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Here are the advantages of fat tire e-bikes


Here are the pros of fat tire

In the search for the perfect e-bike you’re likely to come across very different e-bikes, and probably the ones with fat tires were among them. Although they may seem odd to you at a beginner level, as you get into the topic of e-bikes you’ll learn that the tire size is one the most important things that matter regarding the comfort of your ride. In this article we explain how a fat tire e-bike would improve the performance and pleasure of your ride.
Fat tires refer to bike tires which are generally about 4 inches or often shorter. The width of these tires provide a larger surface for contact between you and the ground you’re rolling on. What does this bring to the table?

Wider terrain

First, obviously, your ride will be rolling on a wider terrain. You will feel the difference especially in riding on the surface where you would normally struggle with regular sized tires. Alongside being able to ride effortlessly on sandy and snowy terrains, fat tire bikes also shine through the wet surfaces reducing the risk of slipping or sinking on the muddy terrains. As they offer more grip for the rider, they are generally safer to make use of especially on terrains mentioned above.

Drawbacks of fat tire e-bikes

Nothing is perfect, and so are the fat tires. The first disadvantage of fat tires is that the wide contact surface they provide means a reduction in speed compared to normal tire sizes. Besides, don’t expect fat tires to be as lightweight as a tire of normal size. Therefore you probably will have to put in more effort when riding on flat surfaces. Actually, this can be a good thing as a little challenge won’t harm anyone.

These disadvantages are usually not much compared to the advantages they have, and this is even less important when it comes to bikes with electric assistance. This is mostly because of the fact that you can go faster just by throttling or boosting the pedal assistance. Though they are not as crazy as other e-bikes in a manner of speed, they are still more than satisfying as they require less effort.

In your purchase of a fat tire e-bike these are pretty much what to expect: they provide more contact surface and balance. Although having their own pros and cons, it doesn’t change the fact that there’s a certain type of e-bike for every kind of use. The key is to know what you want in an e-bike and you’ll be able to decide in no time.

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