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D-Class Dual-Motored Scrambler Ebike
Ariel Rider ebikes - D-class all wheel drive scrambler electric bike
Ariel Rider ebikes - D-class all wheel drive scrambler electric bike
Ariel Rider ebikes - D-class all wheel drive scrambler electric bike

D-Class Dual-Motored Scrambler Ebike

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Ariel Rider D-Class is selected as Best Fat Tire E-bike of 2019 among other fat tire e-bikes.

Double the motor, all-wheel drive.

Ariel Rider ebikes - D-class all wheel drive scrambler electric bike


Although we’ve been known to make high performance and high-quality ebikes for years, none of our previous or current ebike models had the power of D-Class.

Thanks to revolutionary all-wheel ride technology, riders are able to pick which motor to activate; only rear motor, only front motor, or for adventure seekers; both motors.

Fun in beach or snow conditions, this technology also eliminates the stalling of motors while riding uphill. The ultimate ebike you can accelerate without pedaling while riding steep hills. 2x750W powerful hub motors lets you cruise at high speeds efforlessly in ANY condition.

Technical Specs


2x750W Motor

750W (1500W peak) has an astonishing max speeds and incredible acceleration capabilities.
And you get one on the front, one on the back! Steel Internal Gears Handle 10 times more torque than other motors.

Change Traction

You can easily change the traction of the ebike from front wheel ride to rear wheel ride, or to all-wheel ride with the ease of push of a button.


18Ah Battery

We use the best cell in our newest model which is Samsung. Enjoy the leading battery technology Tesla riders are enjoying.


Bottle Holder

We’re not saying you should sip your beer while riding this super powerful ebike, but if you wanted, you would have a place to secure it tightly. Or water bottle, whatever.


Go The Extra Mile

With 2 motors on demand, you need a powerful and high-efficiency battery! We use the best cell in our newest model which is Samsung. You can enjoy the leading battery technology which Tesla riders are enjoying.

A battery with such capacity and technology let you have an amazing range where you will need to charge your battery less than others. A full charge will be enough for you for a couple of days of commuting.


20-40+ miles per charge (estimated)


4-6 hours


Class 2 Ebike

For details click here.

Pick Your Traction

With our new technology, now you’re able to pick which motor you want to activate while riding this incredibly powerful Scrambler Ebike.
You can pick only to use the front motor or only the rear motor, or if you’re feeling adventurous, just use both of them at the same time.
This choice is all done by a simple switch on your handlebar.

2 motor traction is a completely new way of riding your ebike. Especially when you’re feeling adventurous or just want to zoom uphill without having to pedal.
Unlike traditionally single hub motored ebikes, you won’t lose any traction going uphill, on contrary, you’ll still be able to accelerate.
The fat tires combined with the groundbreaking all-wheel drive, riding your ebike on the beach or snow is especially fun!



Visibility is a huge safety issue on all bikes. That’s why we use the brightest LED headlights on our D-Class


Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake is designed to provide best brake performance for fastest electric bikes. You can always trust brake performance regardless of your speed, weight and even go downhill.

Rear Lights

Safety is a major concern for us. That’s why all D-Class Electric bikes are equipped with LED rear lights to increase rear visibility.


Motor Cut-Off

Both brake levers automatically cut off the motor power when they are applied to keep you safe in even the most surprising situations.

Full Fenders

Some of the most fun environments to use D-Class is on snow or on the beach. You'll need the full fenders to avoid splashes!

Attention to Details

We even made sure to put foot pegs for the rear passenger, this is both a safety and a comfort bonus!


Note: Kindly note that the foot pegs may differ depending on the version of your D-Class. While early D-Class versions had platform pegs, we use smaller foot pegs now due to increased safety concerns.  


Everything Under Control

The Ariel Rider Electric Bikes’ LCD display provides riders with all the information they need during a ride.
Allows customization of many different specs, including speed limit.
It’s securely mounted directly to the handlebars and the display angle can be adjusted to accommodate different sized riders.


