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4 clear reasons to choose e-bikes over everything else


Reasons to choose
e-bikes over everything else

E-bikes are taking over the world of individual transportation. Especially from the first half of 2019 onwards, the growth in sales in also European countries showed that e-bikes are here to stay as a fun way to get around and a healthy option over public transport.

Comfortable, convenient and simple, the e-bikes come in various models to choose from according to your needs and type of usage. You can choose an e-bike with a motor of 250W or 1000W depending on how strong you want your vehicle, or get an e-bike with 20 or 70 miles of range according to the distance you want to go on a single charge. Depending on their model such as urban or off-road, e-bikes can have double suspension, fat tires, space for extra cargo and etc. They can adapt pre-installed accessories such as LCD displays or their frame can consist of different materials in order to achieve a certain level of weightness or lightweightness.

It’s entertaining to think of all these aspects, right? Let’s take a look at the reasons to choose e-bikes over anything else.

E-bikes have the good sides of both the motorcycle and the traditional bicycle

By nature, e-bikes tend to act like both a motorcycle and a conventional bicycle while riding. We’re saying it in a good way. Think of the e-bike as a bicycle with electric assistance, without throttle handles. Instead, the electric power and speed is determined by pedaling and choosing a level for electric assistance. By this way, you can get the feeling of being in full charge of generating the speed of the ride. Familiar and convenient, yet powerful and exciting.

Various levels of power support

Some may think that e-bikes are for the lazy. The truth is you still have to pedal -the only thing is that you get to choose the effort put and power applied. Most e-bikes come with four or five electric support modes which you can choose from -and they are easy to understand. You can ensure that the least amount of electric power is added by using the ECO mode, or TURBO mode can help you by providing speed and dynamics in climbing uphills.

Impressive mileage

E-bikes allow you to extend your range on a single ride. You’ll be able to go that extra mile of uphill climbs without worrying if you’re going to get tired.

Depending on their features, the motor and battery adapted, e-bikes can offer various ranges from 20 to over 70 miles. These are remarkable numbers as an average person can go about 30 miles on a ride. Fun and health combined.

You can go “extreme”

E-bikes are already blessed by extreme sports fans due to all the adrenaline they bring. Compare it to a mountain bike: You mountain e-bike (e-MTB) can give you a lot more descents than a conventional mountain bike in a given time. While improving your skills on your ride, you’ll also be almost doubling the adrenaline.

What’s more?

Electric assistance doesn’t mean the elimination of the physical effort required to get you going. Actually, the recent studies show that you can even spend more energy on your e-bike compared to times you use a conventional bicycle.

According to a study published in the European “Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives”, assessing the average energy expenditure of e-bikes, traditional bicycles, walking and driving, e-bikes allow you to spend as much energy as the traditional ones. Actually, by means of total weekly exercise time and the effort spent, e-bike riders kind of beat the conventional cyclist.

This may be due to the time spent on e-bikes. And of course, the length of the trips on e-bike are also probably longer.

Another reason to get yourself an

The advantages of e-bikes to the public health and the environment will surely get them supported by the governmental bodies. Be prepared to see more roads and infrastructure for e-bikes and conventional bicycles.

These were just four of the reasons for choosing e-bikes over anything else. But this is just for now! The reasons diversify more as time goes by!