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Transporting Your E-bike by Car


Transporting Your
By Car

Whether you’re taking your e-bike with you on vacation, or you’re just taking it to your favorite route nearby, there are several ways to reduce the hassle of transporting your e-bike with a car. Read on to learn more.
Two important factors you should consider when transporting an e-bike with a car are the weight of the e-bike and the battery. Keep in mind that an e-bike weighs roughly two times as much as a conventional bicycle. Due to its sensitive electronic components, the battery should be transported with care. Removing the batteries and storing them inside the vehicle has two benefits: it reduces the overall weight of the e-bike while on the rack, and it discourages theft of the e-bike or batteries.

Interior Transportation for E-bikes

Those who drive a sport utility vehicle or a van have it easy, as they can simply put their e-bike in the back of the vehicle in most cases. Interior transportation is prefereable for the e-bike as it provides a safe, clean and dry environment. Sometimes all you need to do is remove the front wheel and battery to provide a better fit, and just make sure that electrical components are not getting damaged or rubbed where you put your e-bike.

Car Racks for E-bikes

If you can’t transport your e-bike inside your vehicle, you'll need to find an appropriate mount for your e-bike. Just like anything made for e-bikes, car racks for e-bikes come in different designs. For car racks there are three main types: rear racks (the ones that strap onto the rear window or trunk), roof racks, and hitch racks, which generally provide the strongest method to transport e-bikes. Regardless of the type of hitch rack you use, make sure you use racks that mount to the car using a 2 inch hitch, as it’s significantly stronger than a 1-¼ inch hitch. The extra carrying capacity is especially necessary if you're carrying more than one e-bike.

Keep an eye on the carrying capacity

Speaking of weight, also keep in mind that most car racks are intended to carry conventional bicycles, which, as mentioned, weigh almost half as much as e-bikes. Make sure you know the carrying capacity of the rack before you buy it, and stick to the ones that can carry at least the weight of your e-bike. Keep this in consideration especially if you’ll buy a car rack to carry multiple e-bikes.

What else?

Everyday more and more manufacturers start to roll out racks specifically designed for e-bikes to the market. But a car rack doesn’t have to be designed to carry an electric bike, a rack to hold a conventional bicycle would also do a good job. Just keep an eye on its size and weight capacity, and you and your e-bike will be just fine. Also, don’t forget to secure it with a lock, and a cover is always a good idea.