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Why Are Prices Increasing

Why Are We Increasing the Prices?

You may have heard about pricing going up in all sorts of industries, from consumer goods to construction. Unfortunately the bike industry is not immune to increased costs.

On July 19th all of our prices will be going up as little as we can manage.

We're sad to announce this price increase as we always try to be an affordable ebike brand. But we'd like to explain what’s happening behind the scenes at Ariel Rider Ebikes.

What Has Changed?

1. Cost of Materials

It's more expensive to build solid bikes as the raw materials and the price of the components has increased drastically.

Just as an example, Aluminum has increased 25% within the last 12 months, and most other important components has seen an average of 20% increase.

2. Cost of Container Shipping

Within the last 18 months, the cost of international freight has quadrupled. The global container shortage and the back ups at the ports has played a huge role in this increase.

3. Exchange Rates

Sadly USD has decreased in value since covid and our purchasing power has went down about 10%.

4. Cost of Domestic Shipping

The domestic cost of shipping has increased by 2 folds and in some areas 3 folds within the US. Since this is not an increase that we've been charging to our consumers, it's becoming increasingly impossible to absorb this cost and provide the service we provide.

We want to apologize for this inconvenience, we hope you understand the reasons for this increase.

- Arda & Berk Onal

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