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How to lose weight on an e-bike


How to lose weight on an

In searching for an e-bike, we tend to ignore the fact that e-bikes are actually really useful in keeping ourselves active. The good thing about electric bicycles is they can be used for many purposes, such as daily commuting or off-road adventures or as a light or challenging workout. If you stay true to this purpose, your e-bike can make you burn as many calories as a conventional bicycle would do. Don’t fancy getting too sweaty? Then you can use your e-bike for heading to the gym, or the starting point of your running path.
You’ll surely get in shape thanks to your e-bike, but here are some tips to contribute to losing weight. But first things first: Make sure you get your doctor’s opinion and push yourself only for the rides of your range of fitness. These two are essential for a sustainable process of weight loss.

Mind what you eat

It might sound cliché but it’s true. You have to watch your diet if you want to lose weight. It’s basic math: the calories you burn should be more than the calories you take. So as well as increasing your physical activity, you also should reduce your calorie intake. The key is combining both. That’s how you can make your fun rides with your e-bike work.

However, note that you shouldn’t starve yourself in order to decrease your calorie intake. Go for healthy, fibrous foods which are rich in nutrients, such as vegetables and fruits. And we can’t emphasize this enough: avoid processed foods and fast food.
The best is consulting a nutritionist in programming a nutrient diet which you can maintain for a long time. Below you will find the general rules:


  • Instead of refined grains, go for whole grains.
  • Embrace healthy fat like nuts and avocados, rather than fast food
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Watch how much dairy you consume
  • Avoid processed foods for good

Be realistic

If you’re here reading this article, you probably know that most of the weight-loss adventures are interrupted before reaching the middle of the process, suffering by the unrealistic goals determined. Accept the fact that it’s a change in lifestyle rather than one or two months you will eat less and exhaust yourself, and aim for losing 1 to 2 pounds a week. By this way, you will keep your path to reach your goal more bearable. Actually, instead of weight-loss, aim at a healthy body, since it’s a goal that you actually want to hang onto.

Min 300 minutes on your e-bike

It’s OK not to tire yourself to a point, but note that it takes more than a trip around the neighborhood to burn enough calories to lose weight. Try to ride your e-bike for at least 300 minutes a week, ideally by breaking this time up into 3 or 4 pieces. Or, just start with 45 minutes in a week, then let your performance build up.

Make excuses for a ride

How can you increase the time you ride your e-bike? The best way to achieve this is to integrate riding into your lifestyle, by replacing it with the other ways you use in commuting or having fun! Use your e-bike a couple of times while commuting to work. Instead of driving, have a light ride to go to the grocery. Riding comes in handy in saving money, as well as it’s a green way of transporting. Plus, an e-bike, too, is able to carry all the stuff you get from a grocery store.

Adapt your lifestyle all year round

An advantage of e-bikes is that you can make use of them throughout the year. Motivation is key to success, and we mentioned that a weight loss process is an attempt of change in lifestyle. Take one pair of these fancy fenders to protect you from the dirt of the road and commune with your e-bike!