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Tips for Making Ebike Rides More Comfortable

Comfortable ebike

Few things could be more fun and exciting than going on an e-bike adventure. This is because you will discover many new and exciting destinations, embrace the open road, and spend time with your fellow cyclists.

If you are a bike rider, you probably know that outdoor and indoor cycling are both excellent workouts that can leave you feeling like a million bucks. On the other hand, you may feel like you just rode several miles on a horse. Did you know that cycling, particularly for long distances, can be very uncomfortable for some people?

Here are some fantastic tips you can use to get more comfortable on your electric bike without sacrificing its speed.

Know How Bike Saddles Impact Your Comfort Level

Here is the general rule. The further and faster you plan to ride your bike, the harder and narrower you would like the saddle to be. You should know that the saddles on many racy road bikes are often hard and narrow. This is because:

  • You are expected to and should wear high-quality padded Lycra bike shorts while riding these bikes
  • Your hands and feet will carry more of your body weight due to the riding position as well as pedaling effort involved

On the other hand, an upright roadster benefits considerably from a wider saddle that is either softer or sprung, as that is where the weight goes. This is why you can comfortably and easily ride a roadster in jeans.

Here is another thing you should consider. Many newer bike riders tend to set their seat a bit too low. This is because they are more comfortable and at ease standing with 2 feet on the ground. However, keep in mind that to enhance your cycling comfort and bike performance, it is best to set up your electric bike for pedaling.

Do you have sharp knee pain, especially at the front of the knee? If yes, your saddle might be too far forward or too low. In contrast, pain in your hamstring or at the back of the knee can mean that your bike saddle is too high.

Always remember that a comfortable bike saddle has to properly support your sitting bones. These are the small bony protuberances or swelling at the bottom of the pelvis. And these bones are wider in women compared to men. This also means that comfortable electric bike saddles for men will be quite different from comfortable saddles for women.

You should know that many cyclists usually try several different bike saddles at different angles. The good news is that when you find the saddle that works for you, it will definitely transform your e-bike ride.

Note that some bikes come with a useful feature, and it allows bikers to easily move the saddle backward or forward and adjust its angle. You should adjust your saddle, so your legs push vertically down on your pedals. And if you would like to slide backward or forward as you ride, simply adjust the bike saddle to suit.

Use the Right Frame Shape and Size

Another thing that you should consider is the electric bike frame. It is worth noting that the frame geometry or frame shape dictates your body position. Although a majority of recreational bikes encourage riders to sit upright for more comfort, many road bikes usually have an aerodynamic position to improve performance.

The right frame size is another crucial factor that affects your comfort. You will likely get the right frame size when purchasing a new electric bike. However, it is quite common for riders of a used or a hand-me-down electric bike to use a frame too small or large and suffer or experience pain as a result. So, when shopping for a bike, you should go for a test ride in order to get the body’s feedback on specific riding positions.

Use the Right Handlebars for More Comfort

If you have more weight on your hands, you will benefit from an ergonomically-designed handlebar. Most people don’t experience pain in their hands when riding an upright roadster. However, on a drop-bar racer, you may feel pain if your handlebars are not ergonomic.  

Keep in mind that new riders usually have very high handlebars. This is problematic as it does not allow a lot of weight to be placed on your hands, causing more pressure on the buttocks. On the other hand, experienced riders usually set up too low, and this can cause back pain, saddle sores, and reduced power output.

To increase your comfort, first address the handlebar position. Another helpful idea is to invest in more durable and comfy bar tape or grips. Did you know that cork bar tape can help isolate vibration in your hands? If you are using drop bars, they must be about the width of the shoulders.

Also, note that some grips are often unyielding. You should try grips made from high-quality, dual-density rubber, cork, or foam.

Keep in mind that grips that tend to flare wider toward the ends usually provide you with a broader platform so that you can rest your hands easily. This is why on a flat-bar bike that only has one hand position, these ergonomic grips can often make a considerable difference in how comfortable the hands are during your e-bike ride.

Tire Selection and Tire Pressure

You may know that tires also impact your riding comfort. For example, wide tires provide more comfort and cushion than narrow tires. This is because your weight and the weight of your bike are both supported on a larger air cushion spread over a bigger surface area. However, there is also a downside to this. You will have to put in more effort in order to accelerate your bike and maintain momentum.

A common misconception among many riders is to pump up bike tires to the bike manufacturer’s suggested maximum pressure to lower rolling resistance. This might be the reason that fat tire bikes are getting more popular. The best thing you can do is experiment with the tire pressure in order to find the right balance.

For touring and gravel bikes, you can increase your tire size to easily handle variable terrain. Also, note that as disc brakes are available on many road bikes, you will have plenty of choices. For mountain bikers, there has been a trend towards wider tires as well as lower pressures. This increases the tires’ grip and traction on the trail surface, and gives you better control, and provides more passive suspension. Another benefit is that it reduces rider fatigue, especially on rough trails and longer rides.


Get a Professional Fit

You should visit a qualified and experienced bike fit expert. Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure it out on your own or having a buddy “eyeball” your fit. Note that having a trained specialist using the latest tools often takes all the guesswork out of your fit, ensuring your miles are as nice and comfortable as possible.