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Tips To Increase Range of your E-bike Battery

You start to enjoy your e-bike and want to ride for a longer duration and maybe you recognize that your battery can’t keep up with it. And you want to upgrade your battery to a larger capacity which may cost $450 – $600.

We have good news that you can extend the range on your battery without spending any money.

Tips To Increase Range of your E-bike Battery



    If you ride your e-bike on right tire pressure you will extend the range up to 10 %. You may be tempted for lower tire pressure as it will absorb small bumps on road but this will also increase surface area in contact with the ground. This means larger friction and more of battery power will be consumed by friction.

    Check suggested tire pressure suitable for your e-bike.


    Don’t be tempted by the fast mode of your electric bike. When you don’t need to try to ride your electric bike on lower PAS levels. Riding at PAS Level 1 isn’t that fun but higher assist levels for sure going to suck more of your juice in the battery.

    At Ariel Rider, we offer 6 pas levels so you can find the right support level you need for your ride.


    Friction always means loss of energy and wherever you have friction in your electric bike try to lower it as much as possible. Chains are one of the areas can create extra friction if they are not greased and well maintained especially in mid-drive motors.

    Keep your chain clean and well lubed.

    We advise you to use Finish Line Lube which has special products for E-bike (As e-bikes create larger force and tension on chains they formulated a new product for it).


    This is important for mid-drive motors. Each motor has its own optimum cadence zone and if you try to stay in that zone you will see an obvious increase in your range. If you pedal slower then most work will be done by the motor (Which is undeniably fun) but also you will suck more of the juice of your battery.


    If you try to turn corners at high speed inevitably you will press brake. This will dramatically decrease your range. Try to turn corners at a moderate speed so you won’t need to brake.

    Your e-bike works the same way as your car. You will get most from your battery if you can ride at a certain speed without stopping (theoretically at least).


    This is very intuitive but sometimes ignored. Don’t carry things you don’t need with your e-bike even you have space for them. Everything extra you carry is going to cost from your range.


    The throttle is always consuming more of your battery’s charge and this is truer during start. When start riding from a steady position try to start with pedal assist only. If you need to use the throttle, do it gently and after reaching certain speed twist throttle in a more aggressive way.

    You can use the same analogy of cars here again. Quick starts always consume more energy as you spend most of the energy on friction.


    We know how fun it is to climb hills especially if you have a powerful motor like M-Class with 95 Nm torque. But climbing hills is going to consume more of your battery charge. Sometimes it is inevitable to climb hills but in certain cases, if you have a chance to choose a more flat road better to choose it.

    You will be able to ride your e-bike for a longer duration.

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