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10 Signs that you need an Electric Bike


10 Signs that you need an Electric Bike

E-bikes are not only revolutionizing the way people commute but also helping them to stay fit. Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors, people are scurrying other ways to exercise in the lockdown situation. In this instance, E-bikes can help you meet your fitness goals.

The popularity of E-bikes has soared in the lockdowns, and the demographics have made this claim evident. Many factors contribute to why people are opting for E-bikes for commuting.

Due to lockdown, there are fewer cars on the road. This means that the threat of traffic in the corona times diminishes. Hence, people are no longer intimidated to bike in a public place. Not to mention, the avoidance of cycling in busy cities comes from the fear of accidents.

If you stepped away from biking because of congested roads and narrow lanes, the lockdown allows you all the space to ride freely in public spaces. Below are ten signs that indicate that you need an E-bike.

You Lack the Sense of Freedom

The Coronavirus has restricted people from social gatherings. Moreover, social distancing laws further prevent people from leaving their houses to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Riding an E-bike around your vicinity, thus, gives you the freedom and sense of normality, even in the uncertain state of lockdowns.

Cycling, walking, and running are the only activities you can do without putting yourself at risk. This is where E-bikes come into play. It promises a quicker, healthier, and eco-friendly way of getting from point A to point B.

It is now more crucial than ever to feel the wind brushing through your hair and the warmth of the sunlight on your bare skin. Staying indoors for a prolonged period can prove to be detrimental to your health, especially in these uncertain times.

Therefore, one must find whatever ways they can to go outside, within the confines of the social distancing laws. The mental setback of staying at home and being stationary may even make you more susceptible to negative thoughts. This is mainly because your mental health plays a huge role in your physical well-being.

Therefore, E-bike commuting can give your life a new outlook. It can allow you to explore and cover distances that you could never do otherwise. It helps you pedal beside the beautiful suburban scenery without physically exerting yourself. The pedal-assisted E-bikes allow you to use the electronic thrust that pushes the bike forward without you having to put too much stress on it.

This feature is what makes E-bikes stand out amongst conventional bikes. By using the electrical propulsion, anyone can now indulge in good health and wellness regardless of their fitness level, age, or medical condition. It opens the wonders of cycling to everyone and makes it accessible to even overweight individuals.

Staying isolated at home and bombarding yourself with the negativity on the media can ultimately make you immune-compromised.

You are dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Studies show that stress and anxiety can also have a direct impact on your immune health. Staying isolated at home and bombarding yourself with the negativity on the media can ultimately make you immune-compromised.

In a way, it comes out as a glimmer of hope in the dark clouds of the pandemic. It allows you to step away from worldly distractions and concrete attractions. In some sense, it’s a tool that can help you connect with nature. Thus, investing in an E-bike will give you opportunities to attain your primal freedom and surrender to the sublime naturalistic aspects of life.

If you are stuck at home in lockdowns and that is starting to take a toll on your mental health, this is an indication that you need an E-bike. People who have a physically active lifestyle have better mental well-being than inactive people do.

Exercise through E-bikes can boost your mood in so many ways. Initially, it helps release adrenaline and endorphins in the body. These chemicals produce a sense of satisfaction and excitement for the individual.

In this case, E-bike commuting can help you. The brain releases adrenaline whenever you ride down a thrilling track outdoors or dodge your way through traffic. Moreover, the brain will release endorphins after every biking session when you come back home to relax. Your body fuels you with endorphins whenever you complete a task as a way to reward you for your accomplishments.

Hence, E-bikes are instrumental for your health; it physiologically and subconsciously improves your confidence and moods whenever you achieve new things such as beating your miles or riding farther distances.

Cycling combines physical exercise with being outdoors and exploring new destinations and sights. Moreover, it allows you to empty your mind and ride solo, giving you all the time and processing worries or concerns. By doing so, you can look at E-bikes as more than just transporting devices. Instead, they can also serve as a form of essential therapy for the people.

E-bike commuting also allows you to ride along with fellow E-bikers. Thus, riding with a group broadens your social circle and provides you opportunities to build new relationships. By investing in an E-bike, you venture into the E-biking lifestyle, which includes all the like-minded bikers that you meet along the way on your E-bike journey.

