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How Much Money Can E-bike Commuting Save You?



Commuting on an E-bike has become common. It is undeniably cheaper than a motorized vehicle. But this is not the only advantage that E-bikes offer. It also helps you play your part in contributing to the ecosystem’s well-being. The increasing carbon emissions are creating havoc on the current global warming issue. Hence, the widespread use of electronic means of transport can positively impact the environment overall.

E-bikes – Everything you need to know!

Electronic vehicles are all the hype in the 21st century. The mass scale sales of Hoverboards, Electric Mopeds, Skateboard, and tricycles are fueling the electronic vehicle industry. However, electronic bikes, in particular, are more than just a fun ride. They can change the future of transportation for good.

Thus, you need to know certain stuff about E-bikes before you become a part of the electronic revolution. Unlike popular belief, E-bikes are not a new invention; they have been around for almost a decade. If you happen to be in places such as China or Amsterdam, you will see how E-bikes are already a primary transport source in those regions.

In Europe, E-bikes have helped the older population sustain their independence for a long time. Despite that fact, E-bikes still have a long way to go before they take over the transport systems of the west. Looking at the current statistics, experts predict that the worldwide sale of E-bikes is likely to hit 23.8 billion dollars by 2025. Sales of E-bikes in major countries such as the US are exponentially growing. This shows that Americans are now endorsing the use of E-bikes.

Brief History

An inventor named Ogden Bolton introduced the first-ever patent of an E-bike in 1895. Even though he did not intend on creating or selling his models, his design is still recognizable in today’s modern E-bikes. They represent the same design of a rear hub motor with a battery mounted on the down tube of the bike.


Generally, E-bikes are bicycles that have a battery-powered assist or push. While riding, you can activate this assist when you pedal, or in other cases, by using a throttle on the handle. By pushing the pedal or turning the throttle, you will get an energy boost that will drive you forward. This activation helps you ride up the hills and cruise over rough terrains without even breaking a sweat.

An E-bike can consist of two types of motors, the mid-drive motor or the hub-drive motor. Both have different pros and cons. Hub-drives are more common between the two, as they have existed for a long time. Due to their mass production, they tend to be cheaper and versatile.

Hence, they are excellent motors when it comes to commuting. Furthermore, you can find a huge variety of these motors for all-wheel sizes. On the other hand, mid-drives are usually smaller, lighter, and allow for more torque than an average Hub-drive. Due to this, they have a more favorable use in off-trail riding and uphill adventures. Their central position on the E-bike also ensures a balanced ride with better weight distribution.

People find that changing tires become troublesome when you have a heavy hub drive motor attached to the rear or front wheel. For this reason, mid-drives are usually less of a pain when replacing tires. E-bikes also use different sensors to determine optimum power allocation. They usually come with two types of sensors, torque sensors, and cadence sensors.

If we talk about Torque sensors, they help regulate the motor depending on how hard you press upon the pedals. In comparison, cadence sensors output the power according to your pedaling speed. These sensors are key components of mid-drive-powered E-bikes. When choosing the motor that works for you, consider the purpose of your E-bike purchase.

The choice should reflect on whether you want to commute or head off-road. The majority of commuter E-bikes have a hub-based motor. These motors allow commuters to ride long distances without the physical exertion of pedals.

When you talk about power, manufacturers often provide E-bike users with power ratings. However, more countries are allowing bikes that have a much higher power. This is beneficial for the E-biking industry as it makes E-bikes a viable alternative to cars. You find many different types of E-bikes, accustomed to either commuting or mountain biking. However, an E-mountain bike is very versatile, and you can use it for both activities.

E-Mountain Bikes – Pros

One of the obvious advantages of riding an E-bike is the improved fitness level. Whether you are young, middle-aged, or old, it allows you to stay fit and fantastic. Unlike any other motorized vehicle, to ride an e-bike, you have to maintain posture and pedal to initiate the push. By doing so, it allows you to break a sweat and burn calories while you travel to your destination.

The electrical push of an E-bike helps people with physical limitations to head out and enjoy nature. They help take the physical aspect away from mountain biking. This, in turn, helps first-timers take part in the wonderful sport of mountain biking. Plus, it helps avid mountain riders make the experience more enjoyable. Off-trail riders can catch more ascending trials than they could.

Hub Drives and Mid Drives for Commuting

You can use an E-mountain bike for commuting and not just off-trail activities. Their incredible suspensions let you ride comfortably around streets and pavements. While riding an E-mountain back, you can cruise over any bumps or cracks on the road without any problem. Therefore, they make for an excellent commuting experience.

