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E-bike Comparison - Super73 RX, Juiced Hyperscrambler 2, Ariel Rider Grizzly, Monday Anza Comparison


Comparison of top 4 Electric Bikes Super73 RX, Juiced Hyperscrambler 2, Monday Anza 750W and Ariel Rider Grizzly E-bikes.

We compare speed, power, acceleration, brake power, battery range, comfort and value of these e-bikes.

All these e-bikes have their strong points and we try to compare them in most unbiased way possible.

Ariel Rider is the only dual motor electric bike in this comparison. Both Juiced Hyperscrambler 2 and Ariel Rider Grizzly have dual battery set up. And they are both working on 52V system.




Another comparison requested by our customers. Hope this will help you in your shopping decision. For this review we asked Steve to help us do the reviews so we can be more unbiased or as unbiased as possible.

After all, we do those comparison to help your shopping experience and we want you to do your own due diligence before deciding which e-bike fits best for you. 



Pedego latch comes in two different configuration which are 36V10ah and 36V15ah configurations. Price of smaller battery capacity is 2795$ and larger battery capacity price is $3095.  Ariel Rider’s price is $1645.



Interestingly both electric bikes are using Dapu motors. But there are major differences between them. 

First of All Ariel Rider uses a 48V system compared to 36V system used by Pedego. There is a major difference in terms of benefit. 48V systems put less strain on stress on your e-bike’s battery. Let’s give you an example; in order to create 500w from a 36V system you need 14A from your battery. On the other hand you will need only 10.5 a from 48V system. Without getting deeper into technical parameters, if you draw more power from your battery you will put more stress on your battery cells and they tend to get more hot and lose the efficiency.

So 48V batteries will extend your battery life and also they can create higher power when needed compared to 36V system.

Besides that the major difference is about the mid drive motor and hub motor. You can read our detailed about differences between hub motor and mid-drive motor.

Mid drive motors are technically more advanced motors. Few of their advantages are;

  • They are more efficient.
  • Let you ride your e-bike for longer range with single charge.
  • Better weight distribution as they are centrally located
  • Have higher torque which means they are superior hill climbers.
  • Has better hauling skills due to ability to create higher power
  • Changing tire on mid-drive Is much easier compared to hub motor e-bikes

Let’s check the specs

TORQUE 95 Nm 30 Nm



Default battery configuration on Pedego 36V 10ah which has a 360 wh battery capacity on the other Hand Ariel Rider M-Class comes with 625 Wh battery capacity.

More battery capacity means longer range. We are talking here about almost double range. Besides that mid-drive motor is more efficient compared to hub motors. So you can have almost 3x more range with your Ariel Rder M-Class compared to Pedego Latch battery.

Owning a larger capacity battery pack means you will need to charge it less often. As battery life cycle is measured with full charges, you will use your larger capacity battery pack longer before needing to replace it with a new battery.

A replacement battery can be costly so needing to buy it 2 – 3 years later is a big advantage.



Ariel Rider and Pedego both are  equipped with Internal Hub gears produced by Shimano. All the gears are in enclosed hub so they aren’t subject to outter affects. This means they are more stable and maintenance free. Sure they have disadvantages too such as they are more expensive compared to regular gears.  You can read more about it on Sheldon brown’s website.

Difference here is the number of gears being used. Pedego uses 3 speed internal Shimano Nexus hub gear. In first generation M-Class we also used same internal hub gears but later recognized they don’t provide enough gearing range. So we upgraded it to 7 and 8 speed internal hub gears.

Shimano nexus 3 speed has 186% gearing range on the other hand Shimano 7 and speed has 245% and 307% gear ranges. Which means almost double gear range. This means you can go faster on flat surfaces or can have better hill climbing.


- Able to Fold

- Can test ride your e-bike before you buy.

- Have Wide Network of Service Centers


- Having Mid Drive Motor

- Being Lighter

- Hydraulic Brakes

- Better Internal Hub Gears

- Bigger Battery Capacity and Longer Range

- Able To Use Front Basket

- Almost Half Price


After all it all depends on you to choose between pedego latch and Ariel Rider M-Class. Here we try to help you in choosing the right electric bike for you.

You can check more info about Ariel Rider M-Class here.


* Please note that the version of the bikes is depending on the time of the review. We strongly recommend checking the current versions for both ebikes for a more up to date comparison.