Large speed display (can change between mph and kmh)

Battery Life

Never run out of battery unexpectedly.

Pedal Assist Level

Pick from 0 to 6, whichever PAS level suits you best.

Trip Odometer

Especially useful on those long weekend adventure rides.


Always fulfilling to see how many miles you ditched your car.


Our smart screens allow riders to change the speed/odometer measurement systems, backlight of the screen, speed limit etc.,

Change Speed Limit

While we don’t fully recommend electric bike riders to lift up the speed limiter on their electric bikes, we also support adventures of any kind with good safety measures.

And this feature isn’t only for adrenaline junkies! We have lots of clients who actually lower the speed limit to make sure their loved ones can’t ride the electric bikes too fast.

Easy Diagnostics

We’ve programmed our ebikes in a way that every possible electronic malfunction (including an unplugged cable) has a specific error code on the screen. So when in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you’ll know exactly which part of your electric bike to look at!




  • Battery:
    48V, 18Ah with Lithium Samsung cells, rated for 800 charge cycles,

  • Charger:
    48V, 3A Smart Charger, operates on 100V-240V AC power outlets,

  • Controllers:
    48V, 750W / each.
    Max current output: 22Ah/each

  • Display:
    Backlit colored LED display with easy diagnostics feature and light sensor.
  • Hub Motors:
    750W Brushless custom steel geared hub motors with 80Nm of torque,

  • Lights:
    Front: Motorcycle style bright headlight
    Rear: Integrated taillight with brake light mode.

  • Pedal Assist:
    5 Level Pedal assist with low profile cadence sensor.
  • Range:
    20-40 Miles,

  • Throttle:
    Half twist throttle

  • Wiring:
    Water resistant connectors and wiring harness
  • USB Ports:
    Below the screen


  • Brakes:
    Hyraulic Tektro HD-E 350

  • Brake Rotors:
    Tektro 180mm

  • Brake Levers:
    Tektro Dorado HDE350 Hydraulic Disc with 160 Rotors, Dual Piston Calipers, Three-Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors and Adjustable Reach
  • Chain:
    KMC Z7,

  • Crank Set:
    Prowheel, Forged Alloy, 170mm Length, 48 Tooth Steel Chainring with Plastic Guide
  • Derailleur:
    Shimano Tourney TZ25007428 Derailleur

  • Fender:

  • Fork:
    Hydraulic suspension fork
  • Frame:
    AL 6061

  • Gearing:
    7 Speed 1x7 Shimano AltusTZ25007428 Derailleur, 14-28 Tooth Cassette

  • Grips:
    Durable faux leather

  • Handlebar:
    Fork-Handlebar Integrated Aluminum Alloy, 670mm Length

  • Headset:
    Neco, Internal Cups, Straight 1-1/8"

  • Kickstand:
    Since leg steel, spring loaded, height adjustable

  • Pedals:
    Wellgo B087DU Aluminum Alloy Platform

  • Racks:
    Front: Optional
    Rear: Optional
  • Rims:
    Double Walled, Aluminum Alloy, 28 Hole, 80mm Width
    with punched holes to reduce weight

  • Saddle:
    Exclusive Ariel Rider Ebikes moped-style, banana seat (height isn't adjustable),

  • Shifter:
    Shimano AMFLTX50RCT SIS Index Thumb Shifter

  • Spokes:
    Stainless Steel, 12 Gauge Rear, Silver with Nipples

  • Tires:
    Kenda Krusade Sport K1188, 20"x4"

  • Wheel Sizes:
    20 in (50.8cm),

  • Tire Details:
    5-30 PSI, 0.4 to 2.1 bar, 60tpi casing, wire bead,










You can refer to this page for D-Class FAQ.


We could choose to use a ready motor from the market but none met our requirements.
So we develop our own patented metal gear technology.

