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4 Reasons Why We Ride Electric Bikes?


We all know how much not fun it is to use public transport, especially during rush hours.  You need to squeeze in like a can of sardines. With an electric bike, you don’t need to wait for the next subway to arrive or handle the odor of the guy next to you on the bus. Another fun part is the electric bike will take you from your home to the point you want to go PRECISELY.


Electric bikes are relatively expensive to buy but they are very cheap to use. An electric bike will consume 8cents to fully charge the battery and you can go around 90 miles (at least with M-Class). If you commute 30 miles/day you will only spend 80 cents/month for it.

Not to forget about parking fees. I remember paying around 45$ in San Francisco for a couple of hours. With an electric bike anywhere is your “free” parking spot. Just don’t forget to lock your electric bike when parking it.