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How to clean your e-bike


How to clean your e-bike

Cleaning an e-bike is one of the most important processes of taking care of your e-bike to extend its life cycle. As boring as it may sound to some, cleaning your e-bike is a process that has to be taken seriously. That’s why below we tried to cover everything on how to clean an e-bike.
The first thing you should know about cleaning an e-bike is that it is really necessary. Cleaning is a safety matter rather than just riding a clean-looking e-bike. The brakes or the battery can gather a lot of dirt that has potential to cause serious accidents.

Clean your e-bike periodically

Cleaning of your e-bike should be performed on a regular basis according to your usage frequency, type of terrain you’re riding on and of course, the season. It’s logical since an e-bike that goes in and out of mud every weekend would need more frequent cleaning than an e-bike which is lightly used in the city in springtime. Just make sure that the dirt doesn’t stick to the components of your e-bike. Besides the dirt and mud sticking to your e-bikes chain would make pedaling harder, the dust or any other substance gathering on the battery would also decrease your e-bike’s performance.

How to wash an e-bike

Besides your most cheerful playlist, you’ll need some cleaning tools: a bucket of water or a hose, bike cleaner or just a simple soap, disc brake cleaner, bike degreaser, chain lube, of course the user manual of your e-bike, poly-film and sponge and brushes.
The second thing is, of course, finding a place to wash your e-bike. Your garage, front or back yard or garden would be perfect as long as it has the sufficient space to move.

DO NOT powerwash your e-bike! The high pressure water will get inside weatherproof seals, damaging your motor, controller, screen, or battery.

Before cleaning your e-bike

One of the most important things here is to check how much water your e-bike can resist. You’ll find this information on your e-bike’s user manual, usually on the first pages represented by the capital letters “IP”. The waterproof level of your e-bike has direct proportion with this number, so if it has a low number (35 or lower), you might consider not using a hose in order to avoid excessive water pressure. Under no circumstances should you ever use a power washer. The high pressure water will get inside weatherproof seals, damaging your motor, controller, screen, or battery.
If your e-bike has a display, remove it prior to washing. Or just cover it with poly-film so it doesn’t contact the water. The battery should also be removed prior to washing, even though most user manuals write that you can keep it. The best is to remove it, if it’s removable. Still, if you couldn’t remove it, don’t worry about little water getting in the battery compartment. Thanks to their design with small intern drains, little amount of water would not harm the battery components.
You can consider turning your e-bike upside down before washing it, as this would provide more support, and this way your e-bike won’t lose balance as you turn the wheels.

Get to work!

Now that you’ve prepared your e-bike, you can start washing. Avoid using too hot water. You can use a brush or a small cloth to scrub the dirt. Take extra care of places which are difficult to reach, such as between the brakes and tires.
While cleaning the drivetrain, make use of your bike degreaser. Thoroughly and carefully clean it with a thick paper or wet cloth after letting it settle for 5 minutes.
In cleaning the brakes, use a disc brake cleaner. Avoid trying home-made cleaners since they generally affect the performance of the brakes negatively. Actually, never use something on your e-bike’s that is not made specifically for e-bikes. This goes for using motorcycle chain lubes on your e-bike’s chain.

Get your e-bike ready to use!

When you’re done with washing, slowly and thoroughly remove the rest of the water on your e-bike with a dry cloth. If it’s not a really, really sunny day, don’t leave the drying part to the sun. Grab a cloth and dry your e-bike gently. Especially make sure that your battery is completely dry.
Before using your e-bike after cleaning, test all the functions. There’s no such thing as being too cautious in this matter.
So, here’s what you need to know about how to clean your e-bike! Grab your things and make it shine -it deserves it!