Unlike 99% of other e-bike motors which use nylon gears, we use metal gears. In this way our motors can reach higher torque, speed and power. You can watch a video where we compare our gears with others here.


D-Class offers lots of features and you can even turn your D-Class into a utility vehicle by using our rear rack, front rack and front basket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
AAA+ company

This company stands behind their product, which you don't find much anymore. Chloe is a rock star. Not to mention how much fun I'm having !! 70 yrs old and this thing takes me everywhere I think I can handle ( your not quite as crazy at this age ) Thanks so much for your help. Now my wife wants one !!!

Worth Every Penny

For the money this is one of if not THE Very Best Ebike on the market, that makes for perfect beginner bike bc it’s not one that you will soon outgrow, it’s actually good enough to just keep and enjoy riding after you improve your skills, and it’s awesome to shred some city streets or freewheel bomb the hills in your neighborhood but it’s just as RAD if you Take dirttoad trails through the woods or let ur front & rear hubs use ALL 1500 watts to power you up & down the beach & send you home with a souvenir the locals call sand in ur crack

A powerful machine, worth the bucks, and the wait.

I got the D-Class just a couple months ago; so far ridden 500 miles of around town, country roads, some very steep gravel roads, ocean beaches, and a few trails. It's been faster, better, and simply more fun, than ANY of my other bikes -- I'm VERY glad I got it.

I'm here to tell you, it feels GREAT to sail along a sandy beach at 30MPH, or zip effortlessly up a neighborhood road so steep that pedestrians are slipping on the sidewalks. Or accelerate from a stoplight just as fast as car traffic. Or spend several hours doing errands around town on just a few pennies of juice, all while getting your daily exercise and putting a wide grin on your face.

So, for me it's been excellent: lots of power, easy-to-read back-lit color display, a super bright headlight, top-quality hydraulic disc brakes -- even a functional brake light.

But it's not perfect. Here are some limitations:
(1) The range on the D's stock 18Ah battery is only about 25 miles of hilly terrain using both motors, maybe 40 miles if you're willing to do a lot of pedaling and use RWD only.
(2) The standard 48v 2amp charger is painfully slow -- 6 hours from 20%.
(3) The D-Class is so heavy, about 80 pounds, it's seriously hard to lift it onto a trailer-hitch bike carrier.
(4) There is no rear suspension (shock absorber), so you feel every pothole.
(5) The front fender is far too short to be of much good in the rain.
(6) The seat is moped-style, not adjustable at all. At 5-8 I find the seat just right for an hour ride with pedaling, but some say the seat's too low for normal pedaling if you're over 6'.
(7) At the same time, the seat is too high to straddle flat-footed if you're shorter than about 5-6.
(8) The stock passenger "foot pegs" are a waste of time; don't count on 20-mile rides with your sweetie on the back.
(9) The front motor is so powerful it can chirp when you give the throttle a hard twist, even on dry pavement. On gravel, it can send you into the weeds! The front motor is really useful only for loose sand, or chip trails, or very steep pavement, or getting top speed (over 30). If these are not important to you, consider getting Ariel's lighter and less expensive X-Class with just rear wheel drive.
(10) The frame doesn't fit standard panniers, nor any standard rear racks. The proprietary front and rear racks are heavy, expensive, and can't really hold much stuff.
(11) The basic bike components are rather low to mid-quality: forks, derailleur, cranks, chain, pedals, 7-speed freewheel, tires, bell.

Bottom line: a wonderful machine, worth the bucks, and the wait.

First time

This is my first time on a bike in 25 years. This bike is beautiful aesthetically and has so much power. Once I got a feel for the throttle I was 13 years old again. Thank you for making this beautiful bike. Today was day one with no issues. I look forward to more days like this.

This bike is AWESOME

Do not think about get any other E bike. This bad boy can do it all. Climbs hills like a champ even with someone on the back!!!

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