Moreover, with an electric mountain bike, you generally have more power at your disposal. Their strong motors are used for climbing hills and rough terrain, and you don’t need to worry if you are late for work. Since they require more energy, they also have better batteries. Their power and mileage deliverance will suit commuters the same way it does to mountain bikers.

Thus, even if you invest in an average E-Mountain Bike, you will have a reliable battery that lasts longer. Another amazing feature of E-mountain bikes that makes them level above the Hub-drives is their robust properties. Manufacturers design these bikes to handle the tough terrains of the outskirts. Consequently, you can expect them to be incredibly reliable when using in an urban setting.

Despite their usefulness when commuting, some people will still stick to hub drives for commuting because of the throttle convenience. On a hub drive, one does not have to bother with pedaling at all when traveling short distances. When you pair that with the cost-effectiveness and easy installations, they become the preferable choice for commuters. Since hub drives provide power to the wheels directly, a commuter also does not have to worry about chain breakage when biking.

Whether you decide to invest in a hub drive or a mid-drive, both will save you parabolic costs concerning motorized vehicles. People who get around using cars spend a ton of money on gas. Furthermore, the price of gas is not stable, which means you cannot even calculate how much of your money is on a budget surplus.

How E-bikers Save Money in Commuting Cost?

The main driving force for shifting to E-bikes from other vehicles is the lower transportation costs. By switching to E-bike for commuting, you can save a good amount of cost. Not only will you save on gas money and maintenance, but you also do not have to worry about parking costs. Furthermore, riding an E-bike to get around the city rids you of the overwhelming worries of parking or speeding tickets as well.

Ultimately, the amount of money you can save while riding an e-bike will vary depending on your lifestyle and situation. If, by switching over to an E-bike, you start to cycle more than how much you did on a motorized vehicle, then you may not experience a huge difference in the cost. Thus, the distance covered using the electrical batteries will determine how much money you can ultimately save.

When commuting via E-bikes, you can save yourself from a full host of other costs. Below are some of the ways you can attain a hefty saving at the end of the year by switching to an E-bike.

Money Saved on Gas Cost

When you compare the monthly gas prices to the utility cost of an E-bike, there is a significant difference. If you do the math, you find that the yearly cost of charging an E-bike twice a day is not even a fraction of how much you pay in annual gas money. This deduction comes out when you consider a 10-mile average distance on an E-bike.

It also takes into account that you finish the total battery output every day, which is rarely the case. If you take your bike to a 10-mile distance five times a week, you will ultimately save up to 600 dollars every year. Now consider the fact that most people do not even travel so much every day, which will save them more than the given amount.

To sum it up, the overall cost-cut of shifting to an E-bike instead of the car is incredibly high just in terms of gas prices. This is just the one area where you can save money. An E-bike shift will also save you significant money in maintenance. If you are a daily commuter, then you probably have to spend 30 to 40 minutes cleaning it every week.

Besides that, you will also have to take your E-bike for a tune-up every 6 months or so, depending on how much you use it. The cost of the annual tune-up session ranges between the 100 and 200 dollar mark. This cost is nothing compared to the annual tuning and maintenance cost of a car. This is another reason why E-bikes are unequivocally better in terms of cost-effectiveness.

You may experience the costs of maintenance start to increase as time goes by. After you spend 2 years commuting, the total cost of maintenance is likely to increase. It can be due to the replacement needs. The frequent usage of the E-bike will always require you a wheel or tube replacement that can cost you about 500 dollars for both wheels. However, this is quite cheaper than the wheel replacement of car tires.

When you sum up the annual cost of an E-bike against the annual costs of a car in terms of maintenance, repair, and fuel costs, you come down to an average of about 300 dollars for an E-bike. On the other hand, calculate the costs for a car, considering that you drive it five times a week, the numbers average out to about one thousand dollars. Therefore, the huge difference in costs is an adamant driving force that accounts for E-bike popularity.

The fuel costs of a car alone can outweigh the costs of an E-bike. Furthermore, if you already own a car, using an E-bike t instead of the car will increase the value of the car. With less usage of the car, you can share the reward wear and tear, less mileage, fewer oil changes making it worth more when you want to sell it.

Additionally, if you want to completely get rid of the car and switch to an e-bike for commuting, you can also benefit from the tax reduction. Being a car owner, you probably have to pay a hefty fee on tax, insurance, and registration fees. Unlike other motorized vehicles, E-bike does not need insurance coverage. Even though your car insurance varies, the average American saves about 5000 dollars on insurance costs alone.

