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How much do e-bikes cost?

The rule is simple: the purpose of use affects everything regarding your decision to buy an e-bike. Answer the basic questions to determine your purpose, and intersect the answers with your chosen price range.

How much does a city e-bike cost?

You can find good e-bikes available in the market for prices starting from $2,500 to $4,200.

As they are effortlessly foldable, city e-bikes are the mostly preferred ones amongst all e-bike types. Although being foldable also translates into being heavier and offering range (battery life), this also means that they come for fairly cheap prices starting from $2,500.

E-bike type

Min. price

Max. price

City e-bikes



Cruiser e-bikes



Commuter e-bikes



Mountain e-bikes



Road e-bikes



Gravel e-bikes



Folding e-bikes



Cargo e-bikes



Junior e-bikes



E-bikes for children



What to look for in city e-bikes? Obviously, you don’t want to prioritize high speed as you have city speed limits to deal with. That’s why most city e-bikes come with a top speed of 15 mph, still they are perfectly capable of reaching 20mph. When it comes to city e-bikes, your choice would be mostly dependent on your everyday route. You would want to go for a city e-bike with enough support especially if you have a hilly route to ride everyday. Just note that the reason the city e-bikes are the cheapest is because they make use of not very powerful motors, compared to the other types offering high-performance.

The good thing about city e-bikes is that they come with a great number of handy features to provide safety and comfort during your ride across the dense traffic in the city. The brakes, lights, racks and other features will sure increase the cost of a city e-bike, but you can be sure that you will make the most out of these features.

A decent e-bike also comes with a battery ensuring enough range to get you through your daily commutes. The battery would definitely affect the cost, so if long range is important for you, you should be ready to pay more.

How much does a mountain e-bike cost?

The cost of good mountain e-bikes starts from $4,400 and goes up to $6,300.

In a good mountain e-bike you should look for power, as they should be capable of handling tough, steep and inclined terrains. Therefore, you should prioritize durability and consider the strength of the frame. Good battery range and smooth riding feel should also be on your checklist.

However, if you want to prioritize speed in your e-bike, look at the motor. The cost of a mountain e-bike should definitely be affected by the amount of support by the motor, the motor brand and torque capability of the motor. If you come across a mountain e-bike that provides decent support for conquering the toughest terrains, you can be sure that you will pay a certain price for it. Range also means a lot in mountains, so it is also one of the things that affect the price of a mountain e-bike. Still not all the expensive e-bikes have good range.

One more thing. Considering the dirty, bumpy off-road conditions that it will handle, warranty and maintenance are fields to be considered more for mountain e-bikes. Brands and known dealer networks are important in providing faster maintenance and finding extra parts in a shorter amount of time.

How much does a gravel e-bike cost?

The good gravel e-bikes are found at prices from $3,400 to $5,800 in the market.

In motor power and durability, gravel e-bikes are as good as mountain e-bikes, with a difference in the approach to their design. Each part of a gravel e-bike should contribute to make an e-bike which is durable enough to tackle the toughest terrains.

As a result of the rugged terrain they’re designed for, most gravel e-bikes make use of certain materials in their wider drop bars to achieve better handling. Alongside these drop bars, the gear shifters also add to the cost of a decent gravel e-bike. To provide smoothness on the bumpy roads, risk-mitigating features such as puncture-proof tires would increase both the quality and the amount you will pay for your gravel e-bike.

As the motor power would be challenging for an average battery, you should expect your gravel e-bike to have a battery of the same quality as the motor. This is why most of the gravel e-bikes are of highest quality.

The rule about warranty and maintenance also applies for the gravel e-bikes, as you will ride them on the most challenging terrains. Even if you got yourself the best gravel e-bike out there, don’t skip the warranty and a known network to provide maintenance.

How much does a road e-bike cost?

The price range of good road e-bikes goes between $4,750 to $6,500.

Also designed to tackle challenging terrains, road e-bikes are mostly built to ride on though, uncemented paths, and bike lanes. If you look for an e-bike to ride on bumpy trails, you should go for one with wide tires, which you will find a lot of options in the market.

When it comes to road e-bikes, the better motor and battery means less effort the rider has to spend on erratic terrains. Consider opting for a customizable model providing the option to add a spare battery in case you want to increase the range. Also the torque generated by the motor is an important indicator to the quality of a road e-bike.

What about the comfort? It’s something worth considering since the rough and dirty terrain you’ll be riding on. A road e-bike combining flexibility with good range and strong performance should be your choice. The balance of weight and easy handling is another thing to watch for. Lastly, extra features are more useful in road e-bikes, such as a digital display and GPS.

