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MotoTote Mini Bike Rack & Tie Down Bundle
MotoTote Mini Bike Rack & Tie Down Bundle
MotoTote Mini Bike Rack & Tie Down Bundle
MotoTote Mini Bike Rack & Tie Down Bundle
MotoTote Mini Bike Rack & Tie Down Bundle
MotoTote Mini Bike Rack & Tie Down Bundle
MotoTote Mini Bike Rack & Tie Down Bundle

MotoTote Mini Bike Rack & Tie Down Bundle

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TO 200 LBS.

The Mini is a scaled down version of MotoTote’s premium motorcycle carriers, designed as a heavy duty bike rack for heavy electric bikes and motorbikes.

Unlike unstable bike racks, the MotoTote Mini leverages 20 years of motorcycle carrier innovation to confidently haul up to 200 lbs. with unmatched stability; leveraging advanced cradling technologies and a wobble free platform to secure bikes with tire sizes up to 5” to any 2“ receiver.

The Mini is proudly manufactured in Texas by MotoTote.

Works with: X-class, Grizzly, D-Class and Kepler



200 lbs.

Max Bike Weight


Up to 5"

Front & Rear Tire Sizes


Up to 52"

Bike Wheelbase

What makes the MotoTote Mini the best electric bike rack?

Easy to Load

Forget awkwardly lifting up your heavy bike. Simply lift the front tire in to the tire track, roll the bike forward, and then lift the rear tire into the tire holder.

Simple to Secure

With the front tire wedged in the front wheel chock, secure the bike with using soft loop tie downs that connect the handlebars to the tie down arms. Then secure the back tire with a wheel tie.

Road Tested & Trusted

With over 20 years experience hauling motorcycles up to 600 lbs., MotoTote carriers and tie downs are trusted for heavy hauling by riders worldwide.

For Heavy Electric Bikes

Motorcycle carrier design optimized for heavier electric bikes with oversized tires up to 200 lbs. Adjustable for a wheelbase up to 52".

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark M. (Erie, US)
Great for the grizzly Arial

It was east to assemble and tide down tight. I did purchase two more straps so it is extra secure. Now all they need is a perfect fit bike cover.

Lisa A. (Akron, US)

I gave you five stars…. even though I did not buy this bike rack I bought another….. The reason being is simply the fact that Know that I could never lift that front tire up and put it on the rack like that guy did in the video.(no way am I capable of doing that it’s going to be too heavy for me)…. I am buying hydraulic MX hauler…
Simply because you can lower it to the ground roll the bike on it at ground level and then hydraulically jack it up…. I think some Strong guys would be OK with it but not me

Charles D.J. (Newington, US)

Should come with directions

Doug G. (Green Valley, US)

The cost of this carrier deserves a installation manual, I had a master mechanic helping me and he was scratching his head from time to time. Should haave included the fastening pin for the holder.

Greg C. (Union City, US)
MotoTote Mini Bike Rack

MotoTote Mini Bike rack was a great purchase. I have it mounted on the back of my Jeep and it's super stable and inspires confidence when traveling down the road at 60 MPH. Potholes and rough roads do not faze it! I am looking forward to the add on second bike carrier and the loading ramp that is in the works for this unit.

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