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Ways to Keep Your E-Bike Secure


Ways to Keep Your E-Bike Secure

E-bikes are on the rise, and the recent pandemic may be responsible for much of their popularity. Besides that, the younger generations are choosing to go electric in terms of vehicles. The electric revolution is taking over the world, revolutionizing people's means of conveyance. Furthermore, certain countries (especially in the Scandinavian region) are promoting bicycles as a primary mode of transport. Hence, this also adds to the promising future of E-bikes.

In most western countries, you can now find the use of E-bikes becoming more common in efforts of a greener and cleaner environment. People are not just opting for E-bikes for their health and leisure but also as a step against the atrocities of global warming.

For the general population, E-bikes are a fun alternative to conventional bicycles. Now, people that shunned the labor-intensive paddle rides are starting to consider electrical alternatives. When you combine their sleek and modern design with the green and clean motive, the spike in their sales is of no surprise.

The widespread use of E-bikes promotes a healthier lifestyle for a nation. In comparison to a motorized vehicle, it is astoundingly better. Maintaining posture on an E-bike counters the problems of obesity and fat accumulation. Not to mention the vast difference it can make to the overall carbon emissions rate in the world.

Looking at E-bikes' incredible benefits, countries are starting to work on their infrastructure to make the spaces more bike-friendly. As a result, you find the division of bike lanes across main streets in most Western nations. Moreover, you also find situated parking spaces for bicycles outside most buildings.

Since more people are now resorting to E-bikes for everyday use, E-bike safety concerns are also increasing. Unlike any other transport, the worry of E-bike security is more threatening because it is a relatively easier target for burglars and thieves. In the case of E-bikes, users need to think of ways to increase security measures because they are a bigger investment than conventional bikes.

When you come to terms with the reality of E-bike theft, it makes sense why one would reconsider their decisions on purchasing one. When you pair the frequency of bike theft with the increasing prices of E-bikes, it provides a good reason why people are not using them worldwide. For E-bikes to take on the world stage, they need to have security that levels to any motorized vehicle.

How do Thieves Steel E-bikes?

Like any other bicycle, a thief is likely to steal an electric bike the same way. Some thieves tend to steal certain parts of the bike, while others scurry away with the whole bike. Therefore, to implement total protection of the E-bike, you have to be careful of both circumstances. With the help of a few tips, you can give full protection to your E-bike.

Why is E-bike Security So Important?

Plenty of factors pave the way for the importance of bike-theft prevention. Before you purchase an E-bike, you need to ask if the insurance company will pay the claim in case of theft and damage. On many occasions, insurance companies refuse to offer insurance of the bike after a theft. They are likely to trap you in their policy and terms, and you will have nothing to claim for it. Hence, you must take the E-bike's security and safety very seriously so that you do not have to face this unwanted situation. Moreover, you should also be wary of the insurance company's policies.

E-Bike Locks and How to Use them

Buying a suitable bike lock should be the first thing you do after purchasing an E-bike. More importantly, you need to understand the right way to use a lock. Furthermore, the incredibly huge variety of E-bike locks may overwhelm you. This is why you must know about the different types of locks and how they work. Not all E-bike locks are the same, and some may be more suitable for you than the rest.

Instead of buying multiple cheap locks, you will likely benefit more from spending money on two expensive ones. When it comes to bike locks, the pricey ones usually have more quality. You must always put quality over quantity when dealing with locks. Remember that one expensive purchase can ultimately save you the cost of the E-bike.

Similarly, it is also likely to rid you of the financial burden of purchasing expensive bike parts after a theft episode. Therefore, the purchase of an E-bike lock is vital since it will singlehandedly decide whether thieves will choose to steal your bike.

Do Not Rely on Cable Locks

To protect the bike itself, you need to pick out the heftiest and safest lock out there. A cable lock or chain locks are outdated lock options. A veteran bike thief knows all the ways to break through the simple cable lock. Even if you are not a thief, one can easily cut through a cable using a sharp edge. Therefore, do not use a cable lock for E-bike security.

When it comes to chain locks, even if they are super secure and strong, they tend to be very heavy in weight. Consequently, you may find it very difficult to carry them around, and you will find them to be an obstructing weight while riding your E-bike.

Instead of sticking to cable locks, you can always choose better alternatives, such as folding ones. Folding locks are lighter, stronger and some even come with alarms. Other alternatives involve a kryptonite lock, forget-about-it locks, or U-locks.

