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This is how the Ariel Rider X-Class compares to the C3Strom Astro Pro E-bike. Ariel Rider X-Class 52 Volt is a great alternative for people are interested in buying an e-bike with better feature at much lower price tag.

Ariel Rider X-Class 52V Price is discounted from $2,699 to $1,699 which makes it $1,000 cheaper than C3Strom Astro Pro.

Both e-bikes have similar battery capacity but Ariel Rider has 25% more powerful battery and rear suspension. And even Ariel Rider offers much better specs, it is still $1,000 cheaper at the moment.

Ariel Rider X-Class C3Strom Astro


1000 Watt

750 Watt


1040 Wh

1040 Wh

System Voltage

52 Volt

52 Volt




Top Speed

37 mph

28 mph


33 Amp

22 Amp

Turn Light










Ariel Rider X-Class 52V currently is priced $1,000 cheaper compared to C3Strom E-bike Also Ariel Rider offers

  1. - More Powerful Motor
  2. - 50% bigger controller
  3. - More Comfortable Suspension
  4. - Turn Signal
  5. - Better Charger
  6. - Larger Crank
  7. - Front Fender
  8. - Full Fender
  9. - Better Freewheel Ratio
  10. - Rear Suspension


More Powerful Motor : It means you have better acceleration and more important 35% better hill climbing power.

Rear Suspension : Full Suspension e-bikes are more expensive but also way more comfortable as they have both front and rear suspension. Ariel Rider is a full suspension e-bike which let you have a comfortable ride. C3Strom is a rigid frame so you will definitely feel all the bumps on your ride.

Bigger Controller : Ariel Rider X-Class 52 have a bigger controller which supplies all the juice which motor needs. Have better acceleration, higher top speed, better hill climbing.

Better Brakes : Ariel Rider X-Class 52 have a Tektro HD-350 brakes which are the top brake brands in industry. C3Strom is using LFN Chinese brakes.

Turn Signal : It is important for cars and other riders to know where will you turn for your safety. Ariel Rider offer turn signals standard on the e-bike

Freewheel : Ariel Rider has a better gearing ration 11-34 which is the best in this class. You can pedal your e-bike even at high speeds and you will have higher top speed on pedal assist.



1000W Motor

We've partnered with Bafang to create motors that meet our requirements and exceed your expectations. With a powerful 1000W, they can achieve astonishing maximum speeds and incredible acceleration capabilities.


52v Long Range E-bike Battery

The X-Class 52V electric bike is perfect for city commuting with its integrated battery pack. With a massive 1040 Wh (52V 20ah) capacity, it provides a range of up to 75+ miles per charge, allowing you to cruise for days without needing to recharge.

Adjustable Front Suspension Fork

Customized motorcycle-grade fork. We wouldn't use any bicycle fork on a powerful ebike like this.


Industry Leading Rear Shocks

The X-Class electric bike boasts a top-of-the-line rear shock that sets it apart from the competition. 100% CNC machined for precision, this shock offers rebound adjustment for improved handling, support, and a lower stance.

Optional 2 piece saddle and standard foot pegs

With the 2 different optional seats, you can make your X-52 fit for 2! Footpegs come standard in all X-52 ebikes. These pegs provide a comfortable platform for the rear passenger to put their feet on.

Got cargo? No Problem

The X-Class electric bike is not only stylish and powerful, but also offers a range of options for carrying cargo. Whether you're looking to turn your X-Class into a utility vehicle or simply need to transport larger items, we've got you covered.

All new LED Headlight

The X-Class 52V e-bike stands out with its retro-inspired large motorcycle headlight, complete with daylight function. While the design may evoke nostalgia, the technology is anything but outdated. With 2W power and 80 lux illumination, this headlight is one of the strongest and brightest on the market, ensuring maximum visibility and safety.


Integrated Brake Light and Turn Signals

The brake light functionality of the X-Class electric bike is powered by the main battery pack and is activated automatically when the brakes are applied.


High Performance Fat Tires

20x4.0 CST Fat Tires on X52 is designed for on and off-road conditions. Did we mention that all are anti-puncture and have side reflections to increase visibility?

Ariel Rider Ebikes X-52 tektro hydraulic disc brakes 180mm rotors

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

X-Class is a powerful ebike and powerful motor needs brakes that can stop at a dime. The powerful front and rear hydraulic brakes also have motor inhibitors.

Both front and rear rotors are 180 mm for having better stopping power.


The step-thru frame makes it even easier to get on and off your bike. Its packed with the same features as regular X-Class but without the top bar. Making it great for shorter or older riders. Learn More