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How to take care of your e-bike battery


How to take care of your
e-bike battery

Supporting your ride with the electric power it needs, the battery is one of the main components of the e-bike. This means that your e-bike would be just a regular one without the battery. That’s why one of the things you should do after deciding to get an e-bike is gaining an understanding towards e-bike batteries. So, here’s all you need to know about e-bike batteries.

How long do e-bike batteries last?

For the sake of your ride it is important to know how long an e-bike can go on a single charge. The answer depends on the power of your e-bike (normally, 24v, 36v, and 48v), the power of the motor (limited to 250W or 500W in most parts of the world and up to 750W in the US), how you ride your e-bike and the energy management system on your e-bike.

What is an energy management system?

Almost all electric bicycles have an energy management system, which is a feature which allows the rider to control the level of electric assistance while riding. While reducing or increasing the amount of electric assistance, your e-bike makes use of the energy management system.

By the help of the energy management system, the rider can choose 100% assistance of full-power mode or prioritize the battery life. For example, if you’re having a ride that does not require that much pedalling, you can choose to be assisted 100% from beginning to the end of your trip. But if you intend to, let’s say, do some cardio and burn calories, you can use the assist of your e-bike only during certain parts (e.g. uphills) of your trip. While in the first case, the expected life of the battery is 15 to 25 miles with the limited 250W and 36V motor; the battery in the second case with the high performance of the rider easily provides 25 to 35 miles, with the same motor power.

Usually, the battery of your e-bike would carry you at least 25 and up to 70 miles in a single battery cycle. Of course, 70 miles is for the riders who would like to do the most of the job instead of getting electric assistance.

How to take care of an e-bike battery?

Increasing the lifespan of your battery’s e-bike is possible with some easy routines you can apply after your rides. These routines will also be useful in ensuring your battery’s conditions are good and your e-bike is fully ready for the ride.

You may be familiar with these routines from your smartphone or laptop. Here’s what you can do to increase the lifespan of your e-bike:

  1. Ensure that the battery of your e-bike is firmly and securely fixed to the frame. It is necessary for proper functioning of the battery and not sliding out during your ride.
  2. The battery of your e-bike should be detached and removed before cleaning of your e-bike.
  3. You should charge your e-bike 100% after every ride, regardless of whether it is a short or long one.
  4. Usually, lithium batteries are at their most durable in case they are always kept charged 100%. Don’t wait for it to be totally discharged. Contrary to common belief, it is unnecessary.
  5. You should prevent the battery of your e-bike from oxidation; so avoid water and wet. If wet, dry out every component of the battery carefully.
  6. Heat is the enemy of batteries. Prevent your battery from warming up.

E-bike batteries: is it necessary to drain completely prior to charging?

One of the most frequent questions about e-bike batteries is “Should I completely drain the battery before charging?” As mentioned above, the answer is “You don’t have to.” Keeping a lithium battery 100% charged between the rides enables your battery to show maximum performance. In fact, constantly discharging down to 0% would affect its ability to hold its charges negatively. The common rule is not to keep your battery discharged less than 30%. But even if you do, the longevity of your battery will not decrease promptly. Actually, you can even discharge your battery down to 0% once a year.

Batteries are one of the distinctive features of the e-bike and must be handled with due care. By following the advice we gave below you will be able to enjoy your ride without worrying about your battery.

Amongst all the convenient features, the best part of an e-bike is that it is meant for everyone! Select one of our models which will take you on a ride as long, fast and enjoyable as you want.