E-bikes allow you to meet new people, share stories and experience the communal aspects of being part of a group. Finding an identity within a group of people can be extremely helpful for people who are suffering from depression.

You are Losing Muscle Mass

If inactivity is killing your muscular gain and you want to make lifestyle changes that help you regain muscle mass, then this may be a sign that you need an electronic bike. Since e-bikes provide you with a form of resistance training, this means that it just does not burn fat but can also help build muscle.

By lowering down the electrical assist to E-bike and riding in uphill surfaces against gravity, you can succeed in adding a resistance element in your E-biking experience. Since E-bikes are also heavier in comparison to regular bikes, this will provide you with an exercise that offers a compound muscle workout with more strain targeted towards your quads and calves.

E biking can help build muscle, particularly around the hamstrings, calves, glutes, and other core muscles. Muscles are leaner than fat; therefore, if you have a higher percentage of muscle in your body, you can burn fat even when sedentary.

Hence, by spending most of your time pedaling on an E-bike, you can attain a more muscular physique just by making your daily trips on the E-bike. Moreover, E-biking will help you acquire a muscular body that allows you to have functional strength. With functional strength, you will be able to carry your body weight and move freely without any restrictions and obstructions.

Having a lean body will not only increase your immune health but also boost your self-esteem and have a positive impact on your health. It helps you feel good about yourself; thus, instead of self-loathing in your house and eating comfort snacks, switch to the new and innovative means of transport that will help you survive this pandemic and come out of it better than ever.

You are Having Trouble Breathing

Staying indoors and living a sedentary life can be a cause of bad lung health, especially if you are a smoker. Contradictory to popular belief, people who travel by bike have less exposure to dangerous fumes, pollutants, and airborne contaminants than those who travel by car.

This claim comes from multiple studies of King’s College in London. These studies show that the daily cycler experiences the least amount of air pollution than people traveling in a car and public transport. Moreover, E-biking can provide you with a cardiovascular exercise that encourages anaerobic respiration. In other words, heavy breathing causes the expansion of the muscles in the lungs, which is adamant for good lung health.

You are At Risk of Heart Disease

If you have a long line of history related to heart diseases that run in your family, then you should be extra careful about how you live your life. Each life decision regarding food, exercise, and habits should not put you at risk of heart diseases.

You are at risk of having a bad gene that makes you susceptible to heart diseases, such as cholesterol or diabetes, and you think that you are making bad life choices. Then, this is an immediate sign that you need an E-bike.

E-biking can help you raise your heart rate and burn calories. Once you get your blood pumping around your body regularly, you limit your chances of gaining extra weight. This is because it helps you burn calories and limits your odds of being overweight. As a result, it offers you a form of exercise that cuts your risk of developing major illnesses such as heart disease or cancer.

You are Recovering from an Injury

Electronic bikes are an emphatic form of low-impact exercise. When you talk about the benefits of low-impact exercises for recovery, E-bikes take center stage along with other exercises such as swimming, unlike running or conventional cycling.

This is because E-bikes provide an exercise option that is less weight-bearing. They also enhance your mobility without putting too much stress on your knees and ankles. E-bikes, in contrast to other exercises, keep you away from the risk of injuries or over-exertion.

Furthermore, they also help you recover faster since they allow for the gradual progression of your muscles. Since E-bikes consist of a sensor the controls the pedal assist, you can set up the assist according to your own choice. Therefore, they make for incredible recovery tools.

Not only do they help you accurately track the progress of your recovery, but also they allow you the crucial immobilization that you need for recovery. Hence, the technology of E-bikes makes for astounding rehabilitation machines, especially for people suffering from knee injuries.

If you are recovering from an injury, add E-biking in conjunction with strength training and physiotherapy to maximize your results. The lack of weight-bearing also helps increase bone density without putting too much strain on your knees.

The increase in bone density and the generation of new muscle tissue due to cycling will solidify your injury have great effects on your body. Hence, it is a good idea to add other forms of training along with E-biking when you are in the recovery phase.

