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M-Class Urban Electric Bike
M-Class Urban Electric Bike
M-Class Urban Electric Bike
M-Class Urban Electric Bike
M-Class Urban Electric Bike
M-Class Urban Electric Bike
M-Class Urban Electric Bike
M-Class Urban Electric Bike
M-Class Urban Electric Bike

M-Class Urban Electric Bike

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  • Compact: Easy to store and carry

  • 98 Nm torque mid-drive motor: Offers an incredibly smooth riding experience.

  • 576 Wh (watt-hour) battery: Even at full-throttle, you'll never worry about running out of power.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes (with motor inhibitors): Reliable brake performance on one of the fastest electric commuter bikes on the market.

  • Heavy loading capacity: The optional front basket and rear rack (both optional) lets you carry so much more – groceries, gym bags, and even your children.

2020 Model M-Class Electric Commuter Ebike

Slim in size, huge on performance.
The ultimate urban cycling experience.

You'll love the spirit of Ariel Rider’s M-Class electric commuter bike. Selected as the best small-sized ebike by eBikeReviewer.com in 2018, M-Class is much more than a regular electric folding bike look-alike as it offers the best of every feature needed. This is why M stands for maximum performance at minimum dimensions.

Starved for space at your office or home? Fret not. The M-Class is the best electric commuter bike for anyone who relishes the freedom of cruising when space is at a premium. It’s a smaller ebike, but perfectly suitable for people of all heights, thanks to an adjustable seat post and

M-Class is not only lightweight and compact, it also is the
most powerful among all such compact eBikes (i.e. mostly folding electric bikes). M-Class maximizes your savings, too! Check out this objective comparison of electric bikes costing up to $4,000.

What's New?

New Mid-Drive Motor

We're using a new generation of mid-drive motors with even higher torque than before, to ensure you climb up the hills effortlessly.

For a smoother ride, now M-Class comes with gear sensors, which detect when you're shifting gears and cut off the motor power for a smoother gear change.

Gear Sensor
Brakes with Motor Inhibitors

It's not common to have motor inhibitors on brakes in mid-drive electric bikes, but we're not here to do the common thing. Your safety comes first.

Front Shock Absorbers

Every year we upgrade certain parts on our ebikes according to the feedback we receive from our clients.

The only request we got was the front shock absorbers, so we changed the front forks!

New Display with USB Port

The new screen is not only looking better than the previous one, it also packs a USB port to charge your electronics on the go.

A longer rear rack

The optional rear rack is now larger to carry more stuff with you.

With optional baskets that fit right on the rear rack, you can haul a lot with the new M-Class.


Go the extra mile

Most city commutes are less than 5 miles. We’ve equipped our smallest electric bike with a high-capacity 12 Ah Samsung battery pack.

It's simple to remove, so you can charge it effortlessly at home, office, or anywhere. This compact battery will give you a truly awesome range of 45 to 65 miles per charge. This means you'll cruise for days and days without charging it.

Our pledge is to provide the highest quality with the greatest design. We will never cut corners on the most important components of your electric bike.

This battery has superior capacity for that extra range you when you need it most and it only weighs around 7 lbs!

Astonishing torque

The mid-drive motor offers smooth riding experience - you won't feel like you're riding an electric bike at all.
This mid-drive motors provide one of the highest torque in the market.
M-Class is equipped with the 48V 500W mid-drive motor sporting 98 Nm torque.

Key points:

  • The mid-drive motor increases the torque applied to your rear wheel. This translates to remarkably more power, especially when riding uphill. Compared to hub motors, it's a breeze.
  • Mid-drive motors are very energy-efficient compared to hub motors, so you’ll enjoy far longer-range with a smaller battery.
  • A mid-drive motor is in the middle of the bike, where the crank is located. This way, weight is uniformly distributed and the center of gravity doesn’t change.
  • Unlike other mid-drive options in the market, M-Class is also equipped with a throttle for those longer rides where you don’t want to pedal anymore.


45-65+ miles per charge (estimated)


4-6 hours


Class 2 Ebike
For details click here.


