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Drive safely: E-bike safety tips


Drive safely:
E-bike safety tips

With the rising popularity of e-bikes, the accessibility of cycling has reached to the top level for everyone. With the increasing traffic of e-bikes, similar to other vehicles, there occurred some precautions to take while you’re enjoying your e-bike. Here are some e-bike safety tips to fully enjoy your ride while eliminating the risk of harm both for yourself and anyone or vehicle you come across.

Wear a helmet

We know. Although it may seem like a very obvious one, wearing a helmet is one of the first and simplest things to do to increase the chance for a safe ride. As simple as it is, it can save your life one day. No need to drown between the details: Wear. A. Helmet.

Be visible in the traffic

One of the things that may cause a problem for the safety of e-bikes is that car drivers are mostly unaware of them, as they are not as loud as other vehicles. The same goes with the pedestrians, who might be unable to recognize an e-bike in case of their slightest distraction. So this means that you have to make yourself seen, either with the use of reflectives on your tires to be seen in the dark or by the use of a horn. And use a mirror to see what’s happening behind you! This takes us to our third matter.

Pay attention to the traffic

It is not the most common thing for a cyclist to reach 20 mph on the road. So the vehicle drivers won’t expect you this way, which requires you to pay extra attention to the overall traffic on the road you’re cycling through. Remember, traffic is a collective thing and it’s not only about how you cycle, it’s also about the drivers’ perception about you. And remember to stay in the right side of the traffic, don’t even try to ride against it!

Watch your speed

Most e-bike riders tend to reach the fastest speed and remain at that speed level. As exciting as it is to see how well your e-bike can do, it is also dangerous to cruise at high speeds with an e-bike before fully learning how it feels to ride it. Before doing so, master your e-bike so you have learnt how to brake safely and adequately.

Braking is important

Braking is even more important since the power and torque your e-bike has. Considering that your e-bike adds around 50 watts of power to your pedal stroke at the lightest assisted gear, you should consider braking earlier than you would with a regular bicycle. This is especially important on road crossings and stop signs. So again: To know the safest moment to start cutting the speed, master how your e-bike brakes and their power.

So these are the most essential safety tips you can have to fully enjoy your ride with your e-bike. Drive safe!