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The Environmental Impacts of Riding an E-Bike


The Environmental Impacts of Riding an

Lately, many people are switching to E-bikes or electronic bikes, giving rise to their popularity. E-bikes have been around for more than 50 years. Additionally, the first-ever model for an electronic bike came about 100 years ago. This was a time when electricity was a relatively new invention; manufacturers experimented with electrical inventions with great freedom.

Back then, people could not see it as a vital form of transport that could take over the successful combustion engine. However, the patent of the E-bike back then was not very different from the modern technologically advanced E-bikes of today. It encompassed the same basic framework, which works spectacularly well even to this day.

This makes you wonder why E-bikes took so long to come around as commuting objects. It just goes to show that the lack of political will has been the main cause of such a slow progression of E-bikes around the world.

Countries in Europe and Central Asia were the first to realize the usefulness of E-bike and began mandating them for the public. Countries in these regions provide the public with proper biking infrastructure and utilities, which results in a higher population of E-bikes in the country.

Environmental impacts are the primary driving forces behind the policies of these countries for encouraging the use of electronic vehicles. Other than that, the widespread use of E-bikes also helps to counter other structural problems that affect the integrity and health of a a country's population. For instance, it helps to solve the traffic problems, health issues, noise pollution, and other issues that stem from the massive use of motorized vehicles.

E-Bikes and their Designs with Time

Modern E-bikes are designed to satisfy two key purposes. The first being the mountain biking and off-trail adventures, and the other being commutes and enjoyable sightseeing. Manufacturers make commuter E-bikes to tackle the problems people face with cycling.

On the other hand, they make mountain E-bikes to enhance the capabilities of the E-bike and give it more power and speed for a more exciting ride off trails. This is why each of the E-bikes differs in design and the type of motors.

For example, commuter bikes come with hub motors, which mean that they provide you with a throttle assist. Hub motors attach to the center of the wheel and apply electrical push directly to either of the wheels. Additionally, E-mountain bikes have motors inside the pedals, and therefore, provide pedal assist with the help of sensors.

Both of these E-bikes constitute a different E-biking experience, with one providing a pedal-free commuting experience and the other providing you a pedal-oriented experience that does not take away from the true essence of cycling.

When you compare the E-bikes of today to the ones of the old, you will find that the old E-bikes are very much like the hub drives of today. Thus, the pedal-assist is a fairly new invention and also much better, according to many people.

However, hub drives are much cheaper options because they are easier to find, and you can install a hub motor system onto any conventional bike. One main difference in the E-bikes today is the battery; the new lithium-ion battery of today makes E-bike much more functional and efficient.

Like it or not, E-bikes are scaling across the world and taking over as commuting giants.

E-bikes are a Big Thing

Like it or not, E-bikes are scaling across the world and taking over as commuting giants. People who previously used bikes for transport are willing to invest in them with all their heart. They provide users with a chance to carry shopping, extra baggage, and their kids to distant and uphill locations without too much effort.

E-mountain bikes are incredible for mountain bikers since it allows them assistance climbing up a big hill for a downhill ride or takes them to unchartered territory and rough terrains easily. However, what do E-bikes do for road riders? It turns out that they allow road riders to commute or travel even farther distances than they could with conventional bicycles.

Why E-bikes?

Over the years, there has been an exponential increase in E-bike sales, and as a result, production. You can point to plenty of causes for this increase, but the biggest one comes from the threat of global warming. The surge against carbon emissions is taking the world by storm, the success of electronic vehicles and transport is evident with the rise of companies like Tesla.

The environment does not only consist of the air that surrounds us, but many other things also make our environment healthy. Things such as the people surrounding it and the noise are also all parts of the environment. E-bikes can have a direct impact on each aspect that contributes to the environment.

Improves Air Index and Environment

Carbon is one of the most harmful greenhouse gases that disrupts the environment and impacts the ozone layer shielding the earth. This layer refers to the atmospheric gasses that protect the earth from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The destruction of the ozone paves the way for the increase of the UV rays and gives rise to global warming.

Carbon being one the most abundant greenhouse gas in the environment is a real problem. One of the best ways to collectively solve the problems of carbon emissions resides in giving up the use of motorized vehicles. Cars with combustion engines give out an enormous amount of carbon through the exhausts every year. This is detrimental to the health of the planet.

This is why electronic transport solutions will be emphatic for the environment. One would argue that electronic cars are the answer to this issue. They may indeed present as a viable solution to the air quality of the environment. However, they still contribute to the noise pollution and traffic pollution on the roads.

