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D-Class Battery (Gen 2)

D-Class Battery (Gen 2)

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We understand that 2 motors need lots of battery. If you want to opt for an additional battery, we've got you covered. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the beach or snow that you're riding your D-Class Scrambler Ebike on. After all, that's when it's actually fun to ride this bad boy. 

  • Compatible with Ariel Rider D-Class Dual Motored Scrambler Ebike,
  • Samsung battery cells: long shelf life and wouldn’t tend to die out soon like other batteries,
  • Low maintenance: doesn’t require any maintenance to ensure the battery’s high performance,
  • User-friendly: easy to install and remove; lightweight and portable

Please note that this battery is compatible with D-Classes after the August 2020 models.

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