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RV and Bicycles are a perfect fit where we can call them having a "Mutualism" relation. Each completes the weak points of others. Right now we are having even a better relationship which is electric bikes and RV. Electric bikes offer much more than a bicycle can offer especially for RV owners or people who rent RV from companies such as  MyDriveHoliday Camper Travel.

Electric bikes developed so much in the last couple of years, they are no more expensive nor heavy like before so they become the perfect match for your next RV journey.

  1. Let's check how owning an Electric Bike improve your RV EXPLORE MORE

    You start your trip and stop in one of the RV camps or national park. You have a long list of places to visit but it is hard to move all your rig to travel those locations. Instead of taking your RV you may think to hike but then you will get tired and waste a lot of time.

    Owning an electric bike give you unbelievable flexibility in terms of exploring more places.
    1. An electric bike especially a mid-drive (because they are efficient) has a range of 75 miles. You can visit several places within a day with such a range.
    2. Don't worry about the terrain. The motor will assist you in climbing hills. Especially if you have a mid-drive electric bike Even steep hills won't be an issue for you. (You can check advantages of the mid-drive motor for range and hill climbing here.)
    3. You can park your electric bike anywhere you want and it is always free.
    4. On Bike trails, you aren't limited to the power of your legs.

      N-Class ebike on seaside

    One of the biggest challenges of traveling with RV is going downtown or to City with your RV. Your campground is most probably 10-20 miles far away from where you want to go which is a long distance to go on foot. And it is too troublesome to unhitch your car from RV and even you do so, you still need to park your car and that can be costly in places like San Francisco, Boston or Seattle.

    With an electric bike you can easily go anywhere you want and park your e-bike almost anywhere you want.

    M-Class ebike urban city

    Electric bikes are the cheapest motorized vehicle in terms of the $/mile you spend. Traveling with RV can be challenging especially to your budget. If you travel around where you park with your car around 30 miles per day.

    The average cost of riding an electric bike per mile is $ 0.00171. So 30-mile trip will cost you around $0.05

    If you have a Truck like Ford F-150 you will spend 2 gallons for a 30-mile trip and it will cost you around $6 - $7 (depending on state and gas price)

    In addition to that you may need to pay a parking fee for your car especially in the city which may add around $5 - $10 cost to your budget.

    You will save around $17 per day by riding an electric bike. Cost of an electric bike suitable for your RV will cost $1599 such as this e-bike. You will cover the cost of your e-bike within 94 days which is almost 3 months.

    annual cost of having and electric bike

    You want to go around San Francisco or go around hills of Lake Tahoe. In many cases when you ride bicycle climbing hills is the most challenging part. Electric bikes are a perfect solution for it especially mid-drive e-bikes.

    The mid-drive motors using speed reduction gears can create very high torques such as 95 Nm torque in Ariel Rider M-Class. This will le you climb any hill without any problem. So you can enjoy the steep hills of San Francisco or enjoy hills around Lake Tahoe like a pro cyclist.


    Electric Bikes let you experience sports like a pro athlete. You can never enjoy the same feeling in any other sports such as basketball, football or hockey. With an electric bike, you can ride like a Tour de France rider and there is nothing more fun than it.

    Electric Bikes turn anything not fun about cycling into fun such as climbing hills. When you own an electric bike you just want to climb one hill after another as you are owning the hills one by one. I don't think you will want the same thing on a regular bicycle.

    You will enjoy your ride like a small kid with the help of an electric bike.


    Long duration aerobic exercises have proven to have huge health benefits.  The most important part of having regular exercise is making it part of your life. Can there be anything better than cycling about it? You can do your grocery shopping or ride to a nearby coffee shop with your electric bike which will have a huge contribution to your health. And you can always adjust the level of intensity by adjusting support level you are getting from the motor of your electric bike.

    Riding an electric bike will have a positive effect on the following health problems. electric bike health benefits


    Electric bikes are now more affordable than before. A good quality e-bike can be purchased for $1599 and that will even include shipping to get more info you can check here.

    If you own an electric bike and looking to rent an RV for your next adventure you can check a wide range of RVs at MyDrive Holiday Camper Travel.