Cargo Capacity

Don't let the size of our M-Class fool you. This bike is an urban workhorse. With the rear rack and optional front basket, you can carry groceries, your gym bag, or even your child all at the same time!


One huge problem we hear about from commuters is weight. Riders are concerned that bikes are too heavy, especially if they live or work in high rise buildings.
We achieve this with advanced frame production techniques, combined with a higher capacity battery using fewer cells.

It'll surprise you how easy it is to lift and carry your M-Class with only hand since it weighs only 47.5 lbs.

Adjustable Stem

The versatile and effective Promax Adjustable Handlebar Stem offers just the right fit. The handlebar stem is adjustable from 90 to 160 degrees and includes spacers for 22.2 and 25.4- millimeter stems. It boasts an alloy for enhanced durability. The seat height also adjusts easily in mere seconds. And did we mention -no tools required! For couples who want to share their ebike, these smart features make quick work of swapping out.

Full Fenders

Not all of us live in sunny SoCal. The M-Class comes equipped with front and rear full coverage fenders to keep you clean and dry if you happen to ride through puddles.


Suspension Seatpost

No city street is a smooth, well-maintained Formula One racetrack. Our adjustable suspension seat post adds yet another level of comfort to your commute, smoothing out those rough roads. At the end of the day, M-Class details like this transform your commute into a gentle breeze.

Maintenance Free 7-Speed Gears

Repairs and maintenance are no fun. We're riders just like you, and we know the struggle. This is why we’ve designed all our ebikes to require minimal maintenance.
The M-Class's Shimano 7-Speed Inner hub gears are extremely durable and highly reliable.
The gears are all hidden inside, protected from the elements and physical damage. Having no external derailleur makes them three times more durable than traditional gears. Learn more about inner hub gears here.


We're confident that Ariel Rider's M-Class is the easiest ebike to move about on, either riding it or walking it.
From top to bottom, M-Class is designed to be extremely easy to carry. An unobtrusive, but very useful handle under the saddle will help you pull your electric bike out of tight spaces, without needing to be right next to it.


Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes are designed to provide the best brake performance for the fastest ebikes. Be confident of their performance regardless of your speed or weight, and especially going downhill.

LED Headlight

The Spanninga LED headlight ensures that you can see and be seen at night in any road conditions.

This LED headlight is powered by the main battery of the ebike.

Reflective Sidewalls

We want to make sure our riders are visible at all times and from all angles.

That’s why all our tires have reflective sides.

Rear Light

Safety is a major concern for us. That’s why all W-Class ebikes are equipped with LED rear lights.

These LED lights are powered by the main battery of the ebike.



48V 12Ah Samsung


48V 500W Mid-Drive Motor, 98Nm torque


48V 2Ah Smart Charger with Cell Balancing


Back-lit LCD, with Easy Diagnostics Feature, with USB charging port


Torque & Cadence Sensor integrated in Mid-Drive Motor

Front Light

Spanninga 20 Lux

Rear Light



Water Resistant


Half Twist Throttle



Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes


Wellgo Steel Pedals

Brake Levers

Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake Levers


Suspension Seatpost


Shimano Nexus 7-Speed Internal Hub Gears


Shimano Twist Shifter






Nexus Inner Hub


Single Kickstand


Spring Load Suspension Fork


Promax Easy Adjustable Stem


Front & Rear Mudguards


13g Stainless Steel


AL6061 Double Heat Treated


20x1.75 Double Walled Rims


Velo - Plush


20x1.75 CST Tires with Reflective Side Walls

Handlebar Grips

Faux Leather, Hand Stitched


All Assembly Tools and Touch Up Paint Included


1 2 3 4





Weight: 47.5lbs

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We carefully selected each and every component we put into the M-Class electric commuter bike. Ariel Rider is passionate about electric bikes – our designers, engineers, and even our office staff have all ridden them in our daily commutes for years now. You can trust that we are experienced ebike enthusiasts who understand the expectations and real-world problems electric bike riders face in daily life. We’re proud to ride a fully-featured electric commuter bike that is not only great-looking, but also affordable, boasting the latest technology available.

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