Cost Saved on Parking

E-bikes will also be instrumental in saving parking costs. Car parking costs can blow a hole in your pockets, especially if you reside in a busy commercial area. The cost of parking can go from 8 dollars to 17 dollars in some places.

E-bikes’ parking is usually free of cost in many areas. Most of the time, you do not find designated parking spots for bikes. Hence, you have to improvise and find an object that will serve as a good anchor for your E-bike. With no situated locations for parking for an E-bike, no governing authority will charge for the parking.

Moreover, E-bikes are incredibly compatible and light in terms of overall weight. Instead of scurrying around in public spots for parking, you can simply carry your E-bike up the stairs and into a facility. This saves you from the trouble of finding suitable parking for your bike, let alone paying for it. Lastly, some E-bikes have foldable qualities that allow you to use them as a hand carry. This feature enhances the overall convenience of riding the E-bike for commuting purposes.

Cost Saved on Health

Let us not forget that bikes for commuting are the healthier option ahead of public transport, or cars. The regular use of E-bikes will provide you with sufficient exercise requirements that improve your health drastically. Better health will save the frequent trips to the doctor and prevent you from paying hefty amounts for medical bills, visits, and prescription medicine.

E-bikes will not only get you in amazing shape but will also take away all vulnerabilities to a medical emergency. Exercise proves too essential for sustaining health. It not only strengthens bones also regenerate new cells in your body. Consequently, Short route commuting can help you stay young, active, and fresh, even at an older age.

How to Start Commuting by E-Bikes

When it comes to E-bike commuting, there has never been a better time to start cycling to work. Even though it is not an ideal option for everyone, but if you are commuting distance is short, you can save time and money.

Before you invest in an E-bike to cover a distance, you must check the gears, tires, and battery power to avoid commuting mishaps. Now, given the choice of E-bikes, you should select the one that is the most comfortable for you. Regular commuting bikes are usually the better options. However, if you are looking for something with more power, you can always opt for a mountain bike.

Install Mounting Racks

Moreover, installing rack mounts to the back of the bike is a great option. With the addition of the rack, you can ultimately carry heavier loads across town while commuting. This installation also opens up your bike to shopping trips, picnics, and even camping trips. Being able to carry stuff on your bike enhances your biking experience, making it more practical. Traveling with the right resources on your E-bike will be beneficial in emergencies. This extra load can consist of energizing snacks, essential fluids, wheel replacement kits, and vital first aid supplies.

Wear Vibrant and Water Proof

Your attire matters emphatically if you want to commute miles on an E-bike. Remember, you are open to all of nature’s elements on a bicycle. This means that there is no roof protecting you from the rain or winds. Hence, a good waterproof jacket will help you. It is also ideal that you wear one with a hood in rainy conditions. Hoods help you stay dry and clean when unlikely rain strikes.

Similarly, vibrant clothing is also crucial. While commuting alongside speedy cars and trucks, make sure that you stay safe. Thus, you must wear colors that are vibrant, prominent, and even visible in the dark. You can also install a good set of lights in your E-Bike to elevate your prominence on the road. During the day, the lights will add to your visibility, and in some areas, they are a legal requirement.

Plan Your Route

When commuting, you will be tempted to take the route that you normally drive across. However, it is better if you pick a quieter route with less traffic. You can pick a different route to any location using Google maps. Once you figure out a route, do not be afraid to change it if you spot shortcuts that get you to the location faster. Off-trail shortcuts are the beauty of E-bike commuting, so take advantage of them whenever you can.


Security is always important when it comes to commuting, especially if you are parking your bike out on the street. Commuters should invest in a good lock. A tip that prevents you from carrying a big heavy lock to work is to leave it at work. That way, you do not have to ride around with the extra heavyweight.

Find Partners

If you have a friend who goes to the same workplace as you, then make your commute more fun by pairing up with your fellow E-biker. A bit of company on an E-bike can make your experience formidably better.

Avail of all Opportunities to Save Money

Once you start E-biking, you will eventually save money on parking, bus fares, trains, taxis, etc. Use that extra bit of cash saved to treat yourself to a coffee or a snack.

Final Words

When you simply crunch down on the numbers, you find that you can save a lifetime worth of cash. Not only will you save money, but if E-bikes let you in on shorter routes, you also save a good amount of time. Therefore, biting down on this opportunity may be the change that leads you towards a more wholesome and prosperous life.