However, applying a U-lock on an E-bike is not possible because the wheelbase is typically further away from the rear wheel. For this reason, folding locks are such an amazing option for E-bikes. They are just as effective as U-locks, and you can get it around an E-bike without a problem.

On the other hand, if you are using a folding lock to put it around the down tube, then you need another lock to put around the rear wheel separately. In this instance, a cable lock can come in handy. However, if you have a commuting E-bike, the best lock option is a café lock. It allows you to travel without carrying extra locks since it is already inbuilt to the bike.

Component Lockup Methods

Folding and cable locks are great for E-bike and rear-wheel protection. But using them still leaves your front wheel and other parts of your bike vulnerable to theft. You must implement component Lockup methods if you want to provide a complete lockup system.

One of the best front-wheel lockup options includes a series of through-axles, quick-releases, saddle locks, and other protective tools that are similar. Applying them to the front wheel provides you with a complete security system for your E-bike. They are easy to install and give you the freedom to ride your bike anywhere without the concerns of wheel theft.

Useful Tips That Help Keep Your E-bike Secure

The usual tips of bike-protection involve the use of safety locks and other protection tools. Apart from these obvious techniques, some small changes also offer great protection. These changes involve E-bikers adopting simple riding and parking habits that promise extra security to their possession.

To maximize your E-bike's safety, you have to use protective tools and choose safe parking spaces. Keep in mind that a thief will only steal the easiest target. Thus, a bike without a sufficient lock system parked in a shady spot is an easy steal for a robber.

Therefore, E-bikers should pick more than one lock for the sake of security. Installing multiple locks on an E-bike makes it a harder target for thieves. This way, you can enjoy your E-bike for years without having to worry.

Ideally, you should switch up the security measure depending on the location. Requirements for E-bike security change depending on the location of the parking spot. The security measures and techniques should differ from when you park your E-bike at your home to when you park it at work.

Lastly, chose smarter methods than the thought-out old techniques. This will allow you to keep the intruder guessing. These are just some of the tips amongst others that provide you a safe E-biking experience. Below we discuss these techniques and others in more detail for better understanding.

You Must Choose a Good Location to Park

Your E-bike's parking spot matters just as much the method you use to lock it. Most people have this false theory of locking their bike in a place where it is not visible to the people. You should realize that hiding your bike is not the best method of protection. If you are riding to work, you should choose a parking spot that is designated for bikes.

Ideally, you should park your E-bike in such a way that it matches your line of sight. This will help you keep an eye out for your valued possession through a glass window. However, if you are not fortunate to have such a parking spot, then the second-best option is to park it alongside other bikes.

An even better option would be to park your E-bike inside the building. You should rely on this option wherever it is possible, especially if you are at a sketchy location. Many retail establishments and market places provide the users with the option to park their bikes inside.

Even after parking your bike inside the location, you must lock the wheel frame. Supermarkets are huge venues that consist of many people. Thus, it is quite possible that a thief comes across your E-bike and attempts to steal it under your nose. To avoid this instance at any cause, you must lock the E-bike, even inside an enclosed building.

Do Not Park in a Dark Location

To protect your e-bike from thieves, you need to think like one. Criminal activities are more common in areas that lack proper streetlights. Thieves normally resist stealing at areas that have a bright environment.

Thus, you must be very careful if you want to park your bike at nighttime. You must look for a spotlight so that you can park your bike under it. Furthermore, if you have the option to choose between a lighted area and a crowded one, it is better to choose the latter.  

Even though this may surprise you, experiments show that people are less likely to confront a person indulging in illegal activity. The fear of confrontation overwhelms a person's moral responsibility. Therefore, parking in a crowded area may not make any difference in terms of theft-prevention.

It may even increase the chances of bike-theft since it puts your bike on display for potential stealers. While parking in an isolated spot keeps it away from the eyes of the public, it also provides fewer chances for people to stop thieves from getting their hands on your bike. Due to this dilemma, it is best to just rely on your bike-locks and hope for the best when parking it at a distant location.

The More Bike-Locks, the Better

A bike thief will always measure the odds of stealing a particular bike by looking at its lockup system. If they think they can unlock the system quickly and easily, they consider your E-bike an easy target. Hence, to guarantee protection, you must install such a protective system that will consume plenty of time to break and require an abundance of effort.

