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At Ariel Rider we're known to make fast, robust, ebikes for any type of adventures. But none of our previous models were as affordable as the Rideal!

We've created a no-BS commuter ebike with the high quality materials and parts we've been using on our other ebikes, so that you can commute in style.

With the help of this high-torque 750W motor and 30-60 mile battery range, you'll be able to tackle hills without breaking a sweat.


Geared Hub Motor


Up to 60+

Miles per Charge


48V, 14Ah

Li-ion battery


285 lb

Payload Capacity

Available in High-Step and Mid-Step

The high-step frame is suitable for most riders between 5'10" - 6'5" (32" standover height, kindly refer to the dimensions at the bottom of this page to make sure of the fit)
The mid-step frame is suitable for most riders between 5'3" - 6'2" (26" standover height, kindly refer to the dimensions at the bottom of this page to make sure of the fit)

What Makes Rideal Better Than Others.

30-60 Mile Range

48V 14Ah Battery to handle any city commutes with ease on a single charge.

In most cases, you won't need to charge your battery more than twice a week!


While Rideal is a high-performance, stylish electric bike with simple and user-friendly controls.

750W Geared Hub Motor

A powerful 750W motor provides 65 Nm of torque for a smooth, capable ride. Perfect for flattening your everyday hills.


As you'd expect from any Ariel Rider models, Rideal is also equipped with high lumen front lights that allows see and be seen at nights.

Integrated Rear Light

Rideal comes with integrated rear lights so you are visible even in the darkest riding conditions.

Clever Design

Rideal is our most affordable ebike ever, but that doesn't mean it's not equipped with great parts. Such as this double walled chain ring to keep your clothes clean.

Frame Integrated Controller

It just made sense to put the controller there. So when your ebike needs servicing, you can easily reach to the controller.

6-Speed Drivetrain

Shimano 6-Speed drivetrain promises easy riding and low maintenance. Ideal for last-minute trips across campus or zipping around town on an urban adventure.

Throttle on Demand

No matter which PAS mode you're on, the throttle is always at override. Helping you accelerate faster when needed.

Narrow Tires, Double Aluminum Rims

27.5 x 1.95 anti puncture tires with reflective sidewalls. Providing very little rolling resistance, providing a longer range.



48V, 14Ah Li-ion battery cells



48V, 2 Amp smart charger, operates on 100V-240V AC power outlets



48V, 750W



Ariel Rider Ebikes custom LED display

Hub Motor

750W Geared Hub Motor with 5:1 Planetary Reduction - Japanese Dapu



Headlight: 40 Lux, Seeing distance: 230 ft (70m), Being seen distance: 2+ mi (3,500m)
Taillights: Integrated taillight without brake light indicator functionality


Pedal Assist

Cadence sensing, crank mounted


25 - 45+ mi



Half-Grip Twist Throttle on right hand side



Water resistant connectors and wiring harness


USB Ports


*Due to ongoing supply chain constraints in the e-bike market, components listed are subject to change without prior notification.
All new components have been carefully tested and inspected to ensure they meet, and in most cases exceed, the performance standard of the item we are replacing.


Brake Calipers

Tektro Aries caliper (MD-M300)


Brake Levers

Aluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch and integrated bell


Brake Pad Material

Sintered metal


Brake Rotors

Tektro 180 mm front and rear



KMC Z7 Anti-Rust


Crank Set

48T chainring; 170 mm crank length; square-taper J.I.S.; dual-sided chainring guard



Shimano 6-speed



Optional accessory sold separately



Rigid steel fork
Note: Please note that the front fork will be backward when you receive the bike, this is done in order to save from the length of the box.


6061 aluminum



16 tooth freewheel, 16, model: LY-BB16T8VNF



6-speed, 14-28



Durable faux-leather, round



Aluminum swept back handlebar



Semi-integrated 1-1/8", straight steerer



Side mounted



Alloy pedals with reflectors, CrMo axle, standard 9/16" x 20 TPI threading





Double-wall aluminum, 36 Hole



350 mm x 28.6 mm


Seatpost Clamp

Quick release



Thumb shifter



Front 13G/ Rear 12G, Steel, matt black.



60 mm



CST 27.5*1.95 anti puncture with reflective wall.

*Due to ongoing supply chain constraints in the e-bike market, components listed are subject to change without prior notification.
All new components have been carefully tested and inspected to ensure they meet, and in most cases exceed, the performance standard of the item we are replacing.


