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Upgrading Your Riding Experience with 52V Batteries


Upgrading Your Riding Experience with 52V Batteries

This might be some of the best news we’ve delivered in 2021: at Ariel Rider, we will be using only 52V batteries across our entire product line from now on, with our remaining models joining soon! For those of you unfamiliar with e-bike batteries, it means more speed, more power AND more range. This is important because the battery is often the most overlooked component of a first e-bike purchase, and often the first part a new e-bike owner looks to upgrade as a result.

A Powerful Ride

What does an e-bike battery's voltage effect? Power, speed and range; basically most of the things that you want from an e-bike. This is exactly where we, Ariel Rider, wanted to improve our e-bikes as we don’t accept a mediocre performance. From now on Ariel Rider guarantees a more powerful, faster and more enjoyable ride supported by 52V batteries, no matter which model you’re riding.

So where do 52V batteries make a difference? When looking at the market, you’ll see that e-bikes generally use 36V or 48V batteries that give you “OK” performance in speed, power and uphill climbing. Making the step up to 52V batteries, however, will give you:

  1. Increased power: Now this one is simple. Wattage, or the working power generated by the motor, is calculated by multiplying amps by voltage. So higher voltage at the same amperage means more power.
  2. Faster ride: When you use a higher voltage, your e-bike's motor is able to spin faster, allowing you to hit astonishing speeds effortlessly.
  3. Longer range: Now this is where the difference hits. Higher voltage results in higher efficiency, which translates to a longer range compared to a similar 48V or lower battery. Our sturdy 52V batteries are fully capable of providing more than 75 miles per charge.
  4. Higher efficiency: Life extension! The higher the voltage, the more efficiently your e-bike system can create power. Higher voltage also means that you will have your more powerful and faster ride with less current draw from the battery.
  5. Extended battery life: Battery life is measured in terms of number of full charges. Thanks to the extended duration it will provide on a single charge, you won’t have to charge a 52V battery as much as a 48V - which translates to a longer lifespan. It's an important point to consider, since the battery is one of the most expensive components of your e-bike.

Now that we've explained the perks of a 52V e-bike battery, take your pick from our lineup of 52V e-bikes!

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