking vitamin D are dangerous and lead to weakness, tiredness, and mental health problems.

Thus, simple changes in transport that lean towards the use of bikes can have massive positive outcomes for you, especially if you are already deficient in vitamin D. Plus, being out in the open allows you to benefit from all that nature has to offer.

E-bikes are a fun way to enjoy nature’s gift without having to deal with the physical stress of a conventional bike. This not only makes them an amazing option instead of regular bicycles but also an incredible alternative to cars.


Another benefit of E-bikes is their cost-effectiveness, especially when you compare them to a car. Therefore, if you feel like your car’s overall cost is putting a huge financial burden on you, then switching to E-bikes is an ideal option.

E-bikes are not only cheaper in terms of initial cost, but they also exempt you from the worries of gas and maintenance money. You cannot completely switch to E-bikes for all trips. However, switching between the two modes of transports helps you save money.

For example, you can use an E-bike for small distance commutes, like going to the café or grocery Shopping. On the other hand, you can use your car to travel a long distance, a trip across towns or a long drive with friends.

However, when you compare the two for short distance travels, E-bikes stand out as a much cheaper and cost-efficient option. Apart from the high initial purchases, they can help you save hundreds of dollars in a month.

The cost of the electricity that you pay to completely charge an E-bike battery is nothing compared to filling your car full of gas. Moreover, E-bikes can give you incredible mileage even if you ride them completely using the thrust.

Therefore, an E-bike can help you cover short distances with ease, considering that you use the thrust and not the pedal. If you do not always use the throttle, it can provide you with even more distance coverage at a much lower cost.

It also saves you plenty of money on maintenance costs and insurance costs. Even though most of the E-bikes do not come with insurance, their repair is much cheaper and easier than a car. All you have to do is go to your local bike store for maintenance.

A wheel replacement may be somewhat costly; however, if you ride your E-bike for commuting purposes, then you may not need one. While E-bike may not be a complete replacement for a car, it can save you plenty of money and time.


Even if you are driving an electric car, you can average about 250 watt-hours per mile. However, an electric bicycle that is on throttle-only operation will give you 25 watt hours per mile. Therefore, it provides you with 10 times more energy-efficiency than an electric car.

If you consider a mid-drive motor electric bike, then you are adding some of the pedaling power. This means that the bike can average around 10 to 15-watt hours per mile. With a pedal-assist motor, you can get 20 times more efficiency.

Arrive at Work Fresh and not Sweaty

These are the most common arguments against an E-bike. It is also a common reason why people hesitate to switch to bikes to get to work. They simply cannot afford to get to work all sweaty. With the help of an electric bike, you can still get sufficient exercise without putting in that additional push.

With self-automated power, you do not have to put in that huge amount of energy that will make you all sweaty when you get to work.

Save Time

If you are commuting every day using public transport, like a bus, taxi or a car, you are likely to get stuck in traffic. This is very evident for people who reside in busy cities. When you ride to your destination using an E-bike, you will notice a huge difference.

On an E-bike, it is so much easier to swiftly pass by all the traffic without extra efforts. Bike lanes provide a perfect pathway for bikers to avoid traffic and get to their destination without the obstruction of the traffic.

Moreover, E-bike commuting also allows you to take off-trail shortcuts. Thus, you have more freedom to change routes as you please according to the traffic. Ideally, you would want to pick a path that does not have much traffic for a more peaceful E-biking session.

It’s the best way to take shortcuts across parks; however, make sure that they have bike-friendly trails. Hence, by shifting to an E-bike, you can trim down tons of time off your regular commute. By doing so, you never have to worry about getting late to work.

Healthier Option

Studies have shown that electric bikes are indeed a great form of exercise. Although they do not provide you with the same amount of exercise as a pedal, you are still burning calories. You burn fat simply by maintaining posture and balance on an E-bike.

Additionally, you also need to apply more grip strength when riding an E-bike. People have also reported spending more time biking after purchasing an E-bike. Just by staying out longer, they ultimately burn more calories than they would in a car.

Convenience and Accessibility

Using an E-bike will entirely increase your convenience and accessibility. When you get to work, you do not have to worry about finding a parking space. Some E-bikes have foldable qualities; this means that you can fold them up and bring them with you to work.

Having a foldable E-bike prevents you from the worries of finding a safe parking space. Therefore, you no longer have to drive around and burn gas just to look for parking. An E-bike investment also rids you from the concerns of safety.

In regards to accessibility, you can go to many more places, take shortcuts, and ride on natural trails. E-bikes help you change your boring commutes into an interesting roadway adventure. Therefore, switching to a smaller vehicle increase and enhance your traveling convenience and accessibility.

