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Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Bicycle Chain Cleaner

Bicycle Chain Cleaner

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Brush Scrubber Wash Tool - Bicycle Chain Cleaner Kit

This small device with brushes inside will help to keep your chain clean and rust free in the longer term.

We especially recommend this product to our clients with Mid-drive motors and D-Class clients. 

Mid-drive motors have more torque so the health of your chain is more important than ever. 

D-Class is because we built that incredible scrambler ebike for all-terrain conditions, we know you'll get dirty with that machine! 

  • VERSATILE : Works with all types of bikes, our chain cleaner can clean all type of bike chains. Designed for free wheel, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain.
  • EASY TO USE : Cleaner clips directly to the chain without removing the chain from the bicycle and use the chain brush cleaner to wash chain quickly and easily. Simply fill the chamber with your choice of cleaner.
  • PROVIDES PROTECTION : The chain cleaner tool helps prevent premature wear of your drivetrain and helps maintain smooth operation when riding the motorcycle and bike.
  • PERFECT MATERIAL : The chain brush cleaning tool is made of heavy duty plastic to ensure a lifetime of superior performance. Just simple, thorough, rotating scrubbing brushes encased in strong plastic to keep your chains clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I wanted this chain cleaner to work better than it does. There's lots of turning of wheels and gnashing of teeth but even with a good citrus cleaner the results are only OK. Perhaps the best benefit is that it can remove sand and fine particles better than a rag and toothbrush. However, in the end, the brush and elbow grease method gets the best results. Frankly, the two bonus tools (brush and sprocket cleaner) are more useful to me!


The first time I used it and cleaned the chain, I didn't even realize that that was the actual chain's color. Also, after cleaning the chain, the first time I rode my bike I thought the chain had come loose becouse pedaling was so smooth and quiet. Even if you have a cheap bike, cleaning the chain prevents you from buying parts for your cheap bike, or buying another cheap bike altogether, and is also a great habit to develop as the most basic bike maintanence. If you have an expensive bike, you know how much your gear is worth and this keeps it running like it should.


Good quality and great price!!! Very well made. Not the brittle plastic of some chain cleaners I have used in the past.


Works Great at a good price. It was my first time using a chain cleaner but I think it does a good job. The brushes are great to get the cassette clean


Cheap. I used it a couple times, but it is just not good for deep cleaning chains with lots of build up. Okay with maintaining a clean chain, but still need a good old steel brush to get a dirty chain clean.