This is where E-bikes come in; they are not only the healthier option for short commutes but also greatly reduce carbon emissions. By reducing the 4.6 tons of carbon emission annually by cars, the widespread use of E-bikes will not only benefit the air quality of the world but also prevent the likelihood of acid rains and the destruction of marine life. It is not about time that humans opt for renewable sources for generating their power supplies and stop burning fuels for the consumption of energy.

Hence, commercializing and promoting the use of E-bikes will come with many benefits. One may argue that the energy and utility it takes to recharge the E-bikes battery is also causing harm to the environment. However, this is an irrelevant comparison since the total energy it takes to charge the battery is minimal and not impactful for the environment.

If it still concerns you, one can also use renewable sources of energy to charge their E-bike battery and therefore have a completely eco-friendly possession and commute option. The ecology of the environment is very precious to the longevity of the planet and the success of the human race. It may not affect us now, but down the years, it can be daunting for the generation to come after us.

E-bikes are, therefore, one way in which you can plant the seed to a better future and do your job as a person to reduce the overall carbon footprint on the earth. Another argument that people give to shun the idea of E-biking is that the disposal of the battery of E-bikes is not good for the environment. This is true to some extent.

But, it is invalid since there are many ways you can dispose of an E-bikes battery without dumping it in waste. The best options to dispose of an E-bike’s battery are to return it to the local store that you purchased it from. This is because most of the stores refurnish old batteries, repair them and make them usable for other E-bikers that are looking for batteries. Even if your battery is not in the condition for fixing, they know how to dispose of the battery in a way that it does not end up on landfills, lakes, and oceans.

You see, E-bikes revolve around green and eco-friendly solutions. Countries that take the initiative to increase the use of E-bikes have seen amazing results when it comes to overall air quality. This is why the environmental conditions of places in Europe and China are far superior to the USA.

E-Bikes Useless Energy Compared to Conventional Cycles

To many, this statement may come across as absurd at first because how can E-bikes possibly consume less energy compared to regular bikes that rely on physical exertion alone. You must realize that there are two sides to energy consumption. One refers to plugging your E-bike or any electronic device into a power source, while the other is the form in which we eat food.

One of the factors that you must consider when selecting between E-bikes and regular bikes for the environment is food consumption. Increased food consumption will result in an increase in food production and delivery. Both processes release a ton of carbon emissions annually.

Thus, a person who rides a conventional bike spends more calories in their commutes and, as a result, requires more energy in the form of calories. This just goes to show that people who ride conventional bikes are likely to consume more food than people that commute on electronic bikes.

To give an example, an average person who travels about 30 miles on a conventional bike is likely to consume about 800 calories every day. This amount of calories can prove to be worse for the environment if enough people start eating this way. The gradual increase in food production means that there will be an increase in beef production.  

Dairy farms and mass-scale slaughterhouses of cows are a massive contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon emissions that come from these large-scale factory farms are immense. Taking this into account and the increased beef and chicken consumption of the population, in retrospect, conventional bikes do not look very good in terms of global warming prevention.

In these factories, cows release gasses such as methane when they digest the pasture. Moreover, the huge slaughter machines also run on electricity and release carbon in large quantities. Beef, in other words, maybe a source of your hunger, but it is a fuel that can ultimately ruin the health of the planet and the people that reside in it.

When you compare the energy efficiency of the E-bikes to the conventional bikes, especially in terms of carbon emission, the E-bikes come out as the more superior option. The options of electronic propulsion allow you to travel longer distances with expelling half the energy. This makes for a commute that is not only free of carbon emissions but also does not have an impact on your calorie intake.

Other Benefits

E-bikes swarm you of other benefits apart from the most important one that is the environmental impact. Along with the atmosphere, it also betters human health in many ways possible. Some of them are more evident than others. Firstly, riding an E-bike is a lot more economical than commuting by car. It rids you of all the expenses that come with cars.

These expenses include gas fees, the prices of gas fluctuate, and considering the inflation threats of the current economy, do not seem to be better lower. Therefore, gas alone can cost you a fortune over time. This is not all; owning and using a car also means that you need to spate a hefty amount for maintenance, registration, taxes, and parking tickets.

You should also not forget that car owners can also get penalties by Law enforcers. These penalization tickets can have incredibly high prices, and even the slightest misconduct can cost you a huge amount.

Moving forward, people shift to E-bikes for the more obvious health reasons. E-bikes are commuting devices that have the highest rate of acceptance and tolerability amongst people. This means that they are friendly to people of all ages, health conditions, fitness levels, and weight.