Total Length

Mid-Step: 72"
High-Step: 72"


Rider Height

Mid-Step: 5'2" - 6'2"
High-Step: 5'10" - 6'7"


Minimum Saddle Height

Mid-Step: 33"
High-Step: 37"


Maximum SAddle Height

Mid-Step: 44"
High-Step: 47"




Standover Height

Mid-Step: 24"
High-Step: 33"



Mid-Step: 45"
High-Step: 45"



Mid-Step: 18"
High-Step: 21.5"



Mid-Step: 27"
High-Step: 27"


Seatpost Diameter

Mid-Step: 28.6 mm
High-Step: 28.6 mm

Handlebar Height

Mid-Step: 43"
High-Step: 43"


Frame Size



Handlebar Width

Mid-Step: 27"
High-Step: 27"


Dropout Width



Bike Weight

Mid-Step: 52 lb
High-Step: 52 lb


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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Jimmy Sindhwad
First ebike - Love it!

I didnt want to break bank on first ebike. The ride is comfortable, battery lasts long, fun to ride and feels very stable. I have been riding almost 20 miles each day since I got it. Pedal assist level 2 and 3 work best.

Nice BIG E-Bike

Just got my Rideal a few days ago and I am very happy with it. There are things I really like about it and a few areas that I wish were different. I hope any criticisms are take creatively and would improve future bikes. First, I like that the shipping box has a picture of a flat screen TV on it. Not sure if shippers would be more of less likely to toss it around because of this. The high step is BIG the 27.5" rims and beefy design make it feel very large. I'm just about 5'10" and stand over is comfortable but I would say borderline. I would think a slight scale down of the overall frame would suite many more riders. The frame contouring on the down tube is pretty cool to accommodate the battery and join the head tube. As with any bike in a box, from the cheapest to the most expensive, it requires a thorough setup to make things good (brakes, shifting, every nut and bolt). A couple things that I discovered that were less than optimal; the seat clamp was torqued to about 1000lbs I almost gave up hope trying to loosen it, the front axle was too tight and needed adjusting and grease to not be crunchy, the cluster of wires under the bottom bracket are not pretty and I don't like how they are so unprotected. Tires are just OK I already ordered others with some more substantial flat protection, changing that back tire on the road would not be fun. I wish there was some sort of indicator that the throttle is on, a light or a beep or a click. Again, this bike feels big and weighs a lot, if you have to carry this up more than a flight of stairs good luck. I don't mind the simple controller, the bigger the screen the more likely to scratch or break, I do kinda miss a speedo though. I got the racks and they are really nice securely bolted directly to the frame. The larger size does give the bike a nice stable secure feeling on the road. Like having the derailleur, many bikes in this price range are single speed and that would not be good on an unassisted ride home. I haven't done a max mileage test but my 4-5 mile commute back and forth didn't even drop the indicator down one light. Overall happy with my Rideal, hope I can get a bunch of miles in on it before CT weather hits.

Thomas Jackson
Loving it. Triple your range!

Loving this bike. Very solid, beautiful red color, pedal assist kicks in when it should. Great on hills, very solid on smooth trails. More than price competitive. Glad I got this one with the gears, as they help tremendously launching and controling the speed. One thing you might factor: it took me a while to get used to the throttle on the right handle bar. I have very big hands and wasn't sure gripping the trottle wouldn't inadvertently slip or accelerate. But you turn the throttle on and off, so mostly I leave it off, except when wanting to cruise. Just be kind passing folks huffing up the hills or thinking they can outrun you, especially in parts of the country where these haven't caught on yet! I bought this for my commute, but am having too much fun with it.

Dirk Hinga
First Ebike

Have been shopping for an ebike for quite some time. Have ridden several different makes and models usually coming to the conclusion the features I wanted were just too expensive for a first time purchase. The Rideal checked all the boxes, availability, price, power, battery, styling. Came well packaged in beautiful condition, was easy to assemble, and performed exceptionally well immediately with no adjustments needed. Very pleased, would recommend this bike to anyone looking for this type of new adventure.

Jeffrey Nunes
Great Bike

I used to be an avid bike rider. But had to quit for a while and have gotten older. Trying to start back up was hard, this bike rides great and gives you the assistance not to be discouraged about the hills. It seems like a great quality bike and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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