Achieving a system such as this is not rocket science. All you have to do is increase the number of locks that you install on your bike. A front and rear wheel lock may not be enough. Try to squeeze in as many folding locks as you can. Even though it will require hard labor from your side, the effort is worth it, considering the incredible security it provides your E-bike.

Pick a Good Anchor

You must be willing to anchor your E-bike in such a way that the thief has to damage the bike to break it loose. Anchoring options are crucial when it comes to E-bike protection. The most basic rule for an anchor is that it should be stronger than the bike itself. Locking up your bike to a weak anchor makes it vulnerable to bike theft.

Thus, you want to make sure that you lock your E-bike to a truly immovable object. The best anchor for a bike is a proper bike-locking anchor. This refers to a metal post that has the sole purpose of helping bikers lock their rides. Most bike-friendly cities set these anchors up on various locations and streets for commuting bikers. Some people refer to them as bike racks.

Another thing that is very solid for bikes is meters. However, you may need to be conscious of whether you can anchor your bike to a parking meter post. Some also have bike racks attached to them so that to provide parking options for bikers.

Signs and poles are generally fine to use as long as they are sturdy and strong. Some poles have loose bolts inside of them that thieves can easily exploit. Other red flags include skinny trees and private fences. It is very common for people to lose their bikes to robbers after anchoring them to breakable fences and branches.

Modern Solutions

GPS tracking is a technologically advanced protection measure. You can now find many bike tracking devices that attach to your bike. They connect to your mobile device and have sensors that send you a notification every time someone touches your bike. Some solutions help you track your E-bike with the help of GPS. You can now track the location of your bike from your phone if and report to the authorities as soon as possible. It is a technological step towards theft-prevention, which promises emphatic bike security.

Consider Battery Protection

If you have an E-bike with a removable battery, you should either get a lock for it or remove it every time you park. E-bike batteries are one of the most common things that a thief steals. It is an object that is easy to steal and expensive. This is why thieves put the most value on the batteries in terms of E-bike parts.

Even if the E-bike battery has an inbuilt factory lock, good bike thieves still manage to steal it. This is where additional locks can be a useful option. Wrapping the battery around a chain lock can help add more theft-resistance to your bike. Although tightening the battery frame with additional locks does not guarantee anything, it still provides good deterrence for the burglars.

Additionally, if you do not wish to carry the added weight of locks and chains, you can always choose more permanent methods. These involve welding a metallic pate over the battery and screwing bolts inside it. However, these options can be a problem if you want to replace the battery or take it out for maintenance.

Choose a Camouflage Color

This may seem silly but having a bright and vibrant colored E-bike draws more attention from the people. Pick a color that has a better chance of being unnoticed by a burglar that is passing by. If you live in a busy city, having a shiny red bike may win you some compliments. Nevertheless, it also makes your bike susceptible to burglary.

Make sure that your bike has a color that perfectly blends in with the pavement. Colors such as black, brown, and grey are most suitable for theft-prevention. Compromising on the appearance is a difficult decision, but it can ultimately rid you of the risks of theft and damage. To take this step further, you can also add pieces of duct tape to the bike. Along with that, spray-painting your bike to make it look ugly is also a good technique.

Methods such as this help your E-bike look less valuable. As a burglar, you would not want to make the effort of stealing a bike that is not desirable. Therefore, keeping your bike dirty and ugly is a good psychological strategy that increases security.

Note Down the Serial Number

As a responsible E-bike owner, you must note down your bike's serial number. These important pieces of information can help you track down and identify a stolen bike. Providing this number to the authorities also makes their job easier when looking for your bike.

In some cases, the stealing culprit revamps the bike so that it looks completely different from its original appearance. Instances such as these make serial numbers essential for tracking down a stolen bike. It will also allow the police to inform local pawn stores and marketplaces to be aware of whoever tries to sell the E-bike with the same serial number. In a way, it allows the authorities to broaden their search and increase the chance of catching the robber.

Final Words

Much of the theft prevention ways encompass behavioral changes and habitual actions. In contrast, the rest involve the use of protective tools and types of equipment that make it difficult for bike burglars. When you look at the bigger picture, you are really at war with two kinds of bike-thieves. One strikes in the time of opportunity, while the other plans their actions. By applying manual and psychological protective measures, you protect your E-bikes from both. Not to mention, you also prevent any external damage to your bike.