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8 Must Visit Websites If you own an electric bike.

You bought an electric bike or planning to buy one. You need to check blogs about electric bike where you will get news about latest products or components and see what other people are discussing about. It can be something simple like “flat tire” to advanced issues like “repairing internal hub gear”.

We choose our favorite top 8 in random order. We will write about why we love each blog.  We, unfortunately, exclude blogs from Germany, Netherlands as we focus on English ones only. Otherwise, if you can understand there are amazing German blogs which we follow on daily basis.

Bikeradar is one of the most popular blogs about electric bikes but also bicycles. It will be useful to check some news about bicycles too especially about new coming components. After all electric bikes and bicycles share lot of parts in common. As Bike Radar is mostly focused on UK market you can learn some news about EU based products before they are launched in USA. They cover news about bicycles, e-bikes, races, have lot of “how to ” guides and can learn about industry related news.

Ebike Reviewer is one of the newest blogs focus only on electric bike reviews. Some judge it for being too honest about reviews as some reviews can be little harsh. Also, they share news about the industry. They are one of the best blogs you can check about reviews about electric bikes.

Court who is the founder of EBR ” Electric Bike Review” is maybe the most popular face in e-bike industry. He has a very popular blog and youtube page. I advise you to watch his comments before buying an e-bike. His website also has a very popular forum where people share ideas with each other.

Another popular blog about Electric bikes is Electric Bike Report. They cover everything about electric bikes from the news, to new model reviews, industry regulations to guides. So it is a very useful blog for electric bike owners and future owners. They cover even fundamentals about electric bikes and comparison of certain components of e-bike. Check them at least on weekly basis.

Electric Bike Blog is managed by two e-bike addicts Joe and Maggie (known in the cycling world as Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist). What we love most about them is how they cover the news. They have a very casual way to cover news which is essential for newbies. They share a lot about their own opinions and they are one of the most active Twitter users in e-bike industry. Joe says: “What we love about electric bikes is that they make cycling possible for a whole lot of people – seniors, people with illnesses and disabilities, parents towing kids – and we think that’s a wonderful thing!