Solar Power Options

If you are someone who loves to go solar, then E-bikes allow you to power your commutes with the help of solar energy. Since the E-bike batteries are relatively smaller than a car battery, even a small 100-watt panel can run an E-bike all day.

A 100-watt panel will generate about 400 to 600 watts of energy each day. This will help you charge your E-bike without using your home utility. Not only will this option save you the already minimal cost of electricity, but it also provides a much greener option in terms of conservation.

Because an average biker will not normally drain their whole battery each day, this option becomes incredible. Hence, you can easily purchase a 100-dollar worth of solar panel and use it to charge your E-bike battery.

By doing so, you can completely run your E-bike using the free energy of the sun, and you do not even have to use your house's utility. This way, you can propel your E-bike free of cost. This concept of running your E-bike entirely from the sun’s energy is incredible and unique.

No Bureaucratic Formalities

With the help of an E-bike, you do not have to worry about the formalities like a license, registration, insurance, or parking tickets. These are all hectic nuances that regular drivers have to deal with frequently.

Riding an E-bike saves you from paying for parking tickets, renewing insurances, and all other boring procedures that cost money and time. In terms of E-bikes, the regulations are very soft since they only run at a speed that is not threatening to the public.

Additionally, in some states, if you ride an E-bike that runs under 28 miles an hour, you do not need any registration, and authorities will impose no regulations on you. However, you do find some trails that have a speed limit.

Regardless of the speed limits, you still do not have to deal with the same kind of regulatory issues that come with a car. Riding an E-bike keeps the government away from your personal affairs, and you are less questionable to law enforcers.

More Fun

Apart from just reducing the environmental impact, E-bikes are generally more fun than a car. When riding an E-bike, you no longer have to be stuck in traffic in front of a stop sign. It gives you the flexibility to plan your routes and explore your surroundings.

Unlike a car, when riding an E-bike, you can have the freedom to stop at any point and head off-road from your destination. A car just does not provide you with this element of adventure. Moreover, riding around in an E-bike also opens you to an opportunity to meet other bikers.

Riding alongside other E-bikers is an experience that you cannot get with a car. It helps strengthen your bond with other people and evokes a sense of companionship that enriches your soul. Ultimately, E-bikes are responsible for bringing a different kind of excitement to your life.

Instead of slowly driving a car in traffic, riding an E-bike exhibits an unfathomable rush and thrill to your daily commutes. It helps bring a smile to your face every time you ride down a steep slope or even when you hit a jump off a curb.

Ultimately, E-bikes make the activity of traveling around fun. You no longer have to be stuck in your car. With the help of an E-bike, you can have a mini-adventure everywhere you go. It helps you navigate across interesting trails and broadens your limitations.

Can E-bikes Replace Your Car?

In many instances, E-bikes are much better than using a car. Nevertheless, some conditions are not ideal for E-bike commuting. The first factor is the weather conditions. If you live in a country where the weather is normally cold, then E-bikes are not the ideal mode of transport.

Another condition that is unfavorable for the use of E-bikes is heavy precipitation. Even though you can ride an E-bike in the rain, frequent and long duration of rain carry a potential risk of accidents. Therefore, cars may be the better option when it is raining heavily outside.

Nevertheless, if you own an E-bike and use it for short-distance commuting, you will then become aware of the sheer usefulness of the bike. If you have a high suspension, E-mountain bike, then you can further enhance the benefits of the E-bike.

Some E-mountain bikes even offer the convenience of travel racks and bags that allow you to travel heavy loads while commuting.

Misconceptions about E-Bikes

Some conventional bikers discourage people from purchasing an E-bike. They claim that an E-bike takes the true biking essence out of the biking experience. In addition to that, they believe that E-bikes are for lazy people that want to cheat their way out of the biking experience.

However, this is a very cliché belief. There are two types of E-bikes, a hub drive and a mid-drive. A hub drive E-bike refers to the e-bike that has a motor attached to either the front or rear wheel of the bike. Critics usually refer to this bike when they claim that this bike is for lazy people.

Mid-drive motors are pedal-assisted; this means that you still have to pedal and push the pedals to generate an electronic push. In a way, a mid-drive, or a hub drive motor, can offer you a conventional biking experience since the electrical assistance is completely in your control.

You can shut down the assistance if you have to without simply using the electrical sensors. The electrical assistance allows people to get in the habit of cycling and exercising. It encourages you to start exercising by providing a fun alternative to the traditional cycles.

To Conclude

As you can see, an E-bike tops any car when it comes to commuting. It accounts for many benefits and capitalizes on the setbacks of driving a car. Overall, both have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between them should depend on your situation and commuting activities.

E-bikes can, however, promise you to change your lifestyle for the better. They are incredibly convenient, light, and challenge you to do something new every day.