How much does a cruiser e-bike cost?

You can find a good cruiser e-bike at prices between $2,250 to $4,900.

Cruiser e-bikes aren’t built for delivering great performance. Yet they are popular as they give the ultimate casual riding experience with the extremely comfortable two-wheelers. That means that if you want to get yourself a cruiser, you should be focusing on comfort factors such as the material of the seat or the adjustability of the bike to your size.

Similar to city e-bikes, decisions related to the motor and battery should be based on your riding route. If your everyday ride will be nothing but short trips on a flat surface, you may not need a motor with great strength. Also, as cruisers are not very assertive about their ranges, you should take a look at the range before buying so that your rides won’t be unexpectedly short.

Although some models can adapt certain tech features, they’re not really necessary for cruisers. Unless you need a GPS for navigating in a city you don’t know, you consider it as extra.

How much does a commuter e-bike cost?

Good commuter e-bikes available in the market can be found at prices from $650 to $4,900.

A popular one amongst the e-bike types, commuter e-bikes are known for the pleasurable casual riding experience they give. When it comes to commuter e-bikes, you don’t want to compromise riding experience to the affordability. Also, the hybrid models of commuter e-bikes are known for the best riding feeling that a commuter can give.

What can you look for in a commuter e-bike? Range would be a good start. You might look for an at least 50 miles of range as you don’t want to interrupt your pleasurable ride in the middle. If less is enough for the distance you go on a daily basis, it is also OK.

So if you look for a commuter e-bike and manage to come across a comfortable, strong, safe one with, let’s say, 100 miles of range, don’t miss it.

How much does a cargo e-bike cost?

The good trike e-bikes have a price range of $1,100 to $5,500.

As you would imagine, the things you want to consider in a cargo e-bike starts with the load capacity, as well as the strength of the motor, battery life, bike weight and versatility. Cargo e-bikes can feature a wider range of accessories compared to other e-bike types, but of course there are certain checkboxes to tick.

When looking for a cargo e-bike, keep an eye on the battery range and motor power. The rest can depend on the purpose of use: Do you have a lot of steep hills on your route? How much carrying capacity do you need? And even if you need a cargo e-bike to handle the heaviest duties, it doesn’t have to be very expensive. There are a lot of price options when it comes to cargo e-bikes.

Note that a lot of models of cargo e-bikes make use of dual batteries and have high top speeds for a reason. They should be capable of covering the added weight during a round-trip.

How much does a folding e-bike cost?

You can find good folding e-bikes at prices from $1,700 to $3,700 in the market.

Easily assembled into other e-bike categories such as cruiser, city and commuter, foldable e-bikes are mostly preferred if they are lightweight enough to carry around. Since this lightweightness comes with a smaller battery, make sure that your foldable is capable of giving you enough riding range.

By means of power, you won’t need to look for a motor that delivers great performance. If you prioritize torque or speed, foldables won’t be your perfect choice.

Also make sure that the small tires of foldables are compatible for your daily route. Maintenance is also important, as the tires of foldables flatten more compared to the other types of e-bikes.

How much does a junior e-bike cost?

More newly introduced to the market, junior e-bikes come in a price range of $940 to $2,215.

Built for teens or adolescents (or seniors, of course), junior e-bikes offer a lot of features to improve safety, alongside an adequate size for your kid. The GPS trackers in the junior e-bikes would cost you a few more dollars, but come in handy if your kid wants to ride long distances.

Junior e-bikes are considered as a bridge between e-bikes for children and adult-oriented e-bikes, so don’t expect them to offer great performance in terms of range and power. Most junior e-bikes don’t provide ranges over 15mph. Still, good models can be found at prices less than $2,000.

How much do good e-bikes for children cost?

When it comes to e-bikes for children, good models would be available at prices from $250 to $350.

As it is an e-bike for your child, safety should be your first concern. As your kid wouldn’t want to compromise the speed, there are very decent models achieving a good balance in safety and speed.

When buying an e-bike for your child, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the parts that ensure stability and safety, which may include pneumatic wheels. And don’t ignore the bike’s recommended age directory, as it can be really useful. The time to fully recharge the battery is also important in children’s e-bikes: a model with a battery requiring 4 to 6 hours to fully recharge is a keeper.

To conclude

The rule is simple: the purpose of use affects everything regarding your decision to buy an e-bike. Do you want to cruise around town in the most stylish way occasionally, or do you need a two-wheeler to carry heavy loads for long distances on a daily basis? Answer the basic questions to determine your purpose, and intersect the answers with your chosen price range. Once you make your mind clear, you will be able to decide in no time!