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Storing your E-bike

Storing your E-bike

Often the decision to purchase an e-bike comes with the question of how to store it. One might think that a lot of space and equipment is required to handle the bulk an e-bike brings to an interior space, but storing your e-bike can be easier and simpler than you think.

Below are some of the most convenient and secure ways to store e-bikes.

There are numerous bike racks on the market for both long-term and short-term storage, as well as several options for storing your e-bike on the floor, on the wall, or suspending it from the ceiling. It's also important to prepare your e-bike for storage, especially long-term storage, to prevent damage to the e-bike and battery.

Where to store your e-bike

Before choosing where to store your e-bike you first have to consider your riding habits. Are you riding your e-bike everyday? If so, it would be wise to keep your e-bike closer to the door. If your house lacks interior storage space, consider using a cover as well as a sturdy lock to keep your e-bike safe. For winter storage, read our blog post about preparing your e-bike for long-term storage!

Wall storage for e-bikes

Wall mounts are great if you lack sufficient floor space for e-bike storage. A strong wall will make a great place to hang your e-bike, as well as add some decoration! Just remember to consider the space needed to mount and unmount your e-bike from the wall, as well as space for hanging additional bikes in the future.

There are a few ways to store your e-bike on the wall: hooks, racks or posts. Hooks are the most popular option given the simplicity of installation and the versatility it provides. You can hang your e-bike from the frame or the wheels using hooks, though there's a possibility that hanging the e-bike from the wheel could damage the tire or rim. You can also go with a rack for added security,  as it’s installed with more than one anchor point and offers flexiblity with mounting options. Posts are not as popular as the other two options as they lack stability when hanging e-bikes. You’ll have to adjust the mounting angle of your e-bike so that it won’t slide.

Rack storage for e-bikes

Racks will give you the option to store your e-bike in your garage or outside. For the most durable option you can go with the type seen in parks and public spaces, as long as weather conditions permit outdoor storage. Bike racks will be labeled for indoor and outdoor use, just make sure you go for a sturdy plastic or metal rack that the front wheel pushes into.

Overhead storage for e-bikes

When it’s way more difficult to create space for e-bike storage on the floor or one of the walls, the solution may be hiding in your garage or your basement. You can store your ride overhead with the help of a pulley system consisting of a set of hooks mounted on the ceiling. The alternative to a pulley system can be installing a rack to the ceiling, especially if you’re not riding your e-bike often.

Regardless of where you hang your e-bike, keep in mind that it’s much heavier than your typical bicycle. Your e-bike may exceed the weight limitations of many hanging storage options, so be sure to find the manufacturer’s recommendations before purchasing a new storage system. Also be sure to prepare your e-bike for long-term storage by reading our article here!