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Grizzly Rear Shock Risers
Grizzly Rear Shock Risers
Ariel Rider Grizzly Shock Riser Kit

Grizzly Rear Shock Risers

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Introducing the Ariel Rider Ebikes' Rear Shock Riser – your ultimate ride enhancer, now with 3 adjustable height levels!

Built for Strength: Our Rear Shock Riser is designed with our heavier riders in mind. It ensures your tire maintains ample clearance from the frame while navigating over bumps or uneven surfaces, resulting in a smoother and more stable ride.

Customizable Comfort: Tailored to meet the needs of taller riders, our Rear Shock Riser offers three height adjustments for an optimized fit. Adjust it to your preferred height setting and enjoy a comfortable ride tailored just for you.

Off-Road Ready: Perfect for city streets or off-road trails, our Rear Shock Riser provides the added lift necessary to conquer any terrain confidently. Think of it as your mini lift kit that's ready for any adventure.

Experience the ultimate upgrade with Ariel Rider's Rear Shock Riser – your compact, adjustable, and durable solution for an unmatched ebike ride. Enhance comfort, durability, and stability on all your journeys. Customizable to your preference, it's the small change that makes a big difference.

This adapter increases the rear height of the Ariel Rider Grizzly dual motor, dual battery E-Bike. Two risers included per order.

The 3 anchor points allow you to set your desired height/angle.

Please note that the bolt torques should be 14-18 Nm while assembling this part. 

**Compatibility: This attachment is only compatible with the V3 Grizzly**

Quantity must be 1 or more