For instance, a person that is overweight and physically challenged due to a medical condition has a higher chance of living a sedentary lifestyle, which sends them into the shackles of despair and bad health. Even if they have the desire to exercise, the reality of their physical attributes keeps them from getting on a regular cycle and using it for commutes.

This is where E-bikes come into play and prove revolutionary to some people. The option to use electronic assist is pivotal for people that do not have the stamina or strength to pedal across uphill and rugged terrains. E-bikes give people who suffer from injuries or conditions hope.

For example, it can be a great exercise for someone suffering from a knee replacement since it is one of the best ways to indulge in a low-impact exercise for your knees. It allows for the complete movement of your knees so that you can recover quickly.

Similarly, it also aids people suffering from heart conditions because it allows them the emphatic benefits of light exercise without exacerbating their heart too much. Overall, the electronic assist is a great way to overcome the daunting exhaustion of conventional cycles and gradually improve your fitness over a certain time.

Studies also show that even a small amount of E-bike riding can increase the fitness levels of an individual by a significant amount. Moreover, it also helps them get out more and bathe in the vital sunlight. Most people that do not expose themselves to sunshine lack the sufficient vitamin D that they need to support good health. Thus, E-bikes, as a result, help you get out more and provide you a chance to enrich your skin with the warmth of the sunlight.

E-bikes are also pivotal for improving a person’s mental health and community health because it provides you with all the elements that you need to maintain good health. Any form of regular exercise can help reduce stress and depression. E-bikes are, therefore, wonderful gateways to good mental health. They not only provide you with exercise but also expose you to the beautiful and calming sights of nature.

Studies also show that regular sightseeing and spending time around greenery can reduce anxiety and depression to a significant amount. Thus, E-bikes can take you to beautiful locations because of their ability to function in the off-trails. For this reason, regular E-bikers are likely to have a decreased mortality rate and live a long life.

Moreover, E-bikes also open you to the aspect of community, which is also crucial for a person’s mental health. When you are a part of the E-biking community and become familiar with the people that visit the local bike store, it allows you to meet like-minded individuals that you can make friends. In a way, E-biking helps get rid of loneliness, which is the number one cause of depression and anxiety.

When it comes to weight loss, there are few solutions better than E-bike. They are also incredible for obese people. Since the electronic assist carries most of the body weight, overweight people can now work their way into the caloric deficit state. The electronic control not only helps make them slowly progress towards harder challenges but also allows them to track their progress, through which they can seek motivation.

Get an E-bike, Save the Planet, and Yourself

Generally, Electric Bikes are great for promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, which is crucial for the human body. To live a long healthy, and happy life, you need to find ways to get regular exercise. Moreover, you also need a good environment so that you can breathe in oxygen that is free of contaminants and other harmful airborne particles.

To address the first concern, getting exercise regularly can be a very big challenge, especially if you work in the daytime and come home exhausted in the evening. This is why switching to an E-bike instead of a car for commuting can be so instrumental.

This will provide you with the necessary exercise and a fun way to travel to your workspace. E-bikes are also great because they allow you to get to the workspace without sweating too much as well. Since the electronic assist is in your control, you can use the propulsion to get to the workspace and turn to decrease the assist on your way back to burn some calories and make up for sitting all day long.

People from all over the world are opting for E-bikes that either have time limitations for exercise. On the other hand, health limitations preventing them from heavy physical exertion. Moreover, if you compare E-bikes to motorbikes, the result is somewhat similar.

Studies show the amount of damage we cause to the planet due to mass production industries, corporate companies, combustion engines, motorized transports, landfill disposals, crude oil extraction, and much more is going to cost us in the coming years.

Due to their impacts on climate change, E-bikes not only influence our health on a micro level but also impact the health of the overall world.

The signs of a monumental environmental disaster are already on show. The rapid rise in the sea levels, the extinction of species of the wildlife, and the gradual warming of the earth are all indications of a drastic end.


E-bikes can undeniably positively influence the environment, and there are many ways that it does so. For starters, it reduces the carbon footprint that you leave on this planet. Secondly, it limits the overall car use, which is responsible for 80 percent of the carbon monoxide emissions and 50 percent of nitrogen emissions.

The shocking amount of vehicles on the street means that if every American switches to E-bikes for commutes that are 5 miles or less, this will result in about one million cars off the street immediately. Imagine the amount of positive impact this would have, not just on the environment but also on the health of the population.

It would also solve the problems that come with traffics, especially in the busy streets of New York. The unwelcoming road rage and the unbearable noise pollution of the car honks are seriously affecting people’s mental health.