You are Facing Costly Car Expenses

Owning a car or commuting through public transport can be costly. This is where E-bikes can lighten the load of your pockets. When it comes to commutes and traveling costs, E-bikes are the best alternatives to cars and public transport. They not only save you a huge amount on gas costs but also prevent you from paying for other costs that come with a car or public transport.

Everyone spends different amounts for their transportation, and so it is not possible to figure out how much money an E-bike will save you exactly. However, you will save large sums of money just by not paying for things that you normally would pay for when commuting by bus or car.

Some will avoid the hefty costs of public transport, whether it is paying for bus tickets, cab rides, or other expenses. Moreover, if you own your car, it will save costs on gas, parking tickets, maintenance, insurance, registrations, and taxes. Besides, let us not forget about the expenses of new parts, such as tires, wheels, and others that need replacement every other month or so.

If all of these costs are forcing you to cut down your budget and putting you in debt, then you seriously need to rethink your primary mode of transport. Once you start commuting via E-bike, you will no longer have to pay for public transportation, gas, high maintenance costs, car insurance, registering your car, parking, and much more.

This is plenty of money that you will have to spend; ultimately, these costs will save you thousands of dollars at the end of the year. You can use that money to get out of debt, invest in a profitable project or take a nice vacation somewhere.

The maintenance cost and battery charging cost for an E-bike is scarce when you compare it to a car. It also gives you an incredible distance limit on just one full battery charge. Therefore, if you are facing trouble coping with travel costs, then get an electronic bike for a year’s worth of money-saving.

You are Worried about the Environment

The increasing amount of single-person cars contribute immensely to global pollution and traffic. There are a huge number of stationary cars stuck in traffic, emitting carbon fumes and other pollutants into the air. This imposes a huge threat to the environment and the planet’s future.

Shifting to E-bikes for short-distance commutes can make a huge change in the overall environment, depending on if enough people make the switch. Once the masses switch to E-bikes, the government will be obliged to create better biking infrastructure and facilities.

Moreover, airborne pollution is also likely to decrease to a significant amount. Ultimately, stop noise pollution, since fewer cars will be on the streets, you will have busy cities free of noise pollution and sounds of the engine.

Therefore, E-bikes will ultimately help you leave a better carbon footprint on the earth. It is a great alternative to motorized vehicles that spread contaminants and pollutants in the environment. By investing in an E-bike, you can play your part in making the ecosystem better.

You are Mostly Late to Work

If you commute by car, you are likely to find yourself sitting in traffic for a long time. Regardless of how short or far the distance is from your house to work. Busy metropolis cities have a terrible situation of the traffic. The average worker spends most of their life waiting in traffic at stop signals and traffic lights.

Even if you escape the long queue of cars at the traffic light, you end up spending more time looking for a suitable parking spot. In some instances, the parking spot you find is at a very distant location and requires you to take the long walk towards your office. Not to mention, you also have to pay for your parking spot.

Similarly, if you take the bus, you have to stop the bus, wait for the bus if it is late, get on the bus, pay the fare, wait every time it stops at a bus stop, and arrive about half a mile away from your destination. All of these steps consume a large amount of your time that you cannot take back.

On the other hand, when riding an E-bike, you can easily filter past all the traffic, lock your bike at the exact destination and not worry about parking. E-bikes also allow you to explore your routes and find off-trail shortcuts leading to your destination; this saves you significant time as well.

You Have Trouble Sleeping

It is a well-known fact that tiring yourself out gives you a much better sleep. Studies show that a decrease in fitness levels correlates with sleep problems in people. Therefore, E-bikes can help elevate and enhance the quality and duration of your sleep to quite an extent.

The cause for this may be the reduction in anxiety and stress due to exercise that enhances a person’s ability to alleviate their mind of negative thoughts when dozing off. Overall, E-bikes counter most of the problems that are leading causes of sleep dysfunction.

To Conclude

E-bikes can solve plenty of your problems by providing you with the benefits of exercise, weight loss, and community. Some experts also claim that the exercise it gives you is resolute in improving a person’s brainpower. Thus, if you are encountering certain problems in your life, it is a good idea